July 25, 2016

Boo's tonight when Bernie endorses Clinton and Kaine

In case you weren't going to tune in to the very boring Democrat Convention tonight, you must at least catch Bernie Sanders, who will give a unity speech making the case for Clinton -- and who will get immediately booed by hundreds of Bernie delegates during primetime TV.

This afternoon, he gave a stump speech to his Convention delegates -- not just random fans -- and got around to saying they have to "defeat Donald Trump" (no cheers), "And... elect Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine!"

When he said their names, the entire group of several thousand erupted in a thunder of boo's for at least 10 full seconds. They were mostly angry at who their nominees were, but I also sensed some anger at Bernie himself for so bald-facedly selling out and shilling for Crooked Hillary. After the boo's died down, they started chanting "Feel the Bern!"

Expect something similar to happen tonight when he mentions the names of Clinton and Kaine. Perhaps the delegates will be warned in the meantime not to boo, but the Bernie people have already claimed one scalp today (Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has been fired as chair of the DNC and now won't even address or gavel in the Convention).

Emboldened by the revelations coming out of the DNC email scandal (Wikileaks), they have tasted blood and are out for revenge after getting screwed time and again at the platform and rules committee meetings, where the populist demands were voted down by the Establishment delegates.

The only way Bernie could try to head off boo's is by using a generic circumlocution, like "We have to elect the Democrats" or "our party's nominees," rather than their personal names or distinctive titles ("Madame Secretary").

I think even that would elicit boo's, though not as loud, from the Sanders supporters. And it would probably anger the Clintonites, who might interpret it as trying to weasel out of the endorsement, rather than an attempt to calm down the Sanders delegates. So they might join in the boo-ing, too.

With this afternoon's speech coming so close to his primetime address, it looks like that will be the form his endorsement takes -- using both of their full names, which stings even more keenly than a generic reminder of Bernie having lost.

I hope they take it to the level of chanting "sell-out!" as he sanctimoniously lectures his populist supporters about why they need to vote for Crooked Hillary Clinton. But at least we can expect a good deal of primetime boo-ing for the party's nominee, unlike the boo-ing of the marginalized loser at the Republican Convention.


  1. http://verysmartbrothas.com/donald-trumps-nomination-acceptance-speech-scared-the-shit-out-my-wife/

    Sorry, People of Color hate Trump and his supporters

    They will remember this when they are the majority

  2. ... except most Bernie supporters aren't "People of Color" (when did that become PC-acceptable again?)

  3. When people of color are the majority, voting will matter even less when the white all end up gating themselves off.

  4. "Very smart brothas"



  5. Lol mud people only respect strength. If they ever get into a position of dominance they will behave exactly how they do in South Africa, Haiti, and Zimbabwe. And it doesn't matter if we give them everything on a silver platter or they take it by force. Anyway, Trump is going to win and Herb Jones' absurd revenge fantasy will never take place.

  6. @Herb Jones:


    Lol, you had better pray that day never comes. Whites are very good at defending themselves when they want to, but you guys? The Mexicans will genocide you as they did in California, the Chinese will enslave you if you're lucky. You guys will be right back to where you've always been: being everybody's bitch.

  7. A.B. Prosper7/25/16, 8:04 PM

    Herb Jones heh, a new name for an old troll. I remember this schmuck from Vox Day's blog and a few other places, making mouth noises of the scary scary people of color

    And I pretty much agree with Calvin . Heck Y/T could simply stop maintaining the system and watch the POC starve if he wanted too with little fuss.

    Now the Mexicans could probably maintain something of a civilization but do note that the ruling class is mostly White .

    That said Trump is a moderate guy, he's no White Nationalist or Ultra. That guy is yet to come into play

    With luck and some deportations he won't

  8. "People of color" can like us or hate us -- we're taking back our country, and we don't need their permission or their gratitude.

    They're still deluded about deciding elections, when it was white liberals who were the bulk of the Obama coalition. Those white liberals are not responding well to Hillary's witch hunt for masses of white racists -- not exactly the post-racial utopia that Obama promised back in '08.

    It's gonna be epic watching so many white liberal states deliver a landslide for Trump -- Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Oregon, just for starters. It'll finally put to rest the mass delusion that non-white votes determine elections.

  9. Al Franken and Sarah Silverman get booed off stage!

    Cur-rent year! Cur-rent year!

  10. Gay negro Corey Booker reciting anti-Trump talking points and getting zero reaction from the crowd!

    Ber-nie! Ber-nie! Ber-nie! Ber-nie!

  11. Michelle, Warren, Booker... Christ, this coalition.

    Sassy mammies, naggin' grannies, and prolapsed fannies

  12. Did you guys see Michelle Obama's speech? What a home run

    Hey! Repubicants, the DNC ate your lunch tonight, but not to worry, your dinner and breakfast will be next.

    Trump has no chance.

    The DNC convention looks like 21st century USA...the GOP convention was a time-warp back to Dixie, with white picket fences, shackled wives...and obedient slave underclass. Is there any doubt about how different the vision for America is between the DNC and RNC? On day one diversity that was at times uncomfortable - one has never heard this much Spanish in a convention - and checking boxes by naming every faction in existence ... red meat for the crowd ... but with a modicum of thoughtful tolerance ... it all works. A beautiful collage of emotion and purpose. Michelle kills it. Corey Booker hits some BHO notes. Elizabeth Warren a little subdued but substantive, measured, on message. And Bernie brings it home tying a version of his campaign speech to Hillary, more than suggesting that she will advance the progressive agenda ... and casting Trump as beyond the pale (as he is) and not an option.

    1. BioCultBeamDelta7/26/16, 11:58 AM

      Didn't you know Michelle Obama is a tranny? They don't call it DIEversity for nothing.

    2. You got the style down pat. Great job, unless you copied it from somewhere else.

  13. Bravo Buck, that reads like one of Patrick Bateman's music monologues

  14. at least they've got the mentally unstable vote locked up

  15. Speaking of which, Trump even lost fanboy Bateman's support https://www.theguardian.com/books/2016/apr/01/bret-easton-ellis-american-psycho-25-years

  16. Ellis's point is that Trump has loosened up his aura of elitism and exclusivity to appeal to ordinary people, with massive, unprecedented success (though he's obviously still a highly aspirational figure with his vast fortune and charming family). In doing so he's sacrificed his appeal to the neurotic Man-fucking-hattan striver/snob class, who Ellis points out are insane and depraved anyway. He's not ripping on Trump, he's praising him for transcending his 80's image into something even bigger.

  17. I agree and much of the financial class isn't even American anymore, huge Oriental and south Asian presence there. At least the 80's Jews and other yuppies could be held accountable to some extent.


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