July 21, 2016

Ted Cruz's tone-deaf pandering to the gays

In his cosplay Presidential speech seeking bipartisan healing on hot-button social issues, Lyin' Ted trotted out one whopper of a line:

"Whether you are gay or straight, the Bill of Rights protects the rights of all of us to live according to our conscience."

Somehow I doubt that either liberals or conservatives think of gay sex as "living according to their conscience" -- as though it was their conscience that compelled the homos to jam their tongue up another guy's butt and suck out a mouthful of AIDS.

The phrase he was angling for was "to live according to our preferences / what makes us feel good" -- which is what actually motivates gay sex, but then that sounds too permissive of degeneracy.

By going the extra mile in tone-deaf "middle way" pandering, Cruz must be staging a last-minute audition to be Crooked Hillary's running mate.


  1. I caught that, too! I love how interesting this convention is; the last one had me wailing and gnashing my teeth over "You didn't build that" and most of all, the stong-women-grrrl-power stuff...

    I'm going off topic. We've got a problem and it's Melania. What are we going to do about the end of this campaign? I don't doubt that the Clinton campaign will unload their October Surprise vis a vis her. Trump retweeted, and has kept up, that awful hateful Heidi tweet as a weapons-grade deterrent to keep anyone else from, well, I'm sure you know, which just means they'll wait until the end...

    I resent her. I know Trump picked her and have zero problem with who he loves. I'm genuinely happy for the both of them and love redemption stories as much as anyone. But I want him to win so much and resent her for causing such defenses having to be thrown up and also being a weapon that'll ultimately be turned against him.

  2. How is Melania a liability? Everyone loves a beautiful woman. The only people who don't are bitter cat ladies, who are already voting for Hillary. More importantly, attacking a beautiful woman, especially when she seems sweet and innocent (and Melania definitely seems like both) makes the attacked look really bad. If Hillary does this, she risks reminding everyone of the rumors about her harassing Bill's mistresses.

  3. The last several first "ladies" sucked. One is obviously a sociopath lesbo (Hillary), one is a beard (Michelle). Laura is more wholesome (not saying a whole lot), though she took 35 years to reproduce and she and George produced just 2 kids. Of course, many Boomer women put off having kids until the 80's and tended to not have many kids even then (gotta focus on my career). The birth rate hit it's nadir in the late 70's, which is when Silent women were past fertility, Boomer women were avoiding child birth, and Gen X-ers were too young to have kids. There's a reason you rarely see people aged 36-41. Silent women often had 0-1 Gen X kids after having 3-5 Boomer kids. Boomers either had 1 kid or none at all born in the 70's.. Trump only has 1 kid born in the 70's.

    Combined childbearing of Hillary/Laura/Michelle: just 5 kids.

    Trump had 3 children with his first wife, the oldest of whom has had 5 children with his wife. Atta boy. Trump is going to have dozens of descendants alive at once, as all great men should.

  4. "... compelled the homos to jam their tongue up another guy's butt and suck out a mouthful of AIDS.

    I'm with you on poofs, but you have the epidemiology wrong. When they go rimming, they're filling up with bacteria like giardia, shigella, etc. As Peter Duesberg proved, at least from a statistical standpoint, it's the overloading of the immune system with toxins such as those, as well as recreational drugs, which likely causes the body to fall victim to an otherwise harmless virus, subsequently named HIV. You can only push white blood cells so far. And of course, sex wasn't enough. Ask Brendan Eich what queers think of the Bill of Rights.

  5. On Melania...

    Lay off attributes having to do with being a lady, in the class sense, and focus
    on mother. Wife is good, too, but mostly mother.

    Kind of hard because Barron is autistic and they're just trying to do the best by him, ie., keep him out of overwhelming situations, but definitely doable.

    Bringing up a "past" against a "lady" will bring disillusion, but bringing it up against a "devoted mother", especially one to a beautiful, but handicapped child... "How dare you! That's in her past! Look at her heart and how good she is to her innocent son! What are you trying to do to that poor child?"

  6. "How is Melania a liability? Everyone loves a beautiful woman. The only people who don't are bitter cat ladies..."

    A good rule of thumb is to keep in mind that so often we the lay public are only seeing the tips of icebergs. I saw *it* in some deep internet recess during the Mair/GQ/Utah contretemps and it was disseminated by people close to Cruz, probably in his campaign. They seemed to pull back after Trump went apoplectic.

  7. They can't touch Trump with anything Melania has done.

    Crooked Hillary: "Bla bla bla Melania bla bla bla..."

    Trump: "Your husband is a serial sexual abuser, and you have intimidated his victims into silence."

    1. Only everything about Bill and his rape of Juanita Broaddrick, et al., is baked into the cake. The public can be so fickle, especially when surprised, Bush would have outright won in 2000 were it not for the November surprise.

      BTW, I went and looked and could find it. Which means they can push this out more into the open without having their fingerprints on it.

      I'm just saying it would behoove everybody to change direction vis a vis Melania, from classy lady to doting mother; it may even prevent it from coming out into the mainstream.


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