January 10, 2009

Guess when female sluttiness peaks

I already know, but before I put the graphs up sometime soon, let's hear from the peanut gallery. Try to say just 1 year, though a range of 3 years is OK too. Anything more than that and it's pretty easy to guess right. "Sluttiness" here means burning through lots of guys in a given time.

For any age between 15 and 55, there's a megaphone-grabber in popular culture that is certain that such women are on a cock-gobbling rampage, so that won't help. Time to put on your thinking caps.


  1. I'll guess 25.


  2. 18: That's enough time for hormones to peak yet generally before traditional marriage age. Or may be it's 36 because that's twice 18.

  3. 28 +/- 2. I'd be more surprised by - than + so if I'm really giving a range 27-30.

  4. I'm going to say 27. Seems like the right mix of youth and biological imperative.

  5. If the sluttiness question was framed as biological urges felt, I'd say 16.

    As you have framed it, though, as "burning through lots of guys in a given time," I'm going to say around sophomore year in undergrad, say 19-20.

    The question doesn't involve just urges to "burn through a lot of guys," it's also a question of access in a social situation where a woman feels able to act on those urges.

    Can't do it work in later life because there are clear social consequences for being the office slut. College, however, brings women into contact with a pool of a males (assuming a large enough college) that they won't necessarily have to encounter later. The reputational repurcussions are more muted. Thus more sluttiness. What I dub the "cruise ship" effect.

    Thus it becomes some year in college. When in college? Not freshman b/c I think their "reputation" mindset is still high-school set.

    By sophomore, they realize the "rule set" is different, so look out.

    Perhaps there is a good argument for their Junior and Senior years too - they realize their libertine days are drawing to a close and enjoy the last rampage. But I chose sophomore just because I think their libido is higher then.

    As for the cougar/milf libido effect,I've read that's pretty much BS.

  6. If the sluttiness question was framed as biological urges felt, I'd say 16.

    Heh, urges aren't criminal, only actions.

  7. I would say age 20.

    I saw your excellent review of the teen pregnancy using real data not hype.

    My comment over there didn't show up. You are a breath of fresh air. Most others in blog land who commented on the story probably could not pass 5th grade math.

  8. I say 30-32. Younger women are more likely to develop strong emotional attachment, limiting the number of partners. Women starting to feel their biological clocks, however, would be more disposed to aggressively hitting up bars and putting out in an effor to land a man before it's too late.

  9. Oh yeah, so I suppose when guys sleep with everything on two legs within the space of a week, it's perfectly fine then?
    Thank fuck you don't run the world. Otherwise we'd have slavery and child labour all over again.

  10. That's cute -- did you think of that all by yourself?


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