September 16, 2016

Leftist moral panic intensifies after Jimmy Fallon yuks it up with Trump

Jimmy Fallon treated Donald Trump like any other guest on late night TV -- asked him what's going on with his work and life, asked what's coming up next for him, interspersed with gag segments to lighten the mood.

For failing to subject Trump to a kangaroo court trial and open up a trap door underneath his seat, Fallon has caused the leftists to melt down even more than they already were after seeing how well the polls are looking for Trump. (We have the best polls, really phenomenal.)

What is going on here is a textbook case of a moral panic, as detailed in an earlier post. Notice how uncannily familiar the reactions would have sounded during the Satanic panic of the 1980s, after David Letterman had Dee Snider from Twisted Sister on his show for a usual interview -- and not condemning the wicked corrupting influence of heavy metal on America's children, as the right-wing record-burners would have demanded.

Here are some representative freak-outs from Twitter:

That is the over-arching theme -- normalizing evil. Trump and heavy metal (and horror comic books) are not part of the ordinary mundane world that you and I are from -- they're from an evil nether-dimension that must be kept sealed up so that it can't influence our daily life.

What is the solution implied? The media cannot play it safe, and cannot try to prove that they're "fair" (whatever THAT means, right?). Total unmitigated propaganda is the only way to prevent fatal accidents like allowing Trump to be elected.

Also notice that the leftists are calling out their own ("liberal media") for not policing evil, a hallmark of witch hunts. Even if you're not a witch yourself, you must drop everything and join the hunt -- or else you're complicit in letting the witches go around spreading their wicked influences. (Second-order norm enforcement.)

Well, we've already used "evil" -- why not something more tangible like a "monster"? Scary, scary beasts!

Also the threat of going to Hell, right out of the moral panic playbook. And again, used to threaten one of their own for failing to drop everything and go hunt those damn witches.

Anyone voting for Trump is part of a cult, just like every high school kid who bought an Iron Maiden album was part of a not-so-hidden cult. Using "cult" is making an appeal to orthodoxy and orthopraxis. Trump's voters aren't just any old ordinary group of political participants, who right-thinking people may or may not agree with -- they're qualitatively deviant, and they probably even enjoy deviating from what the orthodoxy allows.

I only wish he'd thrown in a reference to "brainwashing" or "deprogramming," but then we haven't seen real cults for awhile, so the references may not spring immediately to mind.

You knew they were going to say it at some point -- WILL SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN. What if little Aiden and Arabella stayed up late and caught this TV segment where the funny man is treating the devil man like a normal person? Their impressionable little minds will now think it's mundane for a leader to pledge to "build a wall" against foreigners, instead of trembling in fear from such racist and xenophobic spell-casting.

Jimmy Fallon is corrupting the youth of America by yukking it up with Donald Trump!

I think we're seeing peak shitlib now. I searched Twitter to see if "Romney" and "normalizing" came up in 2012, and there was only one or two remarks the whole year about him trying to normalize racism. No freak-out that the media was normalizing evil by treating him like they do other politicians.

Romney, McCain, etc., were all just a bunch of cuckservative stooges who posed no real threat, so the media and its leftist consumers treated them with derision, mockery, smugness, etc. The way that schoolchildren all laugh at the clutz who bumps hard into the table and hurts his knee yet again. Ditto their treatment of Romney / McCain voters.

After it became clear that Trump would win the primaries, the leftists began waking up to the reality that their reign is coming to an end. Trump and his supporters represent an existential threat to corporate globalism, and slowly but surely those phenomenal polls are starting to clue them in to their imminent doom.

That's why this time is not their typical "mock the Republicans" campaign. It's a bona fide witch hunt in which no crusader can sit idly by, not for a single minute. You ever notice how the anti-Trump people have all aged 10 years within the past 10 months? I'd look like total shit, too, if I were getting no sleep and my adrenal glands were maxed out.

Not only is the enemy killing themselves individually, they are turning on each other for showing insufficient zeal in hunting those deplorable demon voters. First Matt Lauer, now Jimmy Fallon. If media figures want any acceptance with normal Americans, they will blow off the witch hunters. They don't even have to make a principled stand against it -- just act normally like Lauer and Fallon did, and that's enough to demoralize the witch hunters.

All that's left to do is a carpool karaoke with Donald Trump singing a harmless dad-rock song like "Tiny Dancer".

