September 30, 2016

Pepe panic: As harmless meme is banned in schools, youth tune out the loony Left

The moral panic that the fringe Left is pushing, about how everybody who disagrees with us is a Nazi, continues to reach new lows. Recently, opinion anchor Rachel Maddow at MSNBC ran a lengthy segment about how a ubiquitous meme, Pepe the frog, was really a crypto-Nazi symbol. Now the moral entrepreneurs at the Anti-Defamation League have officially classified him as a hate symbol.

Oh sure, maybe he started out innocently -- but after being appropriated by the dark cult of the Alt-Right, he is no longer a neutral symbol.

Right, just like how anyone who wore long hair in the '80s might not necessarily have been part of a Satanic cult that sacrificed animals in abandoned fields -- but it sure raises suspicions. Or how everyone who played Dungeons & Dragons might not necessarily have been seduced into another kind of Satanic cult -- but it sure raises suspicions. Or how anyone who played the Shout at the Devil album was not necessarily part of a Satanic heavy metal cult -- but it sure raises suspicions.

And the worst part was -- maybe they didn't even realize they had been recruited by the demonic forces! They're just impressionable, naive young people, after all. And maybe those teenagers posting Pepe memes are not fully aware of just how racist and Nazi-worshiping they are -- will someone please think of the poor innocent children who are becoming corrupted by wicked pop culture?!

These retarded moral panics never sound any less ridiculous, no matter what they come up with this time.

Here are two recent examples of earnest, concerned discussions of Pepe in American high schools:

Notice how the kids themselves are just rolling their eyes at their clueless teachers. But then the young people are not the target audience for the panic narrative, which is instead the self-appointed guardians of moral purity, including their worried teachers.

It's one thing to have to sit through a bunch of boring propaganda about the hidden Nazi meaning behind your harmless meme. It's another to have these moralistic busybodies censoring any display of that meme in and around the school. It used to be you got sent home for wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt -- now it's drawing Pepe the frog on your binder.

At least some of the parents are aware that their kids' teachers are retarded and going overboard.

Already kids are starting to rebel. Hey, teacher -- leave those memes alone!

What kind of fucked-up world do we live in, where this generation's Footloose is going to revolve around censorship of cartoon frogs on the internet? Trump cannot get elected soon enough -- the Secretary of Education is going to fire any adult caught perpetuating this idiotic panic over Pepe.

The larger outcome of this hysteria will be to utterly discredit the Left among anyone born in the 21st century. More than that, this will change the emotional impression that they have of the Left -- it will be felt on a gut level to be terminally uncool, clueless, and try-hard hall monitor losers.

That was the result of the Satanic panic in the 1980s, and we see what that did to the Cultural Right during the '90s and afterward. Whether they reject SJWs for being intellectual or social inferiors, today's teenagers will be a major force behind dethroning the moralistic Left, whether they take the side of Trump or Bernie as they get more politically involved.


  1. BTW did you see this? One of the most heartening things I've read in some time
    'It’s not just that Trump reminds them of their exes. It’s that Trump’s success seems to validate the men’s behavior. “They had gotten themselves to a place of, This is not what I deserve, I deserve better, I can do better,” Silvestri says. But watching dutiful, responsible Clinton struggle to best Trump, “people are really backtracking and saying, ‘I made this move to be more empowered and be who I am based on my values, but now I see my ex writ large on the national stage, and everyone’s following him,’ ” Silvestri says. They start thinking that, for a woman, maybe being beautiful really is more important than being smart, assertive, and authentic.'

  2. advancedatheist9/30/16, 11:36 AM

    The Jewish cultural engineers apparently realize they have a problem maintaining Hitler's bad reputation, and therefore Jews' perpetual victim status, as the last of the people who remember the Nazi era die off. They have the same problem with the disappearance of the generation involved in the civil rights era in the 1960's. Humans just organically resist this egalitarian propaganda, shaming and gaslighting about different groups when they can see that it conflicts with their own experiences.

  3. This makes the Establishment look foolish and desperate.

  4. "But watching dutiful, responsible Clinton struggle to best Trump..."

    Huh? See how they slipped that one by us. There's a lot of evidence she's neither of those things. They could have gotten away with saying "hard-working" or "intelligent," but they purposely chose those words to rig the argument in a specific way. Again, the media does stuff like this when they think we won't notice.

  5. Hehe, four of the people I quoted have already deleted or hidden their tweets because they don't want to be seen as on the same side as conservatives or Republicans.

    The fact remains: they're tuning out their dipshit SJW elders and will evolve in a more Bernie direction (before he sold out), where moralistic identity politics not only fail to resonate but are felt to be deeply uncool.

  6. Random Dude on the Internet9/30/16, 9:50 PM

    I don't think this will have a big impact on kids other than learning that "non-partisan" groups like ADL or the SPLC are just partisan hack organizations. Like trust in the media, these kids are going to grow up distrusting every charity or "hate watch" group when they see that it is just a mouthpiece for Democrats. These organizations are doing serious damage to themselves, considering how they are dependent on private donations. If people have little or no faith in the SPLC, for example, then it will eventually wither and disappear.

  7. It's worse than not trusting partisan groups or "the media" in general -- these are supposed to be the news outlets that the young people tune into, to hear how awful the Republicans are.

    In just 10 years, we've gone from all young people clapping like trained seals while watching The Daily Show, to giving Rachel Maddow one great big collective side eye for her clueless rants about how Pepe the frog is a white supremacist symbol.

