September 23, 2016

Trump train hooks up with its caboose? Kim Kardashian may ditch the witch

Timed to immediately overshadow Ted Cruz's endorsement, Kim Kardashian put the word out that she is also considering voting Trump. Her manager-mother can read the writing on the wall, and the future looks grim for Crooked Hillary Clinton. Plus she is hated by young people of all races, who are the target audience of the Kardashian brand.

Whether she ultimately endorses or not, this announcement of "being on the fence" serves the same purpose as Jimmy Fallon hosting Trump on the Tonight Show -- to humanize and normalize him, putting to rest the media hysteria that he's a Russian-backed reincarnation of Hitler.

Even if most of her legions of Millennial followers don't register and vote Trump, at least they'll be softened to his Presidency. Maybe they'll like it, maybe not, but it couldn't be the end of the world as we know it, if the most brand-conscious celebrity out there is considering associating herself with it. They will treat it as something from the mundane world, not an apocalypse.

I wonder whose late endorsement will prove more valuable -- Cruz or Kardashian?

Related: earlier in the summer, Blind Gossip posted an item suggesting that Angelina Jolie is a Trump supporter and working behind the scenes to help get him elected.


  1. Random Dude on the Internet9/23/16, 11:29 PM

    There is an awful Youtube video of celebrities endorsing Hillary Clinton:

    Unfortunately it seems like if you endorse Trump you can kiss your career goodbye in Hollywood so Trump will get few celebrity endorsements unless they are well established. In the voting booth though, things will be different.

    Young adults just don't like Hillary. In 2008, they overwhelmingly went for Obama. I was in college at the time and didn't recall seeing a single Hillary button on a backpack or a bumper sticker on a car. It was mostly Obama with a smattering of Republicans. I agree that Kardashian's kinda-endorsement won't move the needle much but her fan base is dedicated enough where it begins to normalize the inevitable (a Trump Presidency) versus the doom and gloom that they constantly get subjected to by "millennial friendly" liberals.

    On November 9, after seeing countless screaming op-eds from left wing rags from their Facebook feed after Trump is declared the winner, they will find that the Earth is still spinning and the media and Democrats will have laid down the groundwork for alienating an entire generation of people.

  2. Maybe the Jolie-Pitt unpleasantness is exacerbated by hints of her Trump sympathy, especially given Pitt's friendship with Clooney (he and "wife" hate Trump). Jolie's father is a strong Trump supporter, and has always been a reliable conservative (too ra-ra on Israel and oblivious to neocons, but good instincts otherwise), and so too might be influencing her.

    Could just picture a lot of those airheads out there babbling along the lines of "OMG! So, Angelina's a nazi now or something?" I could see Pitt getting quite wounded by such talk, to say nothing of his more serious concerns about pissing off the Hollywood elders.


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