April 1, 2009

Aging gracefully

At the deli counter tonight there was a woman working there who was somewhere in her 40s or 50s -- hard to tell since she'd been in the sun too much, smoked too much, etc.

She clearly hadn't seen anyone worth pursuing in awhile, since she was staring wide-eyed and mouth agape nearly the whole time I was there. Asking my name -- IOI. Offering me a slice of meat that I didn't even ask for -- IOI. After I told her my name was a common one, she replied that, "Well, I sure won't forget that face" -- big-time IOI.

Could she be any more obvious? I thought mature women were supposed to have mastered their emotions, and yet here one is, just as boy-crazy as she was in tenth grade. And none of it was calculated, seductive, or trampy at all -- just the head-over-heels type of word-vomit you'd expect from a teenager or something.

It's like fathers who have given up hope of attracting any more women, and who settle for ogling their daughter's cute friends (hardly a bad consolation prize). Having dropped out of the game and settled down, she didn't reek of resentment, unlike her on-the-prowl age-mates who still think themselves "sexy and single." Well, one out of two correct is still pretty accurate.

On the car ride home, I thought about the unusual episode a little more -- maybe the pathetic Sex and the City women are only a minority, leaving most women entering middle age still capable of uncontrollable boy-craziness. Perhaps after leaving the hellish dating and mating market so long ago, their girliness has been restored much closer to baseline.

True, I'd have to find one who was a lot better looking than the woman tonight. But still, in the same way that old people become as cranky and stubborn as teenagers, might not middle-aged women come full circle after a long bitchy streak during their 30s?

So, perhaps I've been unduly harsh in my judgment of "women over 25" -- some of the over-40 ones might actually still be worth pursuing, as paradoxical as the logic seems. As I just mentioned, I'm more motivated by avoiding long-term regret -- you'll never know until you try.

So maybe this week I'll try something a little different and attempt to bait some more mature women into asking my name, not in a nightclub obviously -- god, I could never stand that again. But there must be plenty of bookstores, furniture stores, etc., where I could run some day game. Worst case scenario: one day wasted.



  1. The girls agains the car in that photo:

    It might be a generaltional thing, or the fact that I was a teenager during the 80s, pre-