November 4, 2016

Child sex rings run by Clinton world? If so, Establishment is finished

This is about as fucked up as it can get.

Right now there's too much work across too many sites to sum up efficiently, but here is one post at TheDonald on Reddit, and re-tweeted by WikiLeaks. The Clintons are connected to a child trafficker who tried to smuggle some pre-pubescent kids out of Haiti in the wake of the earthquake. Hillary negotiated her release, and the attorney involved is a convicted sex trafficker.

It looks like part of a broader child sex ring that Clinton world, and perhaps the broader political Establishment, is involved in. See the various posts at /pol/ that are linked in the top comment in the Reddit post above.

There is a lot to comb through, but there is a lot of damning evidence. Coded language in WikiLeaks emails about child pornography and child prostitution (pizza, cheese, meat, egg, bacon, other food terms), as well as snuff-like video ads for the child sex bordellos operating as pizza parlors (in one for Comet Ping-Pong [CP] Pizza, the manager reassures the customer that they can trust him to protect their interests -- odd thing for a pizza parlor manager to say).

Trump made a bizarre remark at the Al Smith dinner, about how Hillary once said it takes a village... "like in Haiti, where you've taken a number of them." I thought he meant she'd taken a number of villages, like taken them for a ride and split with the charity money. But he meant she'd tried to take a number of children -- literally, as her connection to the child trafficker in Haiti reveals.

Many, many more are implicated than just the Clintons themselves -- Podesta, Brock, Obama, and scores of others. It would be remarkable if no Republicans were involved -- so they are too, just operating out of a different ring of non-existent orphanages, pizza parlors, pizza parties with no pizza served, that are described as "pizza extravaganzas".

The other angle is that one of the women involved is a dark arts performing artist, although I don't think the occultist side is the really disturbing stuff. Just some weird flake from the art world trying to out-goth the others.

The truly Satanic activity is the operation of these child sex rings by the political Establishment.

I wouldn't be surprised if Trump is planning to bring down the many pedo rings that operate with impunity in Hollywood.

Not only does it fit into the larger plan of draining the swamp, it exposes the hypocrisy of the moralistic Left that puts out the endless attack ads against Trump about "What will our pure innocent children think when they hear Trump say a curse word?"

The Catholic Church is still reeling from the early 2000s airing of its history of underage sexual abuse during the 1970s and '80s. Now the shoe will be on the other foot, with the Establishment liberals being exposed, prosecuted, jailed, and even executed for far greater sexual crimes against children.

With Attorney General Preet Bharara in charge, no one, Democrat or Republican, will be spared.

And after such horrifying crimes come to light, no one even remotely connected to the politicians, lobbyists, and donors will ever be able to play a role in politics again. Just as Catholicism and Christianity per se came under suspicion after the sex scandals came to light, the whole brand of turn-of-the-century liberalism will become permanently stained and will have to be thrown out.

That ought to make it easier for the Bernie Sanderses and the Tulsi Gabbards to re-shape the Democrat Party into one based on populism rather than liberal identity politics. In the public eye, they will not be part of the guilty.

Likewise the corporate globalist Republicans who have any blood on their hands will be immediately swept into the dustbin of history, and the Trump voters' takeover of the GOP will proceed even faster and more smoothly.

It's sad that this is what it takes to bring about the rapid collapse of the Establishment, but in an age that is so decadent and corrupt, it was never going to be something minor and stomach-able that brought the whole rigged system down.


  1. How long until the info with Obama's role reaches TV News?

  2. One caveat; don't think Preet Bharara is some moralistic warrior. I know COulter has praised him, but I think she's misguided.

    Bharara is a former Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) aide---as was Anthony Weiner. He deliberately interfered in the last NYC mayoral election by prosecuting the Republican candidate using legal interpretations that were a stretch even for an ambitious prosecutor---thus insuring that the D candidate would win, giving NYC its first D mayor in 20 years.

    While I would love Bharara to be a Dewey or a Giuliani-type, I am not buying it totally. Think of him more as an Eliot Spitzer---one who attacks more for the political gain than for the actual wrongdoing (Spitzer's "Sheriff of Wall Street" crusade was based on a lot of supposition and innuendo but tenuous legal ground, but sure made him look good to the Left!).

  3. "How long until the info with Obama's role reaches TV News?"

