May 16, 2009

Finding exceptions to your type

My type is short, curvy, plump rump, tawny skin, green eyes, black hair, and Mediterranean facial features. That leaves out most blond and East Asian girls.

But in the interest of open-mindedness and non-discrimination, I've been cruising to see if maybe there aren't some blond or East Asian babes out there. You wouldn't be able to find them in advertisements, Hollywood, or whatever else, since those women only pass the most minimal standards of beauty. Everyday life is out as well, since all of the ugly and plain people are thrown into the mix.

Sure enough, once you flip through some candid pictures of adolescents in their natural habitat, finding those exceptions isn't so difficult (pictures OK, but ads NSFW):

Blond beauty

East Asian siren

To hell with Hollywood. You're more likely to find stunning, real girls on one of these sites that collects them from Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, etc. This is one of the few positive examples of Web 2.0, which usually results in "everyone retard gets a megaphone." It's not so bad when that changes to "every young girl gets a digital camera."


  1. The "East Asian siren" girl doesn't look fully Asian to me, half maybe, or even less.


  2. Curvy? Surely you don't mean that as a euphemism for fat?

  3. [JeffFoxworthy]If you like to show other people your favorite pictures from a site called "Jail Bait Gallery", then you just might be creepy.[/JeffFoxworthy]

    I think naming a garage-band "The Toddler Tramps" would be clever though. In the cosmos there is balm as well as bitterness and that balm is irony.

    On a more serious note, I had previously only heard the word "tawny" applied to non-human animals. Not Garfield territory nor a bad sounding word, I think it should be used more.


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