January 15, 2009

Don't let them toy around with you

[Couperin, "Soeur Monique"]

Her friend with the camera isn't quite Fragonard, but they still have lots of time to learn.

Always a good sign if a girl likes cats (unless she's an old cat lady). Some dogs are OK, but never the ones that girls like -- those little yap-yap shits that you have to fight the urge to choke the life out of.

One way to measure how attractiveness rises and falls over the lifespan is to count the number of pictures of herself that get uploaded to the internet per unit of time. The better you look, the less likely the camera is to not like you, no matter if you're still in your night clothes and just goofing around in bed with your cat. It's like, "I dare the camera to catch me looking bad."


  1. Captioning this picture is like shooting fish in a barrel.


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