April 21, 2009

Women aren't interested in things

The 2008 version of the General Social Survey is available, and one of the new series of questions focuses on what news topics people are interested in. Women follow the news less than men, but what about for particular topics?

No time to make lots of graphs today, but you can see for yourself. Go here, open the tab near the bottom called "2008 Variables," then the one within that one called "Interest in News Issues." In the box in the main area that says "column," type sex. Then click on each of the news issues, and click the box in the upper left that says "Copy to: Row." Hit enter.

Men are much more interested in international issues (that's why there are few female politicians), farm issues (although more feminizing than hunting, agriculture still requires a guy to run things), new scientific discoveries (Larry Summers was right), economic issues (the only glass ceiling is a woman's own lack of interest), technologies (Larry Summers again), space exploration (Larry Summers for the third time), and military policy (someone has to think of something more workable than "give peace a chance").

Men and women are equally interested in environmental issues -- grow a pair, guys. The only issues that women are much more interested in are medical discoveries and local school issues -- that is, in healing and nurturing.

The reason that the feminist whackjobs of the Women in Science and Engineering programs (or Women in Law, or Whatever) will never bring about parity is that women simply aren't as interested in their world. They'd rather become a nurse or schoolteacher than invent stuff, decide whether or not to bomb someone, or negotiate with foreign leaders.

The activists come to realize this very quickly, and devote most of their time, resources, and effort into badgering the poor undergrad girls in the student union. "Don't you want to show the boys that you can do math too? Oh, you're a nursing major... well, I mean, you don't want your potential future husband to think you're just a silly airhead, do you?" Once they're free of the peer-pressure of the activists, most such women leave to do what they truly want to do. Of course, feminists refer to this as female science majors or grad students "leaking out of the pipeline" -- when it is more like a P.O.W. breaking loose from their internment camp.


  1. Very nice--a slew of ugly theories slain by the facts.

    People follow things, including career paths, based in part on personal interests. It's the feminists who perversely want to force girls into doing work that is not optimally enjoyable so that a feminized society will approve of their life choices.

  2. One of the most ironic things is that the very feminuts' who are harassing these girls to go into engineering or sciences, don't follow their own advice. They are busy trying to waste daddy's money by getting a degree in something like womens' studies, french literature, interior design, or something equally worthless.

  3. Agriculture doesn't necessarily require men to run things. I believe in part of sub-Saharan Africa, agriculture is mostly or even entirely a women's activity. No doubt there were/are other examples, for example cultures in which the men spend much of their time hunting or in warfare.

    Are there any societies in which women played a significant part in hunting? I can't think of any.


  4. The obvious sociological response to these facts is that women are socialized from birth differently than men are, and so the average interest in different topics is affected by differences in the average upbringing.

    I don't think it makes an enormous difference, but the argument can be made.

  5. The obvious sociological response to these facts is that women are socialized from birth differently than men are.That's true, but in the opposite way that the sociologist thinks -- since at least the late 1970s, and especially anytime more recently, boys are socialized to behave in more girl-like ways, while girls are browbeaten into thinking and acting like men.

    And even with the full weight of feminist commissars bearing down on them, the average female is still telling them to take their peer pressure and go shove it.

    I mean, aside from lawyers, etc., who would've been masculine even without feminist ideology egging them on.


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