September 28, 2016

Grungers for Trump

In Emerson's new polls, Trump wins Gen X-ers in Washington state, 42-38. (Overall he's only down six points, 44-38.) As elsewhere, he handily wins those with less than a bachelor's degree.

Although he'll lose Seattle, he's up big-league in nearby Snohomish County, where he's held yuge rallies at the large city of Everett; in the capital city of Olympia (odd, since you'd think Establishment types lived there); and in Spokane, the second-largest city.

Expect several of the populous blue counties in Western Washington to turn red-for-Trump this time.

He isn't behind so far in the Congressional district where Kurt Cobain's home town is located, and most of the Democrats in that district are likely concentrated farther away in the big city of Tacoma.

If Trump wins the birthplace of Nirvana, you know a serious re-alignment is under way -- the left-behind Americans and their stewards vs. the well-fed parasites of all classes.

And now a little Pacific Northwest populism for the occasion:


  1. Interesting, I'm a Gen Xer in Washington State and I'm all in for Trump

  2. I had fun last night. I walked in Seattle's Capital Hill district with a friend who was wearing a Trump "Make America Great Again" shirt. This part of Seattle is a mix of young hipsters, potheads, gays, and the homeless. The shirt got tons of comments and attention. I never felt in danger because most everyone was harmless if not downright wimpy.

    The most common comment was "How can you support someone who is a racist, bigot, woman hating, homophobe?". Speaking of which, we walked into a bar/pizza restaurant that had a big sign that said "This is a no hate zone". Then I saw another sign that said "no racism, sexism, xenophobia, or homophobia will be allowed". This had to be the most politically correct business ever! I thought my friend would get kicked out for wearing the Trump shirt. Then a couple of young men saw my friends shirt, got behind him, flipped him off, and started playing around like they were going to beat him up. Then a bouncer appeared and said "This is a no hate zone, you guys can't behave like that in here" and then escorted the Trump hating guys out of the building. I was amazed. Who knows, maybe that bouncer was a Trump supporter?

    The most surprising observation was getting positive feedback from some blacks. A black guy saw the shirt and said "right on". Two young, unusually attractive black women were so surprised at the novelty of seeing the shirt that they took a picture with us. They were as friendly as can be. I guarantee they wouldn't of had that reaction if they saw someone wearing a Hillary shirt.

  3. Fun fact: Trump is actually winning big-league among blacks in Washington -- 52 to 29. They're only 5% of the sample, though, so not a big impact overall.

    Blacks in WA have a reputation for being better than other places.

    In the Emerson sample, 30% had voted for Romney. And in the 2016 primary, they favored Bernie over Crooked Hillary -- 60 to 40 (among Dem primary voters). Must be one of the few places where Bernie won the minority vote.

    They're also not very likely to vote this time -- about 70% saying they definitely will.

    Blacks in WA seem to be a lot younger than whites, not having deep roots there, so not many old folks. That's driving their suspicion of Hillary, their favoring Bernie, and their reluctance to show up on Election Day.

    And they're still forming their impressions of the two parties, so they don't have an unshakable view of Republicans as the cuckservative / globalist elites that older blacks would be accustomed to. Trump came just in time to make an impression in the opposite direction, for what a Republican President would be like.


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