    Depends on whether the people who have the info can focus on the goddamned pedo rings being organized and indulged in by the Establishment, or whether they'll get distracted by the Spirit Cooking / cult ritual stuff that a general audience doesn't care about, is not criminal, and comes off more as a dopey flakey pose of performance art types rather than an earnest diabolical cult.

  4. Snuff-like video ads for Comet Ping Pong (CP) Pizza. Watch and tell me there's no pedo ring operating here (owned by former gay lover of David Brock from Clinton world):

    Creepiest of all, a birthday party for some mummified pedo:

    The flaming faggot at 2:00 asks has anyone enjoyed the special new pizza here tonight called "the hottie," has anyone eaten the hottie, you don't have to make a big display just give me a thumbs up to indicate yes, etc.

    It's obviously not an actual pizza, but an underage boy being pimped out for wealthy degenerates.

  5. Random Dude on the Internet11/4/16, 6:15 PM

    I recall months ago saying that Trump's strategy for the general election is likely to pull out skeletons from the Clintons' deep and dark closet. Each time the stories would die down from one skeleton, he would pull out another skeleton, and repeat the process until she was all but shoved out of the race by her own party as they try to stave the bleeding.

    Unfortunately too much time was spent by Trump trying to fight off BS attacks like Curiel, the Khans, and the endless parade of women who were paid off by Gloria Allred (if Chuck Johnson is to believed). Then he spent a couple weeks, likely under the direction of Paul Manafort, trying to "improve" relations with Hispanics by considering softening his immigration reform (even though he is set to do better than McCain and Romney). I think if Trump had better command of the narrative, we would have seen this story broken weeks ago instead of the 11th hour and 59th minute.

    The comments definitely seem to match up to resemble a trafficking ring and I agree that Trump's joke at the Al Smith dinner sounds a lot different under this context and I wouldn't be surprised if this is an open secret among power circles along the Acela corridor, which might explain why they all fell lockstep with Hillary, even longtime neocons and cuckservatives; imagine if the primary reason they cucked to Hillary is because they thought they would end up in jail under an outsider President. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the primary reason for Trump running in the first place: he knew that he could be President because how awful of a person Hillary Clinton is.

    Trump is set to do very well and I still stand that he will win by at least five points but could you imagine if he had a better grip of the narrative and exposed this story in September as opposed to the last weekend of the campaign? I hope these leaks continue to drop in order to keep damaging the Democrats in the way you describe. There's still a lot of work to do well after November 8. Trump winning the Presidency is just the first major step in a long process of draining the swamp.

  6. The problem with bringing up stuff early is that people will get acclimated to it over time.

    Early July, Comey all but convicts Hillary of serious crimes relating to her private server and mishandling of classified info, probably allowing it to get hacked by hostile powers.

    One month later -- Trump is down 5-6 points in the USC poll.

    Sept 11, secret video of Hillary collapsing and getting dragged into car makes everyone think she's living on borrowed time and would be dead by Inauguration Day.

    One month later -- Trump has plummeted and remains stuck at a tie in USC poll.

    Voters are not so much voting for or against a person, or their explicitly articulated platform, but a general sense of whether they've liked the past four years (or past eight years), or whether they've had it and are ready for change.

    If someone wants four more years of where the country has been heading, it doesn't matter if Hillary Clinton is personally caught staging an attack on a mosque that kills hundreds of Muslims, trying to pin the blame on Trump.

    The Satanic cult stuff would have been easily absorbed if it had come out early -- it's embarrassing, but not damning. Maybe it freaks out the blacks for a bit, until they remember they're dyed-in-the-wool Democrats and don't care if they're electing a child-trafficking devil-worshiper.

    Without announcing charges being filed, it would also be hard to get the pedo ring story to leave lasting damage. It would scare people for a week or two, then they'll conclude that if the FBI or whoever isn't going forward, maybe it was all just a scare.

    I agree that Trump goes off-message more than a typical candidate, but that's not really what's going to win him the election -- it's the referendum on the past 4-8 years. He's become disciplined at the end where it really counts.

  7. At this point, the pedo allegations feel like a burden: like, before I go down that rabbit hole, these alt-Conservative outfits better give us some very good reasons why we should trust them on something that sounds beyond outrageous.
    They're asking a lot and need to recognize this.
    One in particular: his site is only a few months old, being run anonymously, and when he runs this National Enquirer-sounding story, calls people stupid for not trusting? Come on, Man!

