July 15, 2016

Media censorship of white victims, vs. fanning flames of black victims

I don't know why the media are trying to censor the pictures and video clips of the carnage left by yet another Islamic terrorist, yet again in France. ("Too graphic for us to show.") Do they think nobody is connected to the internet?

Nearly 100 Europeans murdered for no reason by a Muslim? Sorry, can't show that on TV.

One or two black bodies are shot by police under uncertain circumstances? Let's run that on a loop for the next week.

They know that airing videos like that will whip up ethnic hatred among the group that the victims belonged to. It has been clear since the Rodney King footage that their goal has been to incite race riots to keep whitey in his place.

But now they are revealing something new -- at least in their minds, whitey himself is so close to launching an ethnic attack, that white victims must be censored at all costs, lest it incite a white riot.

We're about to find out how correct their assessment is. These things are happening too often, and with such a disgusting cover-up from the media afterwards, that whitey is about to strike back. And we don't half-ass things by driving trucks through a crowd to kill dozens -- we're poised to drop a nuke on Riyadh. When the 29-page report on the Saudis funding 9/11 is released tomorrow, we'll be even closer.

It's mind-boggling how ignorant of history the media is -- do they not remember us dropping not one nuke but two on Japan only 70 years ago? Not exactly ancient history. Whitey will only be fucked around with for so long, and then we end the problem for good.

Of course, they're not that stupid. They know about white people laying waste to their enemies throughout history. They see it as their goal to prevent such large-scale collateral-damage attacks ever again, and their method is to keep white people from any awareness of how they're being fucked around with, all while cheerleading for a ratcheting up of the forces that are cooking whitey's goose.

In their minds, people are just a bunch of insensate robots whose only perception of the real world comes through a media stream. Control the flow of mediated information, and you control their perception, and therefore their willingness to act.

Fortunately for us, we are flesh-and-blood human beings with functioning sense organs and half a lick of common sense. Only a retard couldn't tell what's going on around him.

Some will play up the role of the internet media, which can circumvent the centralized mass media, and provide images and videos of the carnage in Nice that the propaganda outlets will censor. There's some truth to that, but angry mobs have been stirred to torches and pitchforks before modern media were invented -- simply by word-of-mouth reports of what atrocities have been committed against their people by some other people.

Word-of-mouth among family, friends, acquaintances, and co-workers is not something that the corporate media can control. And it doesn't take long for word to spread.

The media are only inviting reprisals by censoring white victims so bald-facedly. We live in a more civilized age (or so it seems), so they can rest assured that we won't literally storm their office building with torches and pitchforks. But we will be busting up the corporate media monopoly to allow for honest networks to give it to us straight, whether it's whites committing crimes or, more likely, non-whites running amok yet again.

That will allow us to deal with small problems as they arise, and nip them in the bud. By encouraging a long steady build-up of resentment, the mass media are only ensuring that our solution will be a giant explosion rather than a series of smaller and controlled solutions.


  1. One of the main reasons that the Soviet system collapsed was due to the declining faith in regime media like Pravda - particularly because of the Chernobyl cover-up.

    One of the main tasks before us is to weaken the lamestream media.

  2. My (and George Orwell's) DENUNCIATION of the left wing media.


  3. What is it going to take?

    Just a few days ago the French head of intelligence warned that the country is on the brink of civil war.

    I'm hoping and praying that French patriots strike back.

    I guess we'll find out.

  4. I just returned from Italy and parts of that wonderful country are minutes away from storming a migrant camps. My teen-aged niece in Milan already has had to run away from invaders threatening to rape her and her friends. There were migrants stashed just outside the race track at Monza (what could go wrong with Ferraris and Porsches doing 280 kph with Africans milling about?). And even in Bolzano, the Austrian-Italian mountain town thousands of feet into the Alps, the cries of Allah are heard on the streets. I would not be surprised if the first genuine counter-attack occurs in Italy. Anywhere! But something has to give...

  5. Pence VP. Swing and a miss!

    1. BioCultBeamDelta7/15/16, 2:30 PM

      Sessions better get a fantastic cabinet position. This is very disappointing, if not alarming, but it's better then most of the suggestions.

  6. You are the first person I've encountered who understands this. Right after 9/11 I would tell my friends that in my view, the Israelis are weak. At that time, they kept putting up with terrorist attacks. I was like, if Canada was sending suicide bombers to blow up Sabarro pizza restaurants and bus stops, Canada would be a field of radioactive glass. We wouldn't get caught up in a "cycle of violence" or participate in a "peace process" with a bunch of murdering thugs, we'd just wipe them out and solve the problem for good.

    Obviously I don't want the Europeans to engage in genocide, but they certainly need to deport the Muslims. If they don't this will just keep happening.

    It amazes me that the Muslims cannot see this. How stupid can they be? Things are so close to getting real. But at this point, I cannot imagine the Muslims straightening up and flying right. I don't see how it can be stopped. The Muslims are so stupid...

  7. Deportation is the best solution, and with Trump's Muslim ban, we can get started on the right path -- instead of getting bogged down in attacks on their homeland, while they remain free to move here, live here, and disrupt our way of life.

