July 21, 2016

Cruz betrayal unifying all Americans, not just Republicans

Donald Trump Jr. was only half-joking when he said he'd never seen the party more unified than when they were collectively boo-ing Lyin' Ted for weaseling out of the pledge to support the nominee.

No doubt that party unity played a major role in deciding to set him up, not to mention neutralizing Cruz's 2020 campaign from the get-go.

But it's really all stripes of Americans who are feeling strangely unified while vicariously joining in the audience boo-ing the weasel, and laughing uncontrollably afterward from schadenfreude. Who on Earth could not identify with these feelings?

Obviously not the shills on CNN panels, but over at MSNBC no one could hide how giggly they felt. Even the liberals were swept up in the ecstasy of watching the ultimate smartass getting wasted by a firing squad on live TV.

Here's the progressive Young Turks reacting live:

They're eating it up, too, unable to help but resonate with the Trump army. Even Ana Kasparian, who's usually a total sourpuss, was wearing a bright-eyed smile from ear to ear.

This is going to be one of those "Where were you when...?" moments that unifies the entire country when people reflect back on it. Dialing up the emotional energy so high from such a resounding chorus of boo's, is going to leave an indelible impression on the mind of anyone who saw it.

We're high on victory, and it's not even the end of the Convention yet. Better yet, the rest of the country is already sharing in that victory high -- and if they want to feel another Trump victory rush, they're going to have to vote for him again in the fall. We got 'em hooked!


  1. Otoh I thought Pence and Gingrich did really well.

  2. I watched that. I heard the booing.

    Cruz is a small man, and a pr*ck.


    Apparently, as Heidi Cruz was leaving the arena, Trump supporters were screaming "Goldman Sachs!" in her face.


  3. I would never vote for Ted Cruz but I respect him as a villain in contrast with Trump.

    After the shambles of the GOP convention, we should see peak Trump, which is about equal to Hillary. I imagine the DNC convention should give her a modest bump (if it is 0 then I would get worried), and the race will go into a 3-4 point lead for her that will be relatively stable over time (slight post-debate flutters notwithstanding).

    Peak Trump may have already happened, while Clinton was dealing with the fall out from the FBI announcement. Its important to note though that even as the race has gotten tighter over the past few weeks, its almost entirely because of Clinton's numbers going down. Trump's numbers have not gone up. So hopefully those are all voters that Clinton can get back with a good convention, especially with a nationally-televised full-throated endorsement by Obama (which he's already done multiple times, but none of them have gotten the publicity that his convention speech will get).

    1. BioCultBeamDelta7/21/16, 1:56 PM

      Yes, hopefully Crooked Hillary will emerge victorious.

      Meanwhile, somewhere a nervous man is insisting "this will be the end of Trump's campaign."

  4. lol look at Nemo Silver over here, crunching the numbers on his 27 tab spreadsheet.

  5. It's gotta Peak Trump, it's just gotta! (these words are spoken every week)

  6. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/07/21/fla-police-shoot-black-man-with-his-hands-up-as-he-tries-to-help-autistic-patient/

    This will sink Trump

    We NEED a candidate that will stand up to terrorism perpetrated by white police. Clinton is that candidate

  7. I don't think liberals are as unified as you indicate. Ana seemed to like Cruz' speech, Liz Meriwether did as well:
    Folks at Slate were writing that it was good on him not to knuckle under and will probably help him in 2020. Folks at Vox were writing that Cruz "humiliated" Trump or "beat" him at the reality TV game. Josh Marshall of TPM (who noted upfront that he loathes Cruz) also said that he humiliated Trump and "imbued himself with an image of courage, valor and general badassery".

  8. Get the bucket out, you might vomit after seeing stuff like this: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/michael-moore-says-trump-is-913121

    The article talks about all the fags, dorks, and Jews having a Trump hateathon during the convention. It doesn't say that Moore said anything particularly snide, but Moore to me seems fairly amiable and earnest, however misguided and delusional he is. The crop of new talk show hosts desperately striving to appeal to Millennials is embarrassing. Does anyone over 30 watch this crap?