    The occult stuff: the confirmation bias is never ending! Personally makes me incredibly uncomfortable even though I recognize it as something of a put-on. Podesta is trying to subvert the Church, then this stuff? And depraved art in his house?

  8. Read the Reddit post linked at the beginning. Hillary is already connected to a child trafficker who was trying to smuggle kids out of Haiti. Reported everywhere (even CNN covered it at the time, a clip is on YouTube).

    The lawyer who got the trafficker off is a convicted sex trafficker. Hillary personally intervened to set up this negotiation.

    Two Korean women were in NK as "reporters covering sex trafficking" but were probably involved themselves. The picture "pizza.jpg" is in the Podesta emails, showing these two women with a small girl. Response is how nice it is for working on multiple levels (little girl is eating pizza, and is pizza herself).

    When they were captured, Bill Clinton personally intervened to negotiate their release. Also in the mainstream press.

    We know Bill flew to Epstein's pedo island multiple times without his SS detail, and Hillary visited 6 times as well. He's convicted for pedo.

    Pedo rings are an open secret in Hollywood, what's so hard to believe they operate among the East Coast wealthy and powerful?

  9. The child trafficker who Hillary got off in Haiti, Laura Silsby, is from the Southern Baptist Convention, btw, not the Satanic cult that Podesta belongs to.

    I wouldn't be surprised to find out that some of the heavy hitters in Christian voluntourism are actually in it for child trafficking and pedo rings. Not at all unbelievable after the Catholic Church stuff came out.

    Obviously the ordinary people in those churches have nothing to do with it, unlike the Satanic cult members.

    But the higher-ups in the Christian White Man's Burden movements are definitely going to be implicated in pedo rings.

    Another reason not to focus too much on the Satanism, if wicked nominal Christians are just as guilty.

    1. Kind of related, but I have a saying/attitude...
      If I see a man who is "in it for the children", he's a pedophile. A couple years ago, some guy got busted here who ran some business where he had some large bus/mobile outfitted with arcade games "who just loved kids" and wanted to be in business that made children happy...
      He sure loved them alright.
      Over and over and over this pattern repeats itself.

      It just seems men are that much "nobler" than animals. As my vet says, a tomcat is interested in only one other kind of cat: a female in heat. Okay, I've been drinking a little, but normal men just really are not *that* into children. Unfortunately, this is doubly true for working class men which is sad for their women and opens their children up to exploitation: that "too good to be true" man is not like the more noble and sensitive upper-class men who are better more loving fathers she envies/desires, but a pedophile.

  10. "Read the Reddit post linked at the beginning. Hillary is already connected to a child trafficker who was trying to smuggle kids out of Haiti. Reported everywhere (even CNN covered it at the time, a clip is on YouTube)."

    I trust you, Ag, and will do so for you :)

    Update on GOTV here in Florida...

    It is a much more professional operation and started much earlier than usual. They are paying people a lot, in Florida it's anywhere from $18-$25 an hour (!!!), just for door knocking and phone banking. When I attended the rally here, we were all aggressively approached about this opportunity to get these jobs (as well as all info and paperwork for absentee ballots)...

    I've been somewhat involved in Republican politics since '04 and have never seen such a tight, professional ship run. The rally, my Lord the rally! If you've been and seen how professionally they're run, well then you'll have a sense about the GOTV effort.

    Unfortunately, I can't comment much about the people/voters because my daughter has taken my place with the door knocking. Net-net, we're doing better it sounds like than our last banner year, 2004. The college-educated are on board AND we have fewer defectors; she's not experiencing anything like I did in '04 over the war. They haven't been to the working class areas, but based on rally experience.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, no worries there...

    My daughter goes back out door knocking tomorrow, she did 160 houses yesterday and will do about that tomorrow. Pray and wish Florida luck!

  11. I wrote a really long comment and then the exact moment I was going to press Publish, my laptop glitched and I lost everything. So I am going to keep it short.

    This is the complete MO for aid orgs that also moonlight doing black market child adoption, because they have unusual access and their out of pocket expenses are lower. People do speak in code but its in service of these adoptions rather than child sex.

