May 20, 2009


I'll let that post below on logos digest for awhile. In the meantime, something soothing for the eyes and ears.


  1. She apparently has a "glorious natural pelt" as evidenced by this photo,
    (Peter, who said I never did anything for you).

    I'd like to add that she has a nice gap. You know what a gap is dont you? Its that wonderful little inversed shaped pyramid of space between the legs and under the pussy of athletically shaped young women (usually with flared hips). The perfect ratio of this is that 2pi mathematical ratio of the Great Pyramid of Giza of the base and height. We speculated in my 10th grade math class a good deal upon this postulate, and decided the ancients were trying not to show us the way to heaven or any of that, but the way to happiness was to find a girl with the perfectly proportioned gap as modelled by this large and nearly indestructible monument. Yes, I was often asked to go to the prinicple's office for not paying attention.

    Here is a pic of a chick with a nice gap,

  2. Dude, you forgot the best one.

    I never liked her before, but after watching these hypnotizing hips and lips for a few minutes, I felt completely happy for hours.

  3. She looks like my (married) Russian co-worker except five years younger.

    Agnostic, did you see the WSJ article on SAT prep courses today?

  4. I think this was her breakout hit - Moi Lolita:

  5. God bless the French, even their teenage pop tarts are cooler than the American kind.


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