November 15, 2016

Final proof Kasich rigged Ohio primary

This will be the third and final proof that Kasich rigged the Ohio primary by coercing hundreds of thousands of Democrats to vote for him in the open primary.

The first proof compared turnout size in the Dem and GOP primaries this year. The usually blue northeastern region went heavily red, which would only make sense if Trump won those counties -- he, not Kasich, had massive crossover appeal among de-industrialized Rust Belt places. Instead, Kasich won them. Conclusion: those were not crossovers but partisan Democrats who were coerced by the Governor into saving his ass in the primary, likely state workers.

The second proof compared turnout in the GOP primary this year to the general turnout last time. Some of those counties in the northeast actually had more Republican voters in the primary this time than Romney got in the general election last time. Primary turnout must be smaller than general turnout -- unless they weren't really Republican primary voters this time, but partisan Democrats who had voted for Obama last time and should have been participating in the Dem primary this time. Except they were threatened with their jobs, or something, by Kasich.

The third proof comes now that the general is over, and the results for Ohio were a blowout for Trump. From all sorts of polling (e.g., Emerson), we know that the Kasich primary voters were the least likely to vote Trump in the general, including in Ohio -- at best 50% would go Trump, and a large chunk were going to vote for Crooked Hillary. This was unlike the other GOP primary voters, like those who chose Rubio or Cruz, who were much more than 50% likely to vote Trump in the general.

Now, if the Republican primary voters in Ohio were so overwhelmingly in favor of Kasich (he "won" by 11 points), then Trump should have collapsed among GOP partisans in the general, drawing no more than half of them. A big chunk would've gone to Clinton, and a small chunk to Johnson. And although he would have gotten some crossovers from the Democrats, the vast majority would have voted for their party's candidate.

Because Trump crushed Clinton rather than the other way around, we were mistaken in assuming that those "GOP primary voters" who delivered the "win" for Kasich were actually Republicans. Some were, but a double digit percentage were partisan Democrats coerced by the Governor into voting on the GOP side during the primary.

Similarly, we can compare Ohio to other states. Kasich only won Ohio, and his voters were the least friendly toward Trump, so Ohio should have done much more poorly than other states, compared to their baseline of 2012. In fact, Ohio swung from blue to red by over 10 points -- one of the largest changes of all.

Although this is the final major piece of evidence (barring future smoking-gun evidence), I won't let this matter go, and will keep reminding people of what a scheming traitor Kasich has been all along, going so far as to rig an election. We can never let that kind of scum anywhere near office again -- and be doubly suspicious if he comes to us wearing a "gee golly gosh" disguise.

Kasich is term-limited and will be gone in 2018. Here's to hoping that President Trump deports the Syrian etc. refugees during his first two years, so he can make a display of dominance in Kasich's backyard of Columbus, where they're being dumped, and remind Ohioans what a petty backstabbing rat their Governor is, as a warning against picking someone connected to him as a successor.

In fact, before the GOP primary for Ohio Governor really gets going, Trump should weigh in to some degree and play king-maker. Hold rallies, tweet, send surrogates like Eric (who traveled a lot in the Rust Belt), whatever it takes. No more rats!


  1. OT: You were featured in the Daily Mail:

  2. Random Dude on the Internet11/15/16, 8:08 AM

    Even though I know Kasich is term limited, I really hope 2018 is a time when the traitors and backstabbers get washed out of their respective primaries and those who are more enthusiastic about Trump's agenda are in place. If the GOP is to turn into the nationalist party, candidates with globalist preferences need to get washed out. Our work is only just getting started.

  3. So, is Trump a neo-Hitler monster, or a con-man and opportunist taking the easy way out? The media and die-hard Dems can't seem to figure it out.

    Either he's a fascist strongman, or he's another generic weak politician. You can't have it both ways, but evidently the anti-Trump forces don't get that.

    In addition to the ongoing Dem civil war (do we give more clout to populist progressive Boomer white people, or symbolically empower more and more of the diverse and young set to leadership?), the Dems and their media dupes can't even consistently frame Trump's image and unflattering characteristics and motivations.

  4. "You were featured in the Daily Mail"

    Our lurkers are the greatest lurkers, folks. Just fantastic lurkers, really phenomenal.

  5. OT: have to feel bad for old Cuck Matthews, he's probably one of the sincere Bernie guys you've mentioned


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