May 7, 2012

Where did the emo scene go?

While we're on the topic of how far away the mid-2000s are, when was the last time you saw a chick with scene hair? Most of those girls I couldn't stand (attention whores), but they did bring back big hair and sported colorful accessories to the max. Their music and other cultural tastes were repulsive, their attitude sucked, but admittedly at a surface-only level they did participate in the revival of the late '70s and '80s.

That really was a reversal of the trend among the goth-dressing crowd from the '90s through today, which has gone toward monochrome black uniforms, fewer ornamental accessories, hair closer to the head and not as long, and wearing a scowl on your face, whereas the scene kids at least tried to look spunky (fake though it turned out).

Google trends shows that searches for "emo" peaked in 2008, the first 100 entries for "scene" in Urban Dictionary are overwhelmingly from 2005 and fall off afterward, and a tumblr account called fuckihatescenekids hasn't updated in 2 years. Guess even they, who overall weren't such a radical departure, have returned to the toned-down cocooning trend. They used to be one of the few hold-outs against the video game culture, still interested in music and going to live shows, shitty as they may have been to listen to.

Fun fact: looks like a lot of that sub-culture was a red state phenomenon. Google trends shows that the most likely places to search for scene hair, emo, etc., were flyover red states. Maybe blue-staters found it too garish and prole-looking?

Since 2005 feels so far away, I wonder if even the Millennials born up through 1990 feel like out-of-place old geezers now.

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  1. you forgot the umbrella thing.theehee


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