November 14, 2016

Girls still pouting because all hot guys are Trump supporters

An earlier post drew attention to the phenomenon of hot guys and girls uniformly being Trump supporters (or Bernie supporters way back in the primaries). Don't take my word for it: everyone on Twitter agrees. People with good genes are repulsed by half-dead Hillary and the former Chair of the DNC who looks like an inbred Medusa (Debbie Wasserman-Schultz).

With more and more time for this pattern to sink into people's minds, some of them are now moving beyond a single anecdotal observation, and drawing the broad conclusion that "every" hot guy they come across inevitably turns out to be a Trump supporter.

Make no mistake: they are absolutely fantasizing about that guy, and probably going to wind up fooling around with him -- they just hate the fact that he has "bad (boy) politics". He's their problematic fave in bed.

Here's a sample (the best is the girl at the end, an SJW with crayon hair and problem glasses):


  1. Take a look at these likely Bernie supporters arrested in Portland

  2. Saw an article about Jim Webb being frozen out of the Dem race. Quoted him as being populist about affirmative action, foreign policy etc.

    Well, the Dems are descending into fly-your-freak-flag-high mode. Similar to the GOP falling over itself in the 80's/90's/2000's by giving free rein to the most sanctimonious bible bashers and paranoid anti-gubmint forces.

    Cultural elitist strivers ain't got time for populism. It's taken Trump and a massive populist swell among cultural conservatives/moderates to finally dislodge the last stubborn cultural warriors like Ted Cruz from the party's popular image.

    But what was left behind by new school conservatives and conscientious moderates is now being taken up to greater and greater degrees by liberal elitists. The Dem elite will continue to fool itself that any day now, the GOP will be history. So why should the Dems concern themselves with appealing to many unfashionable groups of people? It's like how the GOP, in the 90's thru mid 2010's, gave up on trying to reach the sinner masses because one day, an apocalypse would come and reward the virtuous.

    The goal, it seems, is to seal off oneself from impurities emanating from the masses. The liberal elitists are being quite haughty right now, and rather than play fair or change their tune they seem intent on trying to further marginalize and manipulate the very people who right now are disgusted by the Dem elitist takeover of the "progressive" party that just squandered an election.

  3. I doubt anyone arrested in Portland was a Bernie supporter -- mostly paid agitators and lifestyle anarchists with no desire for the political process, along with some homeless looking for money.

  4. "The goal, it seems, is to seal off oneself from impurities emanating from the masses."

    We've still got that problem, too, but it is declining rather than rising as it is on the Dem side.

  5. I'll never understand why you think of Sanders as some kind of old school Dem revolt. Are you friends with any of his supporters? They're overwhelmingly millennial fags. He won Oregon by massive landslide.

  6. To clarify, the few remaining blue collar Dems probably did vote for Sanders in the primaries, but I don't think he made any effort to appeal to them, he just wasn't pearl clutching Hillary. Someone like Jim Webb could've led a real renewal of the old Dem coalition that won for so long. I'm guessing the white kids protesting were there of their own accord and the homeless-looking older people (white, black, mystery meat) are the paid protesters.

  7. There were certainly Bernie people there protesting -- but not the ones who got arrested, breaking windows, setting things on fire, getting violent with people, etc.

    Classic case of paid agitators.

  8. Agnostic, you're really out of touch if you think blacks need to get paid to riot and steal Jordans

  9. Portland is whitopia.

    Protesters around the country are shitlib whites and assorted mystery meat who fear getting deported (Mexicans in CA).

    Blacks are largely sitting these protests out, just like they psychologically checked out from the election, and sat home on Election Day.

  10. Yeah the only reason some blacks voted for Hillary in primaries or general is brand recognition. Notice also that black women were the most pro-Hillary group (some I talked to in 08 preferred her to Barack), Trump got larger share of black male vote than most R's IIRC. Despite all the agitation, they remember when he was favorite of many rappers.

  11. Well you were definitely right about the astroturf crew being out in force
    So my guess is that in big eastern cities, the protesters are probably 90% Soros goons; in Portland and west coast in general it's going to be 75% white millennials (maybe some anarchists et al, who didn't vote for any Dem, rather than Sanders fans) and the rest paid goons and deportables.

  12. Random Dude on the Internet11/14/16, 7:09 PM

    My Faceberg earlier this year had a lot of girls who openly complained about their boyfriends or husbands being for Trump. Most of them were for Sanders. Around election time, most of them had a MAGA hat selfie. Trump winning white women was something that was not supposed to happen. Weren't women all supposed to be about electing the first woman president? Guess not...

    I'm proud that white women stepped up this go around. Rootless cosmopolitan cat ladies and divorcees went for Hillary but you figure the girls who eventually want to settle down and raise a family went for Trump, even if they were in their early 20s and don't foresee themselves doing that just yet. I would like to see a political party prioritize the family and I don't mean it in a MUH BIBLE sense, I mean doing what they can to make sure raising a family is desirable and affordable among the middle class who feel it is out of their grasp now. Out of the two major parties, Trump and the GOP came off more family friendly by far.

  13. Random Dude on the Internet11/14/16, 7:15 PM

    Regarding the rioters, they won't last long. Paid protesters can't help but go ten steps too far where it backlashes and becomes an embarrassment for the Democrats. This happened in San Jose where even Hillary and Obama had to denounce the violence. After that point, the rioting mostly went away that was Trump related (not so much for BLM unfortunately but I suspect even Soros can't put the cork back in the bottle with that group).

    AG Giuliani will crack down on them, there is a lawsuit from a BLM victim's family naming Soros, and the GOP will win easy points with the public by investigating the paid protesters. The media will scream bloody murder about anti-semitism when they did find out it was Soros funded. He will then go away as he seems to enjoy being the man in the shadows instead of having the limelight on him. He will scurry off and by coincidence, the riots will have went away.

  14. I think these protests will be the swan song of Progressive Inc. They're that much richer than they were in the Bush years, but we know too much about them now plus the economic power of its finders will be diminished. Amazon has lost some crazy number of billions in four days as tech is experiencing a rout.

    It sure was rich to see ANSWER, the "anti-war" outfit that's been on hiatus for eight years, show up the moment the biggest neoliberal who was responsible for so much death and destruction is *defeated* by someone more sane.

  15. Anybody else bored by the search for a new DNC chair?
    Looks like they're pretty excited about this Black Muslim guy: populism + ID politics is their thinking...

    I don't know who this guy is, but have never seen a Muslim Black convert who wasn't all blackity, blackity, black, bluh, bluh, black, blackity, black. Black-black.

  16. Ag, you always were crazy��

  17. another great posts, so true.

    it will be difficult for white females to find a boyfriend who did not support Trump. 64% of white men voted for Trump, 4% voted for GOP governor Gary Johnson and juts 30% voted for Hillary


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