    Maher's faggy audience evidently gasped over Moore's prediction. Just how many middle aged white guys do they suppose were going to vote for Hillary? And how many Millennials aren't going to be pulling the lever for a cold fish?

    It's revealing, and kind of cool, how you see a physical difference between Hillary lovers and Trump troops Trump people are way tougher looking. Hillary, among whites, only seems to be attracting spinsters and omega males. One go-to Trump naysayer is Romney's former campaign manager. Guess what? He's got the muscle mass of a Gen X 10 year old.

  9. I should've said campaign advisor. Dan Senor is one of Romney's butt buddies. Senor is a Neo-con Jew. Maybe if Jews actually had more literal muscle to flex they wouldn't be such warmongering zealots.

    I hope Trump sticks to, as Hitler would say, the "good" Jews.

  10. You sound like Bill Kristol from july-December 2015. And by the way, Peak Trump will be the new name Mt Rushmore once the Golden Don has finished Making America Great Again.

  11. "I would never vote for Ted Cruz but I respect him as a villain in contrast with Trump."

    He's an abrasive and evasive wuss, not a ballsy villain.

    If he had balls, he would've come out directly and said "...and that's why I cannot in good conscience vote for Donald Trump." Instead he used passive-aggressive mealymouthed BS about "vote your conscience" and "vote for candidates up and down the ticket" etc.

    He continued in his weak evasion when he said "I appreciate the enthusiasm of the New York delegation," like a smarmy middle schooler who mouths off only because the teacher is not legally allowed to whip his ass. If he had balls, he would've said, like Trump at the debates, "Oh that's fine, that's just the New York delegation rooting for their favorite son -- and I don't need their support to triumph."

    He imagines himself to be a diabolical villain -- back on planet Earth, he's just an annoying autistic attention-seeker who deserves to get shoved back into the locker for good.

  12. "I don't think liberals are as unified as you indicate."

    If there's even 10% of libs and progs who are smiling and cheering on the Trump army, that's unity. And it was a lot greater than that -- I'd say around half of them were resonating with the boo-ers.

    Who can't identify with "out with the theocrats"?

    Only the shills, left and right, were struggling to rationalize the situation as a bold principled rebellion -- rather than an evasive, self-centered turd left in the punch bowl.

  13. Here's my paranoid take:

    Cruz's speech is part of a much larger plan to impeach Trump.


    Trump is a dupe, not a sellout.

  14. Agnostic. did you listen to Thiel? Does he read your stuff? "But fake culture wars only distract from our economic decline"

  15. advancedatheist7/21/16, 11:32 PM

    Agnostic, does Thiel show gay deterioration to you? I can't tell from the photos and videos I've seen.

  16. "But fake culture wars only distract from our economic decline"

    That was a great line. I keep saying that Trump could blow the West Coast wide open by explicitly saying that. That, and explicitly targeting the IT workers and others who are seeing stagnating incomes / job insecurity because of work visa abuse.

    If California is too big of a project to organize in the limited time before election day, at least fight for Oregon, which is far smaller and whiter and blue-collar. It would deflate all the testosterone out of the globalist Establishment to see Trump win a West Coast state, and would serve as a wedge toward winning back Washington and California in 2020.

    (Just checked Drudge, and they have the line at the top of a column -- that will get the message out even more.)

  17. Agnostic, check out Stranger Things on Netflix. Worthy 80s larp.

  18. A campaign idea for Trump: for every child born in marriage, write off 1/4 of each parents' student loan.


  19. Trump calling Israel "our greatest ally" was cringeworthy, but at least he brought up the Democratic refugee resettlement plan. He mentions defunding NATO, which is nice, but what is even more necessary is to cut ties with and quarantine Muslim terrorist "allies" like Saudi, Qatar, Egypt, and Pakistan.

  20. He called Israel our greatest ally "in the region." I saw that as a very important qualifier.


  21. True. I'm thinking he won't forget that Saudi prince's insult a while back, but it would be nice if he'd bring them and the other "allies" up publicly.

  22. Not sure why "Nemo" copy/pasted that same nonsense here and in Sailer's RNC open thread. Paid shill or just another cuck?


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