August 1, 2008

Thursday 31 July 2008

Up and to breakfast, forgetting my protein drink, but having some ham nevertheless. Trying to revive my senses while the water did boil for tea, I took the bottle of once a day vitamins and did notice it lacks much potassium, which, I have read, can cause my 2400 IU of vitamin D to go right through the kidney and into the urine. And so to Roissy's, there to read news of a Canadian who during a journey by bus was stabbed, cut of his insides, and beheaded, he looking, I am sure, as cheerful as any man could do in that condition.

At night to a 1980s dance, I being in a white shirt, dark-coloured jeans, and black tie of very fine silk. Those assembled there methought a typicall crowd that come not to dance with men but to display their shorts over leggings to each other, these of course fitting their bodies quite nicely, but not, I was afeard, enough to be worth the journey; till three girles 'de dix-huit ans au plus,' one being very pretty, stopped in front of me, the pretty one approaching me with her back turned. Thus she with her rump in my lap did move to "Billie Jean," I pushing myself against her so that she did 'sentir el calor de mi miembro.' Wanting more still, I did spin her around to face me, placing my leg between hers, and 'con la mano a su' lower back did press her to me: thereupon did she stroke my tie 'avec sa main' and withall did 'frotter sa chatte fortement' along the length of my thigh, the scent left there lasting, I pray, through Saturday night, that the next group of 'jeunes filles' may know I come pre-selected.

To home for some almonds, cheese, and pear, which were all very good. And so to bed, planning to rise betimes tomorrow, at noon, to finish a chapter of Mr. Turchin's book on historicall dynamics, having neglected my schollerly obligations today.


  1. Have you been reading Pepys?

  2. I don't know how you can avoid getting a world-class case of blue b*lls.

  3. i read this with an affected french aristocrat accent. fits with the beheading news.

    this post was not brought to us by o'douls, was it?

  4. I've been looking for an excuse to write a post like Samuel Pepys' diary, and when I read that news story about the guy who was disemboweled and beheaded, it felt like the right time.

    Like this famous one

    I don't know how you can avoid getting a world-class case of blue b*lls.

    I think it's just habituation. Like, when I first started dirty dancing with teens, I was really affected by it and posted on it. Now, it's just background noise. So, people were right who said I'd get used to it, but wrong that I would escalate to seedier things in order to get the same excitement, like sneaking into dressing rooms at Hollister or something.

  5. Out of curiousity, do you go out alone?

  6. To a club, usually. I've been out with my college-aged friends, but in general they're not the dance-all-night types. Bringing my guy acquaintances, who are closer to my age, would just raise girls' suspicions about my age.

    For day game stuff (mall, dining hall, etc.), I'm almost always with my college chick friends.


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