February 2, 2014

Update: Comments don't require you to be signed in

Because a commenter said it can take awhile to successfully sign in at OpenID, I'm making it so you don't have to be signed in to anything to comment.

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  1. A possible thing to look at in tv - 'guest stars'.

    I don't watch a whole lot of tv but I happened to catch a number of episodes of Murder She Wrote from the 80s and one thing I noticed was how many well known guest stars they had per episode and how they were just woven into the story, often just in a scene or two.

    It seems more modern shows hardly have fewer guest stars and they're treated differently.

    There could be other things going on (I no longer live in the US so it could be I'm just not recognizing people that US watchers would) or something particular about the casting of MSW but I think other shows at the time were similar.

    Any thoughts?

  2. I stopped watching TV awhile ago, but that does sound right. The Wikipedia entry for Family Ties even has its own section for "Guest stars," though they weren't among the most popular stars of the time.

    I'd put this in the same category as duets in popular music. I charted the rise and fall of duets on the Billboard charts here:


    There has to be a certain level of trust for high-profile folks to work together who normally don't. Otherwise suspicion and egos keeps them apart.

    It's also like the collaborations across companies in TV or movies. For example, Who Framed Roger Rabbit combined characters from so many different animation studios, including rivals like Disney and Warner Bros. You'd never be able to make that movie today, since everyone is overly protective of their own "intellectual properties."

    Cross-pollination would be read as fraternizing with the enemy in a cocooning period. More outgoing times, and rising-crime times (more or less the same thing) require people to set their egos aside and work as a team to overcome common problems.

  3. Yes, Agnostic. You're awesome. I was trying to tell you about this, but I couldn't comment because of the name issue.

  4. Sweet! That goofball about a week and a half ago who commented with the crazy name was me, lol.


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