November 14, 2016

Ricky Vaughn now DatRickyVaughn on Twitter

Faggots at Twitter banned his account again, but he must have dozens in reserve.

New one: DatRickyVaughn.


  1. I guess you were right (mostly) about the protestors not being Bernie people. He would've had more out on the street. Cuck De Blasio is failing to get them out

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's banned again. That was fast. This is getting pretty ridiculous.

  3. When the Establishment goes after him to that extent, you know that they view him as a real threat.

  4. What faggots. I guess Silicon Valley is on West Coast time when it comes to realizing the changes Trump will bring. No more petty dictatorial control over public social media. If they keep pushing, they may get their wealth seized on top of it ("fines").

    Here's Ricky's Facebook to check on for updates:

  5. I think that's the real reason the media is so freaked out about Steve Bannon having such an influential role in the White House -- he's not just any old conservative / right-wing / etc., he's from the new media world, and will have one of his top goals being the neutering of the media Establishment, including Twitter, which ought to be regulated in the public interest.

  6. Looks like they banned Pax Dickinson again too. Complete temper tantrum. We need to keep pushing leftists to keep lashing out and doubling down like this, it's the surest way to make sure they dwindle into an insane fringe.

    Also for the record there have been tons of accounts that blatantly demanded the assassination of the president without getting banned for it, so there's no question of actual objective enforcement of rules here.

  7. So gay. Twitter's behavior, especially with stuff like #HillaryForPrision trending successfully to get around it's obvious censorship or the banning and reappearance of funny Righties, gotta be a blow to lib self-esteem. The smart, ironic guy who has as his identity that he's edgy.
    It is exceedingly rare I see any of these guys celebrate Twitter's gayness. It's ignore, ignore, ignore...

    These people are seriously not taking the election well. I think the phenomenon of fake news from abroad manufactured for clicks (mostly for Righties it seems) and the extreme alternate reality of Lefties (aided and abetted by the imprimatured and respectable) come from the same source: people cocooning and wanting extreme confirmation of biases.

    The degree to which Hillary supporters truly thought she was going to win, it wasn't even a question: my God, my God, MY GOD! And what these mid-level pundits/writers responded to Nate Silver for saying Hillary's chance of winning was less than 100%?

    Psychologists will be studying Hillary supporters' mass and extreme disappointment for years to come. Absolutely incredible.

  8. I knew that "not" ricky vaughan guy was a fake (and deleted my earlier comment with his handle). Real RV just confirmed on fb.

    Too many alt-right buzzwords and too many tweets about the gay Spencer faction. Either one of the gay Spencer twinks themselves, or a fed posing as RV but whose only exposure to alt-right is the gay Spencer people.

    Either way, not convincing. Only go with what the fb says.

  9. According to an anon, twitter was apparently planning purges even before the election as shown on this screencap:

    Personally, I don't buy his story but I'll give him points since a mass social media purge of dissent after HRC won would be inevitable. A petulant spasm of mass bans after Trump's victory also seemed inevitable to me given his winning and oh look at what we're seeing now.

  10. USA Today says it was the SPLC that complained to Twitter, who shut down 100 alt-right accounts:

    The usual BS about "white supremacy" for anyone voicing an unpopular opinion on the right.

    Time to weaponize the federal agencies against the Left's institutions like they did against the Tea Party. SPLC would be a wonderful start.

  11. This time, though, the public will feel like the targets deserve it.

    The Left has wasted no time in demonizing not just Trump but everyone who voted for him, and anyone who criticized Crooked Hillary on the prog side.

    I don't think most people noticed or cared one way or the other when the IRS went after Tea Party groups, who didn't demonize all Obama voters as evil scum.

    Having used up the public's sympathy, the paranoid agitated Left will if anything make people applaud when the IRS comes after them.


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