July 16, 2008

Miley Cyrus wearing only a wet white t-shirt in the shower

Sh-boom! I normally don't cover celebrity gossip, but I figured I'd beat Half Sigma, who usually posts notices whenever the Disney star does something salacious. There are at least two pictures, and if internet rumors are true, the guy who stole them has others that are even more compromising.

In these depraved times we live in, we can only long for the good ol' days when 16 year-olds didn't have their underwear pictures leaked on the internet, but instead were photographed naked for Playboy centerfold posters (see here for facts; no nudie pictures).


  1. I see another Lindsey Lohan in the making.

  2. **secondary sexual characteristic alert!**: i don't feel the least bit guilty about chubbing out to that pic.

  3. I see another Lindsey Lohan in the making.

    There's no way she'll end up like Lindsay Lohan, who is a neurotic train wreck. Miley Cyrus is an alpha-female in a cute girly girl's body, like the young Madonna.

    Girls like that don't get into drugs or similar ways of ruining their lives. They're too in-control to let it happen.

    I don't think guys realize how normal it is for teenage girls to look at themselves in the mirror, nearly nude. It's like how teenage guys flex in front of the mirror.

    There's nothing unwholesome about it -- they're just trying to assess their attractiveness value.

  4. Damned...........with her make-up off, she doesn't look as delicious as she does with it on.

    I know every guy here has woke up beside some chick in the past and said to himself "Is that the same chick I brought home last night". Miley still looks pretty good w/o the make up, but it does take a little of that shine off.

    Lindsey Lohan is apparently going through a "gay" phase with a singer/DJ named Samantha Ronson, who is quite tomboyish. Lohan does not have classic leading lady looks (to me), although still quite fuckable. There is no telling how marketing and packaging might or might not be able to make Miley palatable to her target audience in future years or if she will end up going pop, then country, or into acting or whatever. Im sure her handlers dont want her to end up like New Kids on the Block and forgotten in ten years. I wasn't all that impressed with her voice when I finally heard it, though. Acting might be a venue to try. I was never impressed with Britney Spears voice either, but her sexy videos made her a mini-cultural icon based on her hotness alone. Everyone has to admit it (even those of us who find her tacky and cheesy). In her prime, Britney Spears was one hot little piece of ass.

    She (Miley) is cute though, and she will have that going for her for at least another decade.

  5. This was a very unfortunate decision for her to make, and will probably work against her ultimately (although there are enough Britney/Lindsay fans out there who buy into cheap tactics like this.)
    I prefer Miley's music and performance, and hope that she will continue to develop her career as a performer, and not abandon herself to pr gimmicks like this one.


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