    There's a guy on 4chan /pol/ who's been posting about global elite child sex rings for years, he takes a bunch of cases with superficial similarity, draws a common thread between them and supposes a common origin, but it's just not true. The facts presented are often true, but with enough space between them to posit a grand, suppressed narrative.

    This is connected to the Jeffrey Epstein "lolita express" case because there were similar accusations against bill clinton and Alan Dershowitz. The way the scam works is that you find rich people who committed a crime and got caught, then you make an allegation that they cannot effectively refute because the work they put into concealing their real crime has left a big gap in data. Can't prove a negative. Present the case, hope that they are desperate enough to settle to get the accusation out of the public eye. Same thing here, giant coverup of black market adoption processes, aided and abetted by an org (Clinton Foundation) that only really exists to trade access for money. CF positions itself to skim money off inevitable aid in disasters like 2010 Haiti earthquake, discovers that many aid org workers moonlight in the child smuggling business, all the mid-level people realize they have unusual access to goods, which to boot they can pick up for lower than wholesale prices. you convince yourself the kids are better off getting out of this godforsaken hellhole into a loving christian family, so there's no moral problem you tell yourself, to getting in on the action.

  12. It's obviously not adoption -- you wouldn't need to smuggle kids out of Haiti when the American adoption market is already mostly blacks.

    Top officials like Hillary and Bill will not risk anything just to get white cuck families a cheaper black baby to adopt. Only if there were a massive pay-off, and highly illegal and taboo nature -- child prostitution.

    All of the references to the kids in the emails at WikiLeaks are clearly talking about them as entertainment, enjoyment, surprises, pizza, delectable food items, and so on. Children for sex, not for raising.

    One asks "you feel like getting pizza for an hour?" You don't raise a child for an hour some afternoon -- you're paying for underage prostitution.

  13. OK, I just found out about this Spirit Cooking thing, and I take back all my doubt.

  14. The little "pizza" girl seems to be the daughter of Euna Lee. See third pic down:

    The Podesta email was sent a couple days after Lee and Ling were returned to the U.S. from N.K. Pizza pic is them probably celebrating being back home.

  15. It's all a conspiracy theory. I mean, in a realm that gave us Denny Hastert, Barney Frank, the congressional page boy scheme, etc. what could possibly make you right wingers credulous about this kind of stuff?

    The "skeptics" are out in full force right now. Naturally, they don't acknowledge the extent of previously known decadence (and that's the stuff that was caught/publicized...tip of the ice berg).

    Hint: fields reliant on verbal IQ and the casting couch are going to end up being riddled with homos. Of course straights are present too, but homos bear much of the blame for enabling corruption among all persuasions. Homos, being inherently childish, have a much weaker sense of morality and vigilance than straights. That's why we see gays, jews, and radical leftism always clustered together. All three things are known for verbose pseudo-intellectual non-sense and tolerance for sexual deviants and traitors.

    When the Silent Gen kicked off their escapades in the mid 1960's and before the 1980's moral wake-up call, there were actually (mostly fag dominated) organizations that made headway in trying to lower the age of consent to an alarming age while also trying to legitimize k----e p--n. They were most popular in NW Europe where cultural liberalism bit harder than anywhere else (Slavs and Meds are less trendy, while America's baby boom and post WW2 prosperity ensured that nihilism would be kept at bay).

    Stefan Molyneux's show talked about the U.K. being a pedophile hotbed. Seems likely, perhaps a regrettable (to put it mildly) legacy of a highly classist society in which getting on with things is more important than rocking the boat or settling scores. The English elite in particular are notoriously homoerotic, and a cycle of abuse definitely seems to exist in which kids stoically accept abuse and then deal it out as they get older. Also, the drunken hooligan thing; Brits seem to have nasty habit of releasing the piss and vinegar that they spend so much time bottling up. I remember Metallica saying that tours with young Brit acts could be nightmarish, as Brit rockers tended to be nasty drunks. One of their roadies said that the English delighted in tormenting amiable Boomer Americans. Is the abuse of vulnerable kids another unhealthy outlet?

    The Scandi liberal culture, while retardedly naïve, is also egalitarian and highly civic. So it's not quite as amenable to fag pedo culture and homoerotic BS. More macho cultures like you have with Italians find pedo culture to be a disgusting unacceptable insult to your dignity, while Scandis would be offended by the lack of fairness and exploitation in pedo culture.


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