Bullyciding the leftists is best done by showing a happy-go-lucky side at least some of the time, all the better to shatter their fragile brains with thoughts about "normalized evil!"


  1. The far Left always cannibalizes its own, even more than the far right: "The people's front of Judaea!"

  2. Speaking on moral panic, apparently calling a woman a "perfect 10" is a disqualifier for POTUS, ignoring her own husband's behavior in office:

    She has no clue what to do anymore.

  3. normies are going to watch the Fallon clip and note that Trump comes across like a good sport and a warm & genial person. Then they'll see libs shrieking about Trump the Nazi monster and wonder what the hell they're on about. Just another example of deranged lefties overplaying their hand (and playing into Trump's hands) because they wrongly thought they had already achieved total dominance.

  4. Establishment types know that they cannot defeat the challenger on policy, so dirty tricks and hysteria are all that they have left.

  5. Besides the moral panic aspect of it, there's also the class/cultural connotation. In the 80's, Silent/Boomer elitists teed off on heavy metal which was popular with blue collar dudes and teen Gen X-ers who just wanted to blow off steam. Right now Trump is unleashing so much of that steam that the prissy elites are terrified that regular guys are going to finally have a catharsis by booting the yuppie crowd's asses right out the door.

    BTW, Gary Johnson is still siphoning tons of Millennial votes ( assuming they even bother showing up which isn't likely. Young people just don't vote.The left establishment is trying in vain to shame yutes into winning one for the decrepit harpy. I guess that even Bernie has been summoned to stump for Hillary in toss-up places.

    Steve S seems to be picking up on Hilary's fag-hag tendencies. She can't relate to normal people so she gravitates to the most neurotic, needy, and insecure people she can find (e.g. Hollyweird strivers and homos).

    "Notice how uncannily familiar the reactions would have sounded during the Satanic panic of the 1980s, after David Letterman had Dee Snider from Twisted Sister"

    Snider comes off as being very articulate and good natured in that interview. I do think that music is one of the best ways to judge what an era is like, since music is ubiquitous, made in large quantities, and musicians aren't for the most part annoying early adopter strivers. Boomer rock stars were unpretentious and entertaining in the 70's and 80's. The fag, I mean, film industry on the other hand.....Check out 70's film compared to 70's music. 70's film went way heavy on the angst because Hollywood is full of early adopter strivers. Modern viewers often assume that 70's everyday culture must've been equally angsty. No, it wasn't you dweebs. 70's arena rock, disco, R&B etc. are much more representative of the decade's rollicking and often quite amiable spirt. Punk sure as hell ain't no way to judge the era, not in America anyway, where people in the 70's were so comfortable and well-adjusted that punk never charted.

  6. Dusk my friend, it must be asked: what was your take on Hillary demonizing Pepe the Frog? Yes, asking this seriously.

  7. Just another aspect of their cluelessness, and giving evil connotations to any identifiable badge that the boogeyman group wears -- long hair, shaved head, combat boots, etc., must mean you're a metalhead or skinhead who practices ritual sacrifice in abandoned fields while playing Judas Priest records backwards...

    It doesn't matter how many other normies wear those badges -- in fact, that's good for the witch hunt, as it sows the seeds of doubt about a wider population than just the narrow little boogeyman group.

    Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj both tweeted Pepe memes -- I knew it, they're crypto-Nazis too! Everywhere you look, it's crypto-Nazis!

    You might want to check your child's Twitter feed and see if they, too, are tweeting rare Pepes -- you have to stop their racist Nazi brainwashing before they can no longer be deprogrammed!

    Airhead bimbo Katy Tur even said on live TV that Pepe was an iconic white nationalist symbol. She's on the spergy side, and not much of a "moral entrepreneur" like Crooked Hillary Clinton. But if the Hillaries and the Tippers get ahold of it, there will be endless sanctimonious warnings about the corruption of the youth by frog memes on the internet.

  8. Rachel Maddow ran a segment tonight about the Alternatively-sexual Right (Spencer) holding a "press conference" in DC, with low-quality phone video of Jared Taylor talking about the IQ levels of East Asians.

    It's like a snuff film to the moral entrepreneurs -- See, the racist Alt-Right really exists, and they hold real press conferences. You thought it was just boogeymen on the internet, but no, friend, they're real and they're serious about sperging out about exotic races' IQ levels in unattended press briefings.