    We'll still need to kick some ass over there, but if they can't reach us, then they can't touch us. The truly suicidal choice for Europe was not to let ISIS go in the Middle East, but to welcome in millions of Muslims.

  8. Reports that France (govt or media) censored the news that the Bataclan victims on the 2nd floor were gruesomely tortured.

    You can bet that if a white guy gouged out the eyes of Muslim / black / Mexican victims, it would be repeating forever on the propaganda machine.

    But Muslims disembowel French concert-goers? Can't let the word get out, or it could awaken the spirit of Charles Martel.

    The corporate media may not get killed, but it's hard to imagine zero property destruction of their stuff and buildings when the full scope of their traitorous censorship becomes common knowledge.

  9. "It's mind-boggling how ignorant of history the media is -- do they not remember us dropping not one nuke but two on Japan only 70 years ago? Not exactly ancient history. Whitey will only be fucked around with for so long, and then we end the problem for good."
    IDK, I hate to sound defeatist, but most whites I talk to are utterly PC-whipped, and I live in the eevil racist South. Decades of indoctrination and constant media pressure can't be overcome, the best we can do is an immigration freeze, some of the more assimilated immigrants are starting to warm up to that.

  10. Whitey was PC-whipped in the wake of the Civil War and Reconstruction -- then they launch race riots in numerous large cities throughout the Midwest and Frontier circa 1920.

    Whitey opened the floodgates of immigration -- until he slammed them shut.

    Europe had been peaceful and bloodless for 100 years after the Napoleonic Wars -- until they blew up in WWI.

    When there are long stretches in between outbreaks, it makes no sense to say "It hasn't happened for awhile". That could just mean you're in that intermediate stage before it blows up again.

  11. For the same reason, we can't rule out another WWI-level conflict in Europe in the near future. It's about 100 years since WWI, which in turn was about 100 years since the Napoleonic Wars.

    Will be lol af if the cause of the war is Germany trying to force Muslim-cucking on the rest of the Continent (mirroring Germany allying with the Ottomans), while Farage, Le Pen, and Salvini team up to drive out the Muslim influence from Europe.

  12. I hope you're right. Also lol indeed at Hitler's hypothetical of a German-led Caliphate being realized http://www.newyorker.com/news/george-packer/islamized-germans

  13. Speak of the devil, Erdogan is reportedly fleeing to Germany during this coup.

  14. When I was taking German in high school back in the late 70s one of the words we learned was Gastarbeiter, which is guest worker, which really was referring to...Turks in Germany.

  15. I am pessimistic about the ability and will, both, of Europeans to fight. John Derbyshire is as well. There are relatively few European men of fighting age, and Muslim men both inside and near Europe far outnumber them. Moreover, most European women are already surrendering, and the finance people are terrified of deflation and would rather Europe be choking on Muslim masses than suffer Japan-style deflation.

    My guess is Obama will pull strings to make the coup fail in Turkey, which will go full Islamist ala Khomeni in response, and probably both fall in with ISIS and bait Russia, and open the floodgates to Europe with Mass Muslim Migration.

    Can France, say, fight this? No. They have relied upon criminal Muslims as informants and Islamists have infiltrated the police and offered the informants (like the Nice truck jihadi) a choice -- an ugly death as an informant or JIHAD! Note that France has traditionally relied on informants to fight both crime and political agitation since Louis XIV and possibly earlier. That has now failed.

    Suppose the full impact of violent crime by Blacks against Whites was revealed? Do you think the limp wristed hipsters would do anything? Former Navy SEALs, Motorcycle gang members (not Jay Leno like posers), various hard men used to outdoor labor and fighting, sure, but that's what? 15% at most of the White fighting age population? As compared to the vast indifferent Latino fighting age population and most Black youth (who are mostly in the ghetto underclass).

    I think probably English, Welsh, Scottish, German, Austrian, and Irish soccer yobs used to fighting would fight. I don't see that happening in the US or among the cheese eating surrender monkeys.

  16. I am pessimistic about the ability and will, both, of Europeans to fight

    Of course you are, faggot.

  17. "The corporate media may not get killed..."

    Says who? Corporate media operatives are fair game, and I'm sure there are more than a few patriots and Nationalists who are going to target them for payback.

  18. It doesn't really matter if whites are outnumbered 10 to 1. That's because whites are capable of organization, planning, and teamwork. Cortez was outnumbered 1,000,000 to 1 and still laid waste to the Aztec Empire. The British colonized India and Africa with a handful of soldiers and sailors. The US changed 1,000 years of Japanese foreign policy by sailing four ships into Tokyo Bay.

    1:1 ratios only matter when the opponents are of equal capabilities. The Europeans and Muslims do not have equal capabilities. Look at the societies the "refugees" are coming from -- completely dysfunctional, Third World slums. That's what they are capable of creating. Now look at Paris.

  19. advancedatheist7/16/16, 6:38 PM

    We don't have to keep grandfathering our predecessors' fuckups. Dead people can't tell living people what to do, and if we have to revoke a whole lot of stupid laws and policies to preserve a livable civilization in the United States, I say go right ahead.

  20. a lot of people really *do* think it's "out of respect for the victims" or some bullshit. people are dumb


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