November 2, 2016

Ricky Vaughn back on Twitter after suspension

UPDATE: he's back at ReturnofRV. Fags.

Once again the censors at Twitter have shut down Ricky Vaughn's account, probably related to lighthearted remarks about having traitors swinging from ropes.

He has a Facebook page (Deplorable Vaughn) and a "fan account" on Twitter (Ricky Feed). Watch there, and here, for updates.

Ricky, I'd say the easiest thing is to switch over to RickyFeed, which already has over 2000 followers, and the rest of us will get the word out ASAP.

In the meantime, don't give the gay Jews at the censor boards a flimsy pretext for banning again -- they don't care about racial slurs, bullyciding cuckservatives, revealing corruption, etc.

It's the "incitement to violence" that they always fall back on. You can get people righteously angry without calling for traitors to be swinging from the ropes (your fans can make those calls in the comments).

It's a gay bind to be in, but with less than a week until the big night, we'll have to save the #StringThemUp hashtag until President Trump is inaugurated.

Just let us know where the new place to be is, and we'll be there.



  1. I don't really miss twitter, but there's no denying guys like him have used it to its full potential. Just imagine if it wasn't run by concerned millennial fags. BTW do you post on any other forums?

  2. Looks like it might have been due to posting memes about "Save time, vote from home -- text Hillary to xxxxx".

    "voter suppression" or something retarded like that.

  3. Yeah, here are the tweets in question:

    He's on gab right now (, although I know there is a long line to sign up for that.

  4. Faggot Jack may have made it an IP ban.

    @rickyfeed is posting stuff from the Gab account, at least.

    BTW, we don't need Gab or an alternative -- we need access to the same widespread platform that everyone else does.

    Trump should nationalize control of the monopolies on the internet -- Facebook, Google, and Twitter. It's in the public interest, and the public funded the entire development of the internet and WWW.

    Then appoint Peter Thiel as online free speech czar.

  5. Retreating into alternative spaces, rather than fighting to take over the mainstream spaces, is conceding them to the garbage currently in control.

    It would be like Trump and his supporters going third-party from the start -- which could have taken off, but almost certainly not won the presidency.

    Reince, Romney, et al -- they want us to stay out of their party, just as Twitter etc. want us to stay out of their part of the internet.

    We need our own TV channel, too. Populist, America-first viewpoint.

    We need to take over what the corporatists control in the name of democracy, not run off to the desert and stew in resentment.

  6. This is off-topic but I live in Chicago and the Cubs just won the World Series* and I've been drinking. In fact, I'd been handing out beer throughout the game, emptying my original case and the second one I bought partway through the game. I'm normally a very frugal person (my folks were relatively budget constrained when I was young), so I have a distaste for waste & expenditure, but this felt quite good. My building (a complex of high-rises) has a heavily foreign population, most of whom in the commons area had been in the area for less than a year (I've been in the building for much longer and downtown for much more). Nevertheless, it felt good to help foster that kind of community spirit and I couldn't think of a more appropriate place to write about it.
    *I pretty much never watch baseball (my dad was more into football) and I even missed the first 6 games of the series and at least the first inning of this one.

  7. You'll get to enjoy another underdog victory party on Tuesday night when Trump wins (with Minnesota).

    2016: Nothing is impossible.

  8. @jacks's a liberal fag railing against opposition speech. Die fast faggot along with your shitty company and the broken Clinton machine.

  9. "Trump should nationalize control of the monopolies on the internet"

    Nationalization would probably be a bridge too far for the public, but I'd love to at least see an aggressive free-speech law mandating that, as public accomodations, access to these services can't be canceled or restricted except in very specific enumerated circumstances (malicious doxxing, use for criminal activities, etc). For enforcement have a streamlined process to let aggrieved parties file FCC complaints with significant monetary damages attached for valid claims.

    If some SJW goes crying to Twitter about being "harassed" by trolls, the response should be "that's what the Block button is for, pussy"

  10. Ricky back:

    Hey, btw are u on Twitter, agnostic?

  11. Nice.

    No, not on Twitter. If I'd been grandfather in w/o phone #, maybe. But they want all your info now. Gay.

  12. I expect them to come after Ricky Vaughn extra hard, try to dox him, if Trump wins, especially because of Spirit Cooking and the demonic stuff. Last night, my life flashed briefly before my eyes when I saw them become exponentially unhinged, complete with crazy guy in Reno, and specifically at one point, pointing to the plummeting Latino numbers and mentioning the spirit cooking. Right now, they don't believe it, but what will their perception be Monday, Tuesday, etc.?

    They won't engage in violence, but they're going to be in a hell of a spiteful mood and if there's a perception, no matter how tenuous, that her campaign was hurt by the occult stuff, they will absolutely lose their s*&t. Losing is bad enough, but...


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