November 4, 2016

Did the FBI jailbreak Julian Assange before the CIA got him?

A few weeks ago Julian Assange had his internet cut off in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, and many were worried that US government forces hostile to his WikiLeaks activity had gotten him somehow -- locked him up somewhere, tortured him, killed him off, something.

Those fears got worse as the WikiLeaks twitter began making cryptic psy-ops kinds of remarks, obviously not in Assange's voice, in fact not in the voice of anyone sympathetic to his organization.

After awhile, though, things seem to have returned to normal there, with anti-Hillary stuff coming out all the time, both from their own leaks and from articles that they re-tweet. No more dark cryptic remarks.

An emerging theme in this electoral battle is the opposing stances of the FBI and other government agencies like the CIA, the DoJ, the White House, and so on. In particular FBI agents, rather than the top brass like Director Comey, were the ones pushing to re-open the Clinton email server investigation, making everyone aware of the Clinton Foundation being under investigation for corruption, and pointing the public toward anti-Hillary documents via their FBI Records Vault twitter.

The CIA Directors have come out strongly against Trump and pro-Clinton, attempted spoiler Evan McCuckin is ex-CIA, and of course the #NeverTrump Bush clan has roots in the CIA with H.W. being its former Director.

Given Assange's crucial role on the anti-Hillary side of the battle, both the FBI and CIA would have known that it was only a matter of time before one of them tried to help or harm him. The FBI has proven to take the initiative more decisively in the battle, and they are more cohesive as a group. The best that the CIA has come up with so far is to try to deprive Trump of Utah's six votes with McCuckin, who is trailing pathetically in the polls and will fail at his brazenly anti-democratic mission.

So perhaps, rather than the CIA getting to Assange ahead of a potentially damning release from WikiLeaks, it was the FBI who got to him -- not to harm him, but to make sure he was safe. Unless they stationed their own men inside a foreign embassy in a separate foreign country, that would have meant smuggling him out to safe obscurity.

Ecuador is glad to finally be rid of what was becoming a greater liability, with the White House and Secretary of State breathing down their neck to do something about him. Assange is happy to no longer be a sitting duck in a known location, after hearing that Hillary had joked about droning him, and after someone scaled the embassy walls and tried to break in before being chased away. And the FBI is happy to have their brother in arms safely hidden from the searchlight.

And yes, the FBI does have international agents at the US embassy in London.

The only obstacle would have been the British government / intelligence agencies, who have been waiting to arrest Assange. But the main reason for them to arrest him is to extradite him to the US. So perhaps the FBI agents put one over on the Brits, making it seem like they were going to extradite him themselves, and that he would get his comeuppance back in America. British intelligence gives them a wink and a nod, unaware that the arrest is actually a jailbreak.

During a transition period, Assange lies low in the new and different hide-out, while the FBI directly or indirectly posts the dark cryptic tweets on the WikiLeaks twitter, to fool the White House, DoS, CIA, etc. The anti-Assange forces rest assured that someone somewhere has gotten him, and thank God that that particular threat has been neutralized (for the time being, or for good, who cares?).

As the globalist forces begin to pack it up after an apparent victory, Assange, WikiLeaks, and the FBI resume normal activity to stop Crooked Hillary -- just as before, only now with Assange under far greater security.

Call it just a crazy conspiracy theory, but in 2016 nothing sounds inconceivable anymore.

It's also possible that the FBI helped Assange's mentor / WikiLeaks founder Gavin MacFadyen fake his own death. He would have been a natural target of the globalists, not only for his own role, but for the value he would have to Assange -- they torture his mentor, Assange becomes more willing to cooperate if they leave his mentor alone. Remove MacFadyen (apparently) from the picture, and the globalists have no reason to pursue him anymore.

Of course it's still possible that the CIA killed both MacFadyen and Assange, and that the FBI and WikiLeaks are continuing the battle without those two leaders. Or that they killed only MacFadyen as an initial warning, and that triggered the FBI to swoop in and spirit Assange away from the embassy.

Of the two groups, the FBI has proven more competent, cohesive, and aggressive. So as crazy as it sounds, I think Assange is safe and that the FBI is actively looking out for his safety. This is the year of the insurgents tackling the decadent corrupt incompetent Establishment, and it just wouldn't fit the narrative if the CIA bumped off Assange right when the WikiLeaks sub-plot was getting good.

And if this is all off-base, someone still needs to make this movie! "Inspired by true events..."


  1. Upcoming interview means at least he is alive:

    Said to take place and the Ecuadorean embassy... I'll hold out and say they recreated the look in whatever place he's actually hiding out at.


  2. Assange says that Trump will never be allowed to be elected.


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