November 1, 2016

Clinton campaign finally undone by lack of solidarity among elites

A post from early in the primary season discussed how our era of hyper-competitiveness among the elites was going to undo itself.

For decades, this soaring competitiveness has bloated the elites' ranks and made them richer and more powerful. The absence of a united opposition force to the elites allowed them to maintain the illusion that higher and higher levels of competitiveness would make them ever more wealthy and powerful.

Now a cohesive opposition has arisen, and it has knocked out the fragmented elites. First was on the GOP side, with the Trump movement bulldozing over the various party leaders and candidates -- none of whom wanted to bow out, and none of whom wanted to assume sole responsibility for leading the counter-revolution. The Bush family, Romney, Ryan, Priebus on the leadership side, and the dozen Governors and Senators on the candidate side.

On the Democrat side, the opposition did not come from the voters, who were fewer in number than the supporters of the status quo. Unlike the Republicans, there was only one counter-revolutionary candidate to present a united front for the Establishment.

Opposition on their side needed to come from within the elites, like Obama and Hillary getting into a feud over her email server, or whatever.

But what united force could compel a stand-off between those two? It turns out it was the FBI agents, from the lowest level up through most of the brass, who were about to mutiny over how scot-free Crooked Hillary had gotten off, despite mounting evidence of how numerous and serious her criminal enterprises have been.

That united front within the FBI forced their director Comey's hand, and that made Obama choose sides between a united mutinous FBI plus the single-minded mob of the American electorate, or Crooked Hillary and Clinton world. He's chosen to let her fend for herself, and that has set the rest of the fractures going throughout the Democrat Establishment, the media, the voters, and perhaps even within Clinton world itself.

Who knows how badly Anthony Weiner is selling out his groomers and patrons the Clintons, as he's faced with jail time and prison rape for sexting an underage girl?

One of the greatest misunderstandings of class dynamics in a period of soaring inequality is the notion of "class war". Certainly the wealthy and powerful are screwing over the working class in order to line their own pockets, for example by off-shoring manufacturing jobs to countries with cheaper labor costs. But it's not their goal to screw them over, and their heart is not in that fight. They don't actually compete with the working class for status.

Most of the warfare and tension takes place within the elite class itself, among individuals or at best small networks. What may look like a large faction, like Clinton world, may prove to be a fragile coalition whose mini-groups will turn on each other upon the slightest stress. The largest unit is probably just a nuclear family (extended in other societies), like the Clintons or the Obamas (or the Bushes or the Trumps).

The hyper-competitiveness and me-first motivation leaves the elite class highly vulnerable to an even modest united force against it. We didn't even have to take up arms, or torches and pitchforks. They can tell we're coming after them, and they're all breaking formation and stampeding toward the exits.

After the election is won, our debt goes to the FBI -- not Comey himself, who acted like a rat at first, and who, as Roger Stone reminds us, has worked to get the Clintons off before when he was in the DoJ (Sandy Berger affair, Marc Rich pardon). Rather, to the united front of agents who threatened to mutiny, go public, or whatever, if Comey didn't take real action.


  1. FBI is still "with her", they delayed the investigation as long as possible to keep her campaign viable, but revealed it at the last minute to secure her legitimacy if elected. If on the other hand Trump is elected the FBI will still have legitimacy and will continue to protect Clinton (as well as keep their jobs)

  2. All those Mormon FBI agents are atoning for their cuck coreligionists' stupidity.

  3. "they delayed the investigation as long as possible to keep her campaign viable, but revealed it at the last minute to secure her legitimacy if elected."

    They, meaning the agents, wanted charges brought in July. Comedy, Lynch, Obama did not.

    After that failure, they held off on the latest evidence until it would be maximally damaging to the Clinton campaign.

    They will not be protecting Clinton once Trump is president -- rather, laying out just how extensive their criminal enterprises have been.

  4. Agree with most all of this.

    Will also add that I strongly believe similar people were responsible for the bulk of Wikileaks.
    Was following one hacker group, the one that did As**ey M***son, and this is what they indicated. They weren't the only ones. Napolitano, for instance.

  5. As I've been saying for a while, Trump and the Alt-Right have plenty of allies in the FBI.

  6. Lord have mercy, the FBI is suddenly putting out there unflattering info about the Clintons through a verified twitter account!


  7. Clinton has outlived her use. Her allies will no longer have anything to gain and much to lose by continuing to help her. Many are already fatally damaged by association with her.
    Since the re-opening, Obama has distanced himself, CNN has cut ties with the DNC chair, Brazile, the mainstream media instead of ignoring it as best they can has made it front page news. Expect to see more defections.

    1. As much as the MSM has been trying to elect Hillary they still love juicy stories. They like stories where famous people take a fall. They will pour it on. It's in their nature and it gets ratings.

  8. The FBI Twitter only has one doc relating to the Clinton Foundation -- and it's about the Marc Rich pardon, mentioned in this post. It was a quid pro quo for a white collar fugitive, so the payment involved the Foundation.