    It's like grainy VHS footage of some goth kids in the '90s cutting open an (already dead) animal and drinking its (fake, ketchup water) blood, out in the woods behind the mall.

    If your child owns any CDs by Marilyn Manson, they too may be one step away from animal sacrifice and vampirism!

    One of those weird turning points in the culture war, away from the right-wing moral panic about Satanism, was Michael Moore interviewing Marilyn Manson in Bowling for Columbine, and whether you agree or not with his diagnosis of what led the shooters to commit their crime, he comes off as a normal human being, not a LARP-ing Satanist.

    I saw that one in the theater, and plenty of normies in the audience connected with Marilyn Manson, just as they connected with Donald Trump last night watching Jimmy Fallon.

  9. "Gary Johnson is still siphoning tons of Millennial votes"

    In the Emerson polls, I think it's like 75% of his supporters who are still keeping their options open, unlike the solid commitment for those saying Trump, Clinton, or Stein.

    The health thing really shook them up. My brother was a Bernie bro, then mildly posted pro-Johnson stuff on Facebook for a week or so, then nothing for months.

    All of a sudden after her collapse on 9/11, he's posting about how there's a healthy Dem to take her place (Bernie), some meme about her favoite pizza being Little Seizures (lol), and so on.

    I doubt he's actually going to vote Johnson. He didn't comment pro or con after the Aleppo gaffe. He normally doesn't care about, follow, or discuss politics. He's more concerned with advertising his supposed moral and intellectual superiority with memes about how both Clinton and Trump are idiots, etc.

    Now that Trump is acting less bombastic, that group isn't as afraid of him anymore. Whether they turn out and vote for him -- tough to say. Worst case scenario, they're just staying home. I don't see them going with the dumbass Trump = Hitler thing, which they see right through, especially after the media's demonization of Bernie during the primaries.

    The Johnson supporters who are moderate young/gay Republicans (the majority of his supporters), will only send a few Hillary's way. The people who were in the tank for Kasich -- yes, such a group exists, small as it is, in the Midwest.

    If Trump becomes the cool thing on their campus by Election Day, they'll come around, too.

  10. Huffpo is literally shaking: "Fallon is not Letterman, and he never will be, nor does he seem to want to be. But that doesn’t mean he be let off the hook for humanizing a well-documented xenophobic, racist and misogynistic serial liar, which is exactly what he did on Thursday. Seth Meyers, by comparison, has instituted a Trump ban on his “Late Night” show to avoid just such a promotional appearance."

  11. Random Dude on the Internet9/16/16, 10:29 PM

    Fallon wears a mask for Hillary's appearance on his show. So look for another round of outraged tweets about him tonight and tomorrow.

  12. The thing about rockers like Manson is that the ones who get to at least a middle tier of success usually understand the give and take of dealing with people. Sure, Kiss, Alice Cooper etc. have a brash persona but to be in a group that can make and perform music reliably indicates at least a decent level of selfless professionalism and commitment. Look at how some groups (Hall & Oates, Rush, Metallica) have decades of camaraderie built up. There's a level of maturity and respect that these guys have for teamwork and pushing the right buttons, and knowing how to defuse tensions and dispel rumors.

    Solo artists, on the other hand, are frequently craaaazzzy. Their psychosis tends to worsen over time due to years of yes-men feeding their egos and delusions. I think too that solo artists are more reliant on connections/the casting couch rather than creative talent, social skills, or good judgement. So they are more vulnerable than team artists.
    These things also are in play in the movie biz. and politics, thus the megalomaniac movie directors/producers/actors and decadent rulers.

    I'd say that band musicians tend to be the most well-adjusted of all the celebrity types. In interviews they do tend to come off as being thoughtful and considerate. Even the metallers. The eighties interviews in particular are fascinating, with these "tough guys" in the "macho" decade often seeming charmingly pensive and kinda spaced out.

  13. ". He normally doesn't care about, follow, or discuss politics. He's more concerned with advertising his supposed moral and intellectual superiority with memes about how both Clinton and Trump are idiots, etc."

    That's frustrating. We've got muh principles intellectual types, but we've also got gutless shallow trendy people. Both are ignorant; one is just more earnest about it. Neither have a hearty sense of humor, or optimism, or any deep regard for their fellow man.

