November 13, 2016

Prosecute pedophile rings to delegitimize Hollywood: Winning the culture war without warring over culture

The social-cultural Right has fought a losing battle against the degenerate morality and normlessness promoted by Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general.

They tried to argue why conservative positions on a given issue were better than the liberal positions pushed by the entertainment industry. They did so across a variety of issues. But to be persuaded about the whole sweep of their criticisms, you'd have to evaluate every argument -- too much work that the average person doesn't want to waste on debates.

A far more efficient use of time, money, and energy is not to attack all the myriad weirdnesses that Hollywood produces, but to attack the source from which they spring. If what produced them is rotten, polluted, and corrupted, the average person is willing to believe that the fruits themselves are rotten, polluted, and corrupted.

It doesn't have to be anything in particular, but as it happens, pedophilia is widespread throughout Hollywood. It's an open secret, and former victims who became stars (like Corey Feldman) keep threatening to name names, but they're afraid of the power that the perpetrators wield in their industry, social circle, and local government.

It's also an open secret that director Bryan Singer (X-Men) hosts parties where gays have sex with underage boys. Again, nobody wants to expose let alone prosecute such an influential player in the industry.

That's where the DoJ under President Trump ought to intervene. It is already likely to blow the lid off of a similar culture of pedophilia among the DC Establishment insiders. Why not make it a mission to expose and prosecute these forms of elite deviance and exploitation no matter what subset of the elite it is? -- political, financial, cultural.

Our culture may be growing more and more tolerant or numbed-out about degradation of varying degrees, but there's still one taboo left that everyone recoils in disgust at, and it's pedophilia. When it involves trafficking children and/or pimping them out, it's one of the few things that voters would beg to see publicly punished in the cruelest way possible. When evidence surfaces of their attempts to hide their crimes and intimidate their victims, it makes the mob howl louder for vengeance.

When such networks of behavior are exposed, they tie three things together in the public's mind -- pedophilia, rape, and homosexuality, all of which are correlated in reality, but whose interrelations tend to be hidden from public view by the wealthy and powerful who participate in and enable them. Any cultural product that was fashioned by a group associated with homo-pedo-rape is stained in any normal person's mind.

The entertainment industry's claim to moral superiority over "the bigots" will be dashed to pieces when the evidence of their sick crimes come to light. Ditto the claims to moral authority from the political, financial, media, and academic elites.

Not all of the cases have to pan out with guilty verdicts. The fact that a high percent of them will uncover pedo abuse by the power players will damn the whole damned industry among the general public. The ongoing nature of the investigations will also get people used to the idea that such things are so common in that industry that they will keep the case workers busy investigating forever.

The natural comparison here is the Catholic Church's loss of moral credibility in the wake of the revelations about widespread homo-pedo abuse during the 1970s and '80s, only brought to light in the 21st century. It was not only those who were already anti-religion who wrote off the Catholic Church or organized religion in general -- it disturbed a large share of those who were religious, spiritually inclined, even Catholics themselves.

Although they have tried to rehabilitate their image in the meantime, they will never be free of that association until those who heard the news when it broke around 2000 die off.

The Boy Scouts faced a similar hit to their moral credibility.

Pretty soon, the shoe could be on the other foot, with Attorney General Giuliani going after these open-secret pedo groups within elite circles. Only this time, it will not be traditional or conservative institutions that have their moral credibility put in jeopardy, but those of the experimental and liberal Left.

Taking a purely justice-minded, "protect the children" approach to elite deviance would do far more to win the culture war against them than an attack from the realm of culture itself, such as publishing conservative critiques of liberal Hollywood products, or trying to make conservative cultural products to compete against the liberal ones.

After the wave of prosecutions for disturbing taboo crimes, any time that a Hollywood power player gets on their high horse about some moral or political topic, they will be instantly shouted down by all normal people as a sick pedo faggot with no right to weigh in on morality.


  1. "Execute pedophile rings to delegitimize Hollywood"

    Fixed it for you.

  2. Albionic American11/13/16, 12:41 PM

    I've joked about hos Trump should round up the leaders of the nation's internal enemies and send them to the soccer stadium to "disappear" them, like in Pinochet's Chilean coup. But your proposal suggests a way to do that with some of them while keeping within the bounds of the rule of law.

    BTW, Agnostic, what do you make of Peter Thiel's role in the Trump Revolution? His open homosexuality hasn't shielded him from criticism for supporting Trump.

  3. Execution is the natural outcome for someone who's found guilty of such horrific crimes, which tend to be committed over long periods of time and affecting scores of victims.

    But the focus for the public has to be on the prosecution itself -- the initial shock upon hearing the charges, the gradual persuasion of their guilt as more and more evidence and testimony comes out, and being moved by the closing arguments and sentencing recommendations for the death penalty.

    If we just break down their doors and waste them on the spot, the public will be caught off-guard, and may or may not sympathize with law enforcement. There would be no narrative to follow along with, and whose conclusion they could accept.

    It doesn't have to overshadow all other news, like the OJ trial did, but it should be an ongoing story whose key findings, themes, and messages should never be forgotten.

  4. Peter Thiel won't be given any credit by the homo lobby because he's an Uncle Tom (Uncle Twink?). They won't accept him as representing the gay bloc because he has defected from it.

    It would have to be somebody who was already well known and lionized within the gay and gay-enabling side.


    Further confirmation of Leftist depravity in general.

  6. Random Dude on the Internet11/13/16, 7:50 PM

    Hollywood is a major tentpole of the Democrats. Millions of dollars from the entertainment industry flows into the DNC coffers every major election. Think of the barely concealed propaganda for Democrat talking points that are in most movies today. Think of the anti-white movies like Birth of a Nation that got a standing ovation at Cannes getting a $17 million deal just because it enforces the narrative.

    Shining a light on the pedophile ring would definitely collapse ticket sales and with it the ability to hold upscale fundraisers for the Democrats. Turning actors, directors, and producers into the new monsignors and priests (in terms of scandals) would be a hilarious about-face from the industry that is cloyingly progressive in its virtue signaling.

    I think the chances are low because the pull of Hollywood is too strong; too many people want to be a celebrity or to be considered on the good side of a celebrity. If SJWs were ideologically consistent, they would be the ideal candidates to help tear down the industry but instead they would rather get props from the likes of Lena Dunham instead. Maybe the alt right can eventually take a crack at it, hoping to get one of the many who are abused to flip on these people and hopefully it will be like a crack that split open a dam.

  7. If the forecast was the downfall of the pedo circles in Hollywood, that would make the whistleblowers more likely to come forward -- they wouldn't be launching the first attack, just responding to the special prosecutor's investigation.

    It's like the takedown of the mafia. No one would come forward unsolicited, but if the courts and law enforcement are circling in, it's only a matter of time before someone starts singing.

    The ones who come forward won't need that much protection since the power players are all going away. They may get a bum rap among the loyalists to the power players who remain, but it beats getting thrown in jail for contempt of court.

    And they get to come out of it as heroes to the rest of America. Better than staying on the good side of some twisted pedo freak.

  8. I don't know about "heroes". People will realize that they've sat on it for a long time.


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