July 9, 2016

Sean Hannity tries to get his street reporter lynched by angry black mob

The first segment on Hannity last night had a street reporter on the scene of a protest and stand-off with police in Baton Rouge, in the midst of rising tensions after two police officers shot an armed black ex-con who may or may not have been reaching for his gun.

Hannity kept trying to feed inflammatory questions to his poor street reporter, who wisely ignored most of what was coming into his earpiece, and escaped with his life. A tense protest of ghetto blacks is the last place where a civics debate makes any damn sense, but Hannity was in full cuckservative logic-master mode -- "Ask them if they believe in the presumption of innocence for the police officers" who just killed a member of their community, etc.

I was away from the TV screen at first, and thought he was just joshing the reporter, who was being a party-pooper. But then when I saw the scene, I understood why he didn't want to ask Hannity's questions -- he didn't want to become the first reporter to have his murder live-streamed on both Fox News and Wurlstah.

Here's the video (first segment, then resumes around 31 min):

Some portions that had to be cut for time constraints...

Johnathan, Johnathan -- Ask them if they think an all-black jury can deliver a fair decision to the black-killing police officers.

Johnathan, Johnathan -- Ask them if they think they should have to recite the Preamble to the Constitution in order to receive their EBT card.

Johnathan, Johnathan -- Ask them if they still support the first African-American President, when average black IQ has fallen two points since the Bush administration.

Johnathan, Johnathan -- Can you ask the one ranting about white people hanging black folks from trees, if he can start speaking English instead of Ebonics.

Johnathan, Johnathan -- Ask them if they feel triggered by a white reporter invading their comfort zone at the protest site.

Johnathan, Johnathan -- Ask them why they can call cops "pigs" but the cops can't call them "niggers".

Johnathan, you still there? -- Ask them what their Originalist basis is for sticking a shiv in your gut like that.


  1. BioCultBeamDelta7/9/16, 10:35 AM

    Michael Savage, not that he's much better, doesn't call him the Wallbanger for nothing.

  2. It was bizarre how tone-deaf he was acting, by the end he's griping at his own live feed like an old fart throwing stuff at the TV set.

    "If I were there, I would have..." gotten mobbed, raped, and left for dead. Feral ghetto thugs have no interest or capacity for civics debates.

  3. I saw that! Hahahaha. I said the same thing to my (soon to be ex-) gf, that Hannity was trying get his reporter killed. Did you notice how much the reporter was stuttering, how much he was hemming and hawing in front of the sngry black crowd? Hilarious.

  4. At one point, safe back in his studio, Hannity instructed his reporter to take a poll of the angry black crowd. Hannity told him to ask the mob if they supported "All Lives Matter" or "Black Lives Matter." I laughed out loud as the wimpy, bespectacled reporter gingerly approached the crowd of angry black people, most of whom, predictably, said they supported Black Lives Matter.

  5. Didn't Angry Black Man Vesper Lee Flanagan murder a White blonde female co-worker and White male cameraman on air LIVE in North Carolina?

    Hannity, clueless as usual. Nothing worse than a cuck. Nothing.

  6. Great minds think alike - said the same thing to my wife as we watched.

    Hannity should have been there to ask them. He never tires of reminding us that he’s a bad-ass that trains in MMA so I’m sure he’d could have handled himself.

  7. All future interviews in black neighborhoods should be done with bomb disposal robots with the interviewer's face on a screen (the robots should also be loaded with C4 to dissuade Violence Against Talking Heads)


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