December 5, 2013

New Haven PD: Media coverage feeds crime

From a report about the knockout game hitting the Yale area:

Sergeant Al Vazquez of the NHPD Detective Bureau shared residents’ concerns about media sensationalism. The best way to prevent further “knockout” attacks is to educate New Haven residents as well as the media, Vazquez said. He explained that the media helps perpetuate the trend by continually covering it.

And if reporters would just stop covering hurricanes out in the oceans, they'd never reach our shores. Media sensationalism is practically goading the storms our way! Just don't give them the attention they're seeking, and they'll end their dramatic performance.


  1. I would have thought you'd be precisely the sort of person willing to believe that people alter their behavior in response to public attention. Although of course in this situation happy-slappers hope to receive attention from peers watching cell-phone videos on World Star Hip-Hop rather than old folks watching the evening news.

  2. "people alter their behavior in response to public attention."

    Too general and incurious of a belief.

    In this specific case, we check reality, and find out that they it's not a dramatic performance before an audience to get attention. They're angry at whites (Jews, whoever), and they're going to lash out in a thrill-seeking way.

  3. Perhaps not a "dramatic" performance, but the popularity of filming it on cell-phones, and the original "Knockout Co." in St. Louis indicates that performance for peers is a big part of it.

  4. From the comments:

    ""He explained that the media helps perpetuate the trend by continually covering it." Only on a college campus would you get this king of "reasoning."

    The knockout game appears to be real, not a media creation. I guess this is beginning to test how weak-willed the population has become, just as this blog claimed they would.



  5. "performance for peers"

    But not for the public.

  6. that is, the criminals are beginning to test how weak the public has become.

    And yeah, it also seems like a status contest the thugs have going with each other.


  7. Are they angry, though?

    This seems more of a joyous rite than anything else.

    Polling suggests that blacks are more content than they have been, mostly because of the president.

    Angry? Maybe triumphant.

  8. If you have a few minutes, this video hits on some of this blog's themes.


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