September 24, 2008

Don't leave your young wife unattended for a moment

As someone who plans to marry a very young girl, when the time is right, I've been caught off-guard by a recent series of events.

About three months ago, a cute girl pulled me in by my tie at '80s night and we started dancing close, she staring me in the eyes the whole time. She introduced me to her sisters, most of whom were even younger and even cuter than she was -- I'd guess she was 23 or 24, and that they were 18 to 21. She wanted me to pose for pictures with all of them, and when it was her turn, we were standing, and she threw her leg over my stomach, and I held her thigh while they fumbled with the camera. She had really, really tight skin... maybe she was 22.

Anyway, we danced some more, and then she made a move to kiss me, and based on everything else, I assumed she was going for tongue, so I opened my mouth a bit. She wasn't offended or grossed out, just thinking it gutsy. So there was some ambiguity in "who made the first move," I guess.

Last week at '80s night, one of her sisters was back and reached out to grab me: "Omigod!!! It's you!!!! Do you remember me????" I honestly did not. "You kissed my sister!!!! You were wearing a suit!!!!" she said, fondling my shirt to emphasize her point. Ah, yeah I remember you guys. "Omigod you kissed my sister!" I explained that her sister made the first move. "No, no! You did! Omigod, you know, SHE'S MARRIED!!!!" And she flitted back to her group of friends. I hadn't seen the girl before or since, so she's not the type who regularly goes out clubbing even though she's married -- she was probably at her peak fertility for the month and just felt the urge to go out and find a handsome stranger.

That's worth remembering: girls who appear promiscuous in a bar or club may be perfectly well-behaved girls, but who are just in that phase of their cycle and can't help but go out to flirt and touch other guys. You can't let your young wife go out without you for even a single night -- that's all it takes.

Last Saturday at the teen danceclub, there was a group of three cuties who I was about to approach. Suddenly, the tall, tan, slightly masculine-faced one drops on her back, thrusts her lower body into the air, and does a spread eagle, revealing her skimpy black underwear and inner thighs to anyone watching, and her friend -- in a "bad schoolgirl" skirt -- hunches over her and they fake-scissor for a bit, obviously to get attention. (By the way, I've seen this at least three other times since I've been going there.)

I figured they would be a good warm-up group, so I when they finish, I go to the on-top friend and put my hands on her hips to start dancing -- I mean, if she's going to do that in front of everyone, she'll be fine with it, right? She spins around and gasps, "Wait! I'm ENGAGED!!!!" and holds up her engagement ring. "Sorry!!!" she said while grasping my arm apologetically. I don't care if she was 16 to 18 -- if she were my fiancee and did that in front of a group of strange men, it would be game over. Again, you'd be surprised at who does this -- they didn't give off slutty signals at any other time, and I've never seen them before. I'm sure they look like good girls when they're sitting at their little desks in math class or staring at the Dairy Queen menu at the mall.

Also at '80s night last week, a group of three girls came up on a mini-stage to dance with me. I started with the less attractive ones, to make the cute one build up some tension; I noticed her looking over nervously while I was with her friends. She looked like a 19 year-old South American Mariska Hargitay -- pretty nice. So I'm done with her friends and turn to her, as she opens her eyes really wide and says "Heeeeyyyy!!!" with her mouth agape. When I go up to her, a friend warns, "Be careful -- her boyfriend is over there." After dancing with her friends some more, I saw her looking back again with a smile, so I went back and she started riding my thigh through her thin, short dress.

I saw the boyfriend later on: he turned out to be a 6'4 Black or Samoan-looking guy. Whatever -- he either didn't have any balls to confront me, despite his size, or the relationship was going south already and he didn't care.

Young girls are great, but their high levels of testosterone -- aside from giving them a little acne -- make them quite horny, and when they're at the most fertile phase of their cycle, you had better keep your eye on them. So make sure you know her cycle well. In the high-risk phase, she'll be a lot more talkative and obsessed with prettying herself up. If she normally doesn't write a lot on Facebook, and then suddenly writes comments all over the place, that's a good sign too. Hell, I know which two weeks of the month are the peak in my best friend's cycle, since that's when she'll be of greatest value to me as a pivot -- she'll be very animated and flirty. Likewise, I don't contact her when she's PMS-ing because it would be pointless and she'll be irritable in general.

You could date an older woman and not have to worry about this stuff so much, but the best things in life are worth working for.


  1. I would have to say that these young women suffer from a lack of self-control. Very few people, whether male or female, are slaves to their hormones. Being able to control physical urges is what makes us human,

  2. Uh, how is this going to square with your goal of making it big in academia? Kind of hard to keep an eye on here and have yourself thorougly immersed in your research too. Seems very difficult to pull off, though I don't disagree with the coda, some things are worth working for, best of luck. Do you think a more introverted woman vs. than extraverted could ensure better fidelity?

  3. Dude, that is depressing. If you can't trust women in the freaking heartland, where can you trust them? Answer: nowhere. Nobody can (or should have to) stalk their gf or wife all day and night. And everyone wants a little space. This is another argument against relationships nowadays. Don't be stupid and think you can't end up being one of those chumps whose gf or wife acts like this. As you said, all it takes is one night.

    This also goes against what you say about young women not being slutty. In fact, they are getting sluttier all the time. You think 50 years ago, women acted like this?

  4. It was worse in the past because people married a lot younger -- so, more married young women trying to fight temptation.

    The data show that they are not sluttier than before.

  5. If a married woman has sex with a lover at the peak of her cycle, the odds are VERY high that she will "forget" to use contraception. Even if she doesn't consciously want to become pregnant, her body does.

    And if you're her husband, you will be liable to support the child for the next 18 years, even if it's provably not yours.

    Only solution is to make sure she's getting VERY good sex at home, and even that isn't at all foolproof.

  6. Sorry to be commenting on old posts, but that gave me a nice laugh. =P Did some girl you know blame her slutty actions on that "special time of month"? As Peter commented, people aren't slaves to their hormones.

    I'm also curious about something. Say you find a lovely young girl and marry her, as you said you'd like to. Some day she's going to mature into a woman. I'm not positive, but it sounds like you aren't really attracted to most women once they hit a certain age. It sounds like they lose value to you. Would you probably cut the relationship with this woman off? Could you, or have you ever, fallen in love with someone in their 30's or higher, saying you were in that age arena as well?

    What I'm trying to get at with this is that you can't expect a young girl to show loyalty to you if you wouldn't show loyalty to her as she ages past her "peak". I know I sound very rude and presumptuous, and I apologize, but I am interested in your reasoning behind this.

  7. I would have to say that these young women suffer from a lack of self-control. Very few people, whether male or female, are slaves to their hormones. Being able to control physical urges is what makes us human

    The above is what most people would like to think, yet these impulses occur below the conscious mind and hold sway in all of our lives. The data simply refutes what you suggest. There is a biological incentive for women to seek different traits when fertile than they do in their primary partner. The basic paradigm is marry a beta provider and spread for an alpha male when it counts. Plain and simple.


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