    This is a warning shot as much to Director Comey as to Clinton world. Comey worked to sweep the Rich pardon investigation under the rug when he was head of the DoJ in Southern District of NY, where the case was being worked out of.

    Comey's 15-year history of covering up for the Clintons is not public knowledge -- but now it could easily be, if Comey gets any funny ideas about trying to neuter the multiple investigations into Clinton world.

  9. "Her allies will no longer have anything to gain and much to lose by continuing to help her."

    But what's the reason? Only because suddenly an organized united front is taking her and the Establishment on.

    All of her flaws, crimes, etc. were evident back in July. Also those of Clinton world broadly. Yet the Establishment kept on sticking by her and pushing her (and heaving her lifeless corpse into the car).

    Without a united front having enough leverage to stop her dead in her tracks, the Establishment would have continued carrying water for her, knowing all of her baggage.

    It's important to remember that figures like that don't just fall down on their own, and there does need to be an opposition that isn't obsessed with individual ambition (in which case the FBI agents would have kept quiet, not wanting to get fired or killed).

  10. "All those Mormon FBI agents are atoning for their cuck coreligionists' stupidity."

    Something tells me the non-confrontational elitist Mormons were not the driving force here. It began more within the NYPD who uncovered all the Weiner evidence (almost said "Weiner devices"), and Preet Bharara as head of DoJ in SDNY. Sympathetic agents in the FBI would have been similar.

    Sounds more like straight-tawkin' white ethnics, then. Credit goes to Archie Bunker, not Ned Flanders.

    That's been the general trend this time -- white ethnics / Catholics have defected from the Dems to Trump, especially the men (Michael Moore, Chris Matthews). Mormons have sabotaged the re-alignment.

  11. Steve Johnson11/1/16, 4:33 PM

    "rld. Comey worked to sweep the Rich pardon investigation under the rug when he was head of the DoJ in Southern District of NY, where the case was being worked out of."

    and now the case against Clinton is being led by the lawyer (Peter Kadzik) who negotiated the Rich pardon and who was Podesta's lawyer who "kept me out of jail" when he perjured himself in the Starr / Whitewater investigation.

  12. "Without a united front having enough leverage to stop her dead in her tracks, the Establishment would have continued carrying water for her, knowing all of her baggage."
    Yes but now that a shift in leverage has made it impossible to continue ignoring those flaws despite their best efforts on her behalf they have to distance themselves and do it quickly before they get taken down with her.
    We can guess what was going on behind the scenes in the MSM when someone gave the order to knock down her polling numbers from +12 to +2 overnight. It's a scramble to save some last shred of their credibility.

  13. Giovanni: I couldn't agree more. The Comey ambush initially led to chaos and hand wringing by the biggest globalists and media whores, but by Monday it seems a huge ass-covering operation began commencing. Why? Well...

    - Cynical expediency (now that Team Clinton has been whacked, they're no longer of any value and there's no reason to suck up to them any longer). Also, they know Trump won't take shit and they've already started on the wrong foot with him, to say the least. Remember him throwing reporters out of his early events? Trump isn't another smarmy elitist country clubber who feigns magnanimity. He hates BS and doesn't see any reason to tolerate dick heads who get in his way.

    - Fear of reprisals/accountability. The FBI is making it known that elites aren't invulnerable. A Trump administration would unshackle law enforcement to finally clean stuff up. Better shape up....

    The once cocky and glib Dem elites aren't looking too good. Begala lacked his faggy bratty grin, Jimmy Carville was reduced to sputtering ranting about the KGB rigging the election, Brasile is shoved out the door by the most leftist news channel, etc. The Bush and Clinton era is over.And no non-globalist is mourning.

    BTW, Pat Caddel is saying that this is the biggest late election momentum shift he's seen since Carter got ambushed by Reagan in the fateful 3rd debate that was held about 10 days before the 1980 election ended. He also said that him and incumbent Carter's strategy was to make Reagan look like a dangerous amateur. This script worked until Reagan dominated the debate.

    Both Carter and Hillary tried to ride an "experienced" reputation that would in theory roll over an opponent for whom there was little respect or prestige given. In both cases, the decisive and boldly visceral underdog scored victory by ambushing the increasingly flaccid and uninspiring incumbent who represented an era that people were anxious to leave behind.

    People, conservatives in particular, even some of the older ones, may not remember the fact that people were initially quite skeptical of Reagan. He had to really handle things well before (most) people were ready to trust him. Imagine if, as had been planned, the Elder Bush had won in 1980. We would've immediately plunged into globalist belligerence and utopianism, perhaps even to the point of starting WW3 against communism in order to "spread American values". The 1980's would be regarded as a time of bloodshed and warring elites, just like how we view the 2000's or 2010's. We nearly got robbed of the only good decade to happen after 1970.

  14. Appears Obama distancing himself was an unfounded rumor. Too bad for him, I guess he feels his fate is chained with hers at this point.


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