    Fallon seems to be just along for the ride. Not affecting either earnest interest in the election or apocalyptic hostility towards Trump. He and Conan are the only remotely well-adjusted or non-partisan show talk show hosts, of whom there are now legions of Gen X/Millennial hipster parasites. The younger they are, the more annoying they tend to be. Stewart and Kimmel are late Boomers/very early Gen X-ers shaped somewhat by the 80's so they come off as being more amiably sarcastic/detached than the later Gen X-ers/Millennials who take most or all of their cues from the increasingly faggy snark style of the last 20 years.


    This is off topic, fair warning, but it reminded me of agnostic.

    A reddit user posted the above pic of his or her mom in the 80s at her first apartment at age 18. I thought it was interesting how their generation chose the freedom, sacrificing having to live in somewhere no so clean or new. I think the generations swung and the freedom was not so important as the status of looking well off.

  15. That also looks like it's in an older and more abandoned neighborhood, town, or region -- really tall doors made of solid wood, compartmentalized floor plan, etc. Looks like it's from the early 1900s.

    If she were in a more upwardly mobile place, it'd be a ranch home or Cape Cod from the Midcentury, or a newly constructed place from the '80s.

    Only way she was in a major city if she were in a pre-gentrified neighborhood that was more run-down, dangerous, and unfashionable at the time.

  16. Random Dude on the Internet9/18/16, 9:43 PM

    New Mexico is now a swing state, where he is leading by one poll by five points and is behind Hillary by just one point in another.

    Guy goes to a Hillary GOTV drive in Ohio and finds that he's the only one who showed up.

    It would be a mistake to look at these two events and interpolate a blowout but I'm optimistic that he will reach 350-400 electoral votes. He will never convert California, Illinois, New York, and Little Somalia (Minnesota), but there are a lot of states up for grabs that a Republican hasn't won since 1988.

  17. That county in Ohio was already won by Romney at 61%, so I wouldn't read a whole lot into it. But it does suggest Trump will do even better.

    And it's a fairly large county (Columbus metro), so even a modest uptick in percentage points will mean lots of votes in the state total.

    In general, signs of a landslide will not be seen in "close" states from recent elections, but in blue states like Iowa, Michigan, etc. -- and in the counties that used to be blue.

    350-400 is over-estimating it, you're hyping yourself up just to feel a quick rush but will feel let down when he doesn't convert that many places.

    Just to show how hard it is to even get 350, the following only adds up to 348:

    Romney states, plus

    FL, OH, IA, MI, WI, PA, NJ, RI, NH, ME (1 cong dist), NV, CO, NM

    That's a lot of toss-ups coming up Trump and almost none coming up Clinton, other than VA and OR.

    I don't see "landslide" (350, 400, whatever) because we're just unwinding from a highly partisan polarized climate. That will allow us to convert enough for a solid win, but not the whole damn country.

    Landslides are restricted to climates that are non-partisan, like the Great Compression, when people are open-minded enough for the best candidate to convince voters in more or less every state.

    Only other way to get a landslide is if a third party splits a large chunk of a major party. If Bernie were running third party, we could get big pieces of the West Coast, Upper Midwest, and New England.

  18. We have to seize the means of Hollywood production

  19. Virginia, 3 out of 4 electoral votes of Maine, and possibly even Minnesota all look easier to win right now then Rhode Island or New Jersey, agnostic. I give 350 electoral votes for trump as a great victory that probably won't happen, and a little over 400 as the probable maximum without something crazy like Clinton calling the country idiots for not seeing through her.

  20. In RI and NJ he's only down 3-4 points -- in VA, ME, and MN between 5-10 points.

    RI and NJ have more white ethnics and Catholics, more de-industrialized, straight talkers who don't have time for PC BS, and in NJ more exposure to Islamic terrorism -- not just now, but back through 9/11.

    Virginia will be driven by striver transplants whose paycheck comes from the Establishment. None of them wants to Make America Great Again.

    Minnesota hasn't voted Republican since the Eisenhower and Nixon re-election landslides when the whole country voted Republican. They welcome refugees, while New Jerseyans don't want them but apathetically try to block them out. Minnesota nice. Scandinavian.

    Maine is cuckier than the rest of New England -- only one that went to Lyin' Ted. Trying to rival Vermont for liberal rural New England champion.

