January 12, 2009

Female sluttiness peaks at 22

Now that you've had a chance to guess when women burn through the most partners, let's look at the evidence from the General Social Survey that it's 22. (I would've guessed 24 - 25.) When looking at women by age, the 22 year-olds have the highest average number of sex partners in the past year and the highest chance of having had 4 or more partners in the past year. Also, when we only look at women who've had 4+ partners in the past year, the most common such woman (the mode) is 22. Here are the graphs:

If we restrict the data to only unmarried women, the answer does not change. The only difference is that the decline in sluttiness is a bit slower, since these women are still on the market. There's a blip at age 31 in the "average partners" graph, but considering all the graphs together, 22 remains the answer. Here are the graphs for unmarried women:

The GSS doesn't survey people under 18, but we can infer that sluttiness decreases as we look backward to age of puberty.

I've provided evidence on this blog that female sex-bomb-ness peaks at age 23 (see here and links therein). And if you've been here for longer than a week, you know I find girls younger than that very attractive too. The same is true for any red-blooded guy -- his guess won't be very far off from another, unless he's trying to curry favor with over-25 women. (Hint: they won't fuck you just because you repeatedly stood up for them, which only makes you look like a doormat.)

Females need to sample the pool of mates before they have a child, to ensure they don't have a loser's child. In developed countries this is around 25, maybe a little earlier in good times and a little later in bad times. So, they're going to be increasing slutty after puberty and up until a year before they tend to have their first kid. Their good looks at these ages are adaptations to help them play the field -- it would be tough to make the rounds if you were wrinkled, saggy, and slothlike. Their high levels of androgens during this time helps them have the more guy-like urges necessary to go out and make the rounds.

On a practical level, it's probably best to avoid marrying or investing seriously in a woman who's about 20 to 23, since they're the sluttiest and thus most likely to cheat on you. (I'll post another graph soon on how cheating varies across the lifespan -- 21 to 23 is a high point there too.) If you want a serious relationship with someone who's good-looking and not likely to sleep around, your best bet is teenagers, or if that's not possible, women in their mid-20s who happen to have aged very well.

When I noted that you need to keep watch over your young wife, the girl in that episode was about the age of peak sluttiness. Although 15 to 19 year-olds in a club will dirty dance with me or, at the most risque, spank my ass, a very quick progression to kissing and grabbing her thigh that's wrapped around my torso is just not going to happen (let alone while she asks her friends to take pictures of it). So, if you're too busy with other things to closely monitor your gf's or wife's behavior, investing in a teenager or mid-20s girl is ideal. A high school sweetheart may have a high libido, but compared to women in other good-looking age groups, she's too chaste to date around or betray you.



  1. I'm assuming that the jump in promiscuity around age 75 is just a statistical quirk. Or, at least I'm hoping it is. Ick.


  2. Female fertility peaks at 22 and declines from that point. It makes sense that female promiscuity peaks at that point, too.

    ~~Mrs. Blessed

  3. most of the young/married broads I know have outright cheated/fucked other dudes...and those that haven't have at least made out with random guys etc....outliers settling for blowj's in public/bar/club bathrooms. *sigh*

  4. I'm actually kind of surprised that even at its peak the sluttiness isn't all that high. A 1.5 partner per year pace is pretty low, especially considering the 12% in the 4+ category at that point.

    It would be nice if there were a GSS variable that could approximate hotness so that I could find out if the most promiscuity took place towards the middle or on the high end.

  5. It would be nice if there were a GSS variable that could approximate hotness so that I could find out if the most promiscuity took place towards the middle or on the high end.

    Well, according to these GSS results, it may not be on the high end or in the middle. More like the low end.


  6. Sex drive, for both sexes, declines with age.

  7. More like the low end.

    I agree with this statement. I think it's common knowledge that the women most likely to put out are those who have to do so to retain interest from a man. These women know they have less dating capital than their peers. To a lesser extent I think women at the very top of the scale will put out disproportionately as more of them seem to have self esteem issues or are approached less because men are intimidated by them more. I think it's primarily the 5-7's that get enough interest to think they are all that but derive enough esteem from their other qualities than appearance that they will present the greatest challenge and be more trouble than they are worth. One can do well limiting oneself to the 8-10 group.

    As for the overall results shown here this is what I would have predicted. Women from 18 to 23 are free of their parents for the first time, and are universally most desired. Many men will do anything for them during this time and they gain many advantages from playing the field and stringing a number of men along for trips, material goods, expensive dates etc. They are also less likely to care about establishing a LTR so will be less likely to self regulate since they have no vested outcome in being viewed as the potential chaste wife.

  8. Hi,
    My friend and I found this page very interesting, actually. As we were sitting and dicussing why on earth our libido has increased to an insane level, we decided to google it, and found our selves here. Thanks actually for the chats, they were pretty helpful. We were pretty sure that the fertility thing had something to do with it, but we wanted to see what google had to say.

    for the record. We are both 22 and extremely good look ladies and we both have been extremely horny 24/7. Every guy that walks by is a peice of meat, and even eye contact can turn us on. Whats worse is that we "target" the man we want till we get what we need. Its incurable, its insane. Both of us are like in heat. Our bodies writhe with anticipated passion constantly. We have both aditted cheating on our boyfriends to each other, and both stated that we couldnt help it. so, i guess your findings are accurate.

  9. Im also a 22 year old girl who found this information helpful. I, too, have found that I have a fierce appitite for men right now. I cant help it. Its something inside of me that i just cant control. It just started a few months ago, and I cant beleive how intense it is. I want to concour every attractive man I see. Iv never felt this before and Im guessing it has to do with being at the peak of my fertility. Thanks for the charts.

  10. I am 22 year old female, have an enormous sexual drive, but am committed to this one guy. I don't agree with cheating, no matter how horny I am all the time. Bought myself some sex toys and taught the boyfriend how to do certain things. Works out well.


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