    It's as tone-deaf and alienating as the minister in Heathers blaming teenage suicide on "the MTV video games".

    If it were just one thing, it may not leave an impression. But when it's one damn thing after another -- GamerGate, Pepe = racist, etc etc etc -- they'll treat it as a broad hysteria that ought to be dismissed, along with anyone promoting it.

  8. And given the mob nature of witch hunts, will any of the Millennial SJWs be able to refrain from pushing the "Pepe = Nazi" message?

    If they stay quiet, they may be ostracized by their Gen X and Boomer superiors for not joining in the witch hunt, when every SJW voice is needed.

    If they do join in the witch hunt, they will be ridiculed by their Millennial audience.

    What would happen to Laci Green's subscriber numbers if she imitated Rachel Maddow and put up one video after another that sternly and earnestly chided her viewers for contributing, perhaps unwittingly, to the white supremacist agenda every time they post a Pepe meme on Twitter?

    So either the Millennial SJWs will have to drop the SJW act and re-brand themselves in the vein of the Bernie phenomenon, or they will go along with the SJW thing as it jumps the shark and they lose their following.

    Either way, moralistic identity politics is not long for this world.

  9. Random Dude on the Internet10/1/16, 11:48 PM

    Hillary not only is attacking a cartoon frog but a latest leaked audio clip has her calling Bernie supporters basement dwellers.

    So one instance she calls a quarter of the country irredeemable deplorables and now she is calling 13+ million people basement dwellers who are naive about politics. I've never seen a candidate so eager and willing to alienate voters. Obama's bittergate comments seem like child's play by comparison.

  10. I guess nobody's brought up the latest propaganda. The degree to which the media and team Clinton are colluding is outrageous. NY Times leaders openly gloat about risking jail to "expose" Trump's tax history (turn's out that the NY times itself has reported losses and failed to pay taxes).

    With the Machado thing becoming farcical (she failed to deny criminal allegations on CNN), the octopus then unloaded this tax crap. But who really cares? Most Americans hate Washington now. If Trump was stiffing Uncle Sam (legally or otherwise), how many people would blame him? Besides, how is this tax stuff (which the Dems have been digging at for months) come anywhere close to Hillary's espionage/influence peddling/destruction of incriminating evidence?

    I truly don't believe that Trump has done anything substantially criminal that would invalidate his right to be president. If anything major existed (were not talking disgruntled contractor lawsuits, or rude remarks to women, or dodging taxes) it would've been revealed by now. Hell, it probably would've been used by a primary opponent months ago.

    What's so frustrating is watching sleaze incarnate Clinton (either one) skate through decades of kleptocracy while no thorough effort is made to hold them accountable. When will more people wake the hell up? The reason Trump is under siege is because he actually means to do something about our greatest problems.

    Granted, the media's credibility is lower than ever. But why then do so many people say that Trump is "as bad" as Clinton? Obviously, the non-stop assault on Trump makes a difference. But it's not like we can order everybody to stop paying attention to Team Hillary and the anti-Trump memes of which some have a rather short life. Just the same, that doesn't negate the cumulative impact of months of propaganda.

    Lest you accuse me of uncalled for freaking out, what really got me picqued was hearing my dad say that Trump is "corrupt". By what standard, and as opposed to who else? My dad throughout his life has gravitated towards working alone and playing by his own rules. I don't think he feels enough solidarity with anyone or anything to really understand what Trump's goal is. Also, he buys into the meme that Republicans don't care about lower income people.

    I did remind him that Trump is much more earnest and tough about stopping threats to our security and stability. I told him that the Dems have been coddling foreign terrorists and criminals. I also told him that both parties for decades have been pro globalist and have been undermining nationalism and what it means to be an American. He didn't really disagree on those points.

    The good news, I guess, is that we've got 37 days to work this BS out of our system. Trump and his team have to work on shoving Hillary's tattered record into the spotlight and keeping it there. Who knows what else team Hilary will cough up to distract from how terrible she is in the weeks to come. Also fortunate is that there is literally nothing Hillaryites can do to repair her image. I saw several more Trump signs yesterday; still no Hillary signs. anywhere. They've got no choice but to desperately try to scare fence sitters into thinking that Trump is Hilter-lite.

  11. So, partisanship being what it is, we can expect the majority of Republicans to vote Trump. Why woulnd't they? Voting for a Clinton. Really? Meanwhile, we can expect a lot of long-suffering populist types to finally get off their duffs and vote for a Republican now that it's obvious we've finally got a populist to lead a major party. Droves of Millennials will vote Johnson or not show up at all. 90's nostalgic Gen-Xers might be able to get through the choking stench wafting from Hillary and vote Dem. WRT the shy Trump supporter, I've a feeling that it's really pronounced among X-ers who tend to be prone to liberal guilt and those living in rootless yuppie areas. I'd imagine that Trump signs are most common in folksy non-striver areas back East, where talking shit about outsiders isn't as frowned on as it is in the frontier and in yuppietopias, where so many have shallow or non-existant roots.

  12. The real story here is how quickly schools are mobilizing to shut down thoughtcrime. I went to school in the 80's and 90's and I don't recall a single 'current event' ever being brought up in class like this.

  13. I got sent to the office and got a day in detention for drawing pepe it was only a pair of eyes and lips that I made in 30 secondsubs to protest my teacher making me remove him


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