  21. The primary results are interesting but not always the best thing to go by.

    There are a lot of recent Jersey polls that also show Clinton ahead by double digits. The one recent poll of Rhode Island is close but the older ones showed a heavier lead for CLinton.

    Maine is weird but it's also insanely white, and the rural areas probably will go Trump pretty decently. Even if the whites are a little bit more anti_trump there, probably not that much considering how much new jerseyians see themselves as goodwhite liberals, the much higher minority population in new jersey and even rhode island makes a difference.

  22. The primary results prove that even Republicans in Maine are not gung-ho for Trump. Unless it's already a reliable red state -- like the Plains -- a Cruz win means greater difficulty in the general.

    The RI and NJ polls are from Emerson, who were highly accurate during the primaries, and are not shill polls from a big media outfit. They fit the broader demographic pattern of Trump doing well with white ethnics, Catholics, straight talkers, and de-industrialized places.

    "Insanely white" doesn't matter -- else he'd be up big-league in New England, the Upper Midwest, and the Pacific Northwest. Those are blue states since '88-'92.

    And he'd be down in the Deep South, aka the Black Belt. But he's got a lock on that, and Texas.

    Maine and New Jersey were tied in Obama support during '08 and '12. Maine is not New Hampshire, and New Jersey is not New York.

  23. Regardless of the fact that non whites/non blacks don't vote and thus have fairly little power, New Jersey's white population has dramatically declined, from 74.0% to 57.9%. Minnesota is still the 13th whitest state (83.1% white) , however much you may deride the whites of the state. MN is too goddam cold to ever attract the biggest strivers, and unlike Colorado we don't have huge mountains for Yuppie magnet ski resorts.

    Fun fact: New Jersey's Jew population is 5.8%, Colorado's is up to 2%. Minnesota's is 0.9%. Jews hate the South and Midwest, as per

    Jews are a harbinger of both urbanization, liberalism, and striving as we see how having at least 2% of Jews in your state is a sure-fire sign that you've made a pact with the demoncrap party and/or decadence as we see with Nevada and Florida. One outlier is Pennsylvania, in which the striver heavy Phil. metro area does battle with the Appalachian region. These areas will have a distinctly Jewish unsavoriness until we reach an extremely low striving era (even then, we saw what Hollywood Jews did in the McCarthy era, who was derided as a paranoid lunatic until the Soviet's own archives validated his beliefs that communist subversives were quite large in number). Like Kevin MacDonald says, coastal Jews basically think that Middle America is a cesspool liable to produce a neo-Hitler at any moment.

    Forget about deporting blacks. We really need a pogrom. Along those lines, a survey showed that conservative whites tend to be more hostile towards cities than liberal whites are to rural areas.

    Virginia, Colorado, the Mid-Atlantic, and the Pacific have been taken over by Strivers and the immigrants upon whom they rely. Ya think they want to mow their lawns or wipe their baby's butts? The subject of lawn mowing once came up on this blog, and I pointed out how the majority of Minnesotans still mow their own lawns. And commercial crews who do business properties often have young white dudes on them.

    Piggybacking on Anonymous' point, non whites make a huge difference especially in the Obama era.

    How did MN vote in 2012?

    Biggest counties (at least 20,000 voters):

    Anoka - Romney (50.3%), my turf, a fair amount of non whites but mostly a blue collar white area.
    Carver - Romey (59.1%), since World War 2 never voted Dem.
    Dakota - Obama (50.5%) parts of St. Paul, some yuppies
    Hennepin - Obama (62.5%), most populous county, all of Minneapolis and has many of the least white areas in the state
    Olmstead - Obama (50.5%)
    Ramsey - Obama (66.6%), maybe the least white county
    Sherburne - Romney (60.1%)
    St. Louis County - Obama (63.7%) Lotsa yuppies, St. Louis park has been called St. Jewish Park.
    Stearns - Romney (55%), very white, more rural
    Washington - Obama (49.5%), mix of classes
    Wright - Romney (59.6%)

    I can't imagine the yuppies going for Trump here. The evangies will go for the GOP out of loyalty. The black and especially the Yute vote is probably going to decline this time. I did see a handful of Trump signs and a lot of local election signs recently in blue collar suburbs. No Hillary signs. Not many signs at all in the higher income areas or in the city. I did see a Bernie shirt wearing college girl near the U of M. No doubt, if Bernie had the nom. we'd be seeing an avalanche of youth engagement.

  24. Black people turn out to presidential elections, they definitely do vote, or atleast their graves do.

  25. Random Dude on the Internet9/19/16, 10:03 PM

    Having many friends, family, and co-workers from the Upper Midwest and the Cuck Belt, these people are still on the fence about Trump. These people don't want to make trouble so maybe they are secret Trump supporters but are afraid of coming across the wrong liberal who will rant and rave to them about how horrible he is. I think many will vote for Trump out of sheer party loyalty but more than a few will stay at home. Fortunately these are places where Trump will already win by 30 points or places like Minnesota where he never had a shot in the first place.

    I have a good friend who lives in Minneapolis and when I asked him about the enrichment of St. Cloud recently, he seemed rustled that I was implying that diversity wasn't good for Minnesota...and this guy is a Libertarian. These people think that what makes America great is magic dirt and the Constitution. These Somalis will turn into Americans just like us, we just need to give them a chance!

  26. "I have a good friend who lives in Minneapolis and when I asked him about the enrichment of St. Cloud recently, he seemed rustled that I was implying that diversity wasn't good for Minnesota...and this guy is a Libertarian."

    Very few people self-identify as libertarian....for good reason. Studies show that they have the lowest levels of empathy and regard for other people.

    I know it's fun to bash MN Nords, but really, we're still more culturally conservative than the Northeast or West Coast. There are a lot of white people (particularly down scale whites) who have come around to the idea that the Dems are the party of urban decadents, dangerous immigrants, and criminal/welfare case blacks. On the MN Iron Range (a region with a longish history of mining and labor activism) several generations of whites are gonna vote for Trump after decades of voting Dem because, well, the Dems were the party of labor at least in comparison to the GOP. Trump did much better there than in other regions of the state in the primary.

    True, Trump's brashness and wealth are making upper Midwesterners reluctant to voice their support. But plenty will still be willing to vote Trump. Alas, there may be just too many decadent yuppies and stubborn Dem. loyalists to push MN and Wisconsin over to Trump. Iowa is a much better prospect, what with it's lack of huge cities and fashionable suburbs.

    By the way, Trump's polling is still awful in New York, Illinois, Mass. Vermont, and California. Ya can't blame Nords for that. Those areas are cosmopolitan modern liberal hives.

    Trump's appeal to former GOP no-go zones, like Rhode Island and New Jersey, can be put down to several thing: He's not yet another Western candidate or Bible basher, he doesn't care about really any hallmark of modern conservatism (keeping shitty invaders out of your country isn't uniquely conservative, it ought to be common sense for both parties), and Hillary is literally the worst candidate for president ever.

    During the culture war era (which still isn't over for many), there is such disdain for downscale Southern and Midwestern voters that a lot of coastal folks would normally not be caught dead voting for the GOP candidate period. It won't be until striving (and it's fellow traveler hardcore cultural liberalism) winds down that the Dems won't be as favored in the Northeast, the Pacific, and the most urban/yuppified areas of the Midwest. Keep in mind that Obama's 2012 victory margin in New Jersey was the largest for the Dems in NJ since 1964. Fact is, the Northeast and Pacific are and most likely always will be culturally liberal. For the culturally conservative party to have a chance in these areas, it's gonna take running more no-nonsense Trump type pragmatists. High levels of income inequality, urbanization, and low levels of Scots-Irish people are all associated with cultural liberalism. I'm sure some of the Italian/Irish people in the Northeast are cool, but these areas are still swamped by immigrants, Jews, and pain in the ass pretentious liberals. This blogger/movie critic whose books I've found to be pretty interesting has recently gone on a major liberal sperg out because of Trump. Where's he from? New Jersey from which he transplanted to North Carolina as an adult. He's a classic Northeastern Gen X-er who thinks the GOP is the party of bigots and heartland dolts. My Gen X boss, she of 5 kids and an avid GOP voter, is very nervous about Trump. But she'll vote GOP out of loyalty. Boomers have a lot less condescension and angst regarding both political and regional partisanship.

    Trump can't be sneered as a Bible bashing heartland charlatan, so naturally he's doing much better than, say, Mitt Romney, in much of the Northeast.


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