August 4, 2008

Another benefit of living in the mountains

It's after midnight, and I'm wearing an undershirt, merino wool sweater, and cotton twill pants. The nighttime temperature is about the same here as back in Maryland (high 60s), but the much lower humidity here -- 29% vs. 78% -- allows you to wear more in the summertime, at least at night when the temperature drops. I don't care about how I look, as it's just me and two housemates here right now. It just feels more civilized to wear thicker and more layered clothing. Colder-feeling weather also makes me more productive, and even if I couldn't quite wear a suit and overcoat outside, I'll take any relief from the lassitude of summer.

Don't get me wrong: estivation is fun for awhile, especially for getting into club-going mode, but I'm not going to tear my academic field a new asshole by devoting that much time to girls. The fall semester begins soon, and I can't wait to pick off a wide-eyed freshman girl, hopefully a ballet dancer, as a girlfriend and not have to rely on clubs or malls for girl-attention. That only gets you so far with youngsters: you can dance dirty with them, even kiss them, but no matter what your game is, a 17 year-old is not going home with you.

It's also nearly impossible to start a relationship with them if you meet in a club, even when the circumstances are most favorable. That 16 year-old who was infatuated with me has returned to the club quite a few times since our first encounter, as fawning and friendly as before, nervous if I still remembered her, reiterating that I was "the coolest guy in the whole club," touching me a lot, and so on. I said we should hang out at the mall sometime, and she enthusiastically agreed -- "For sure!" -- but she could never commit to a time when I pressed her with concrete times ("I guess it depends on my work schedule"). While we still see each other there, I've pretty much let it die rather than risk appearing clingy, which is a shame since she's very cute and has a somewhat precocious mind. Those fickle girly girls will get you every time.

Yeah, I could return to the club for people more my age and get a quick fix during this dry spell, but I've buried myself too deeply into the world of young girls to dig myself out now. Before the month is over, though, I'll be in command of the campus dining hall again, and with my alpha female friend by my side, will get enough dates that I wouldn't need to go clubbing at all, although I likely still will just to maintain some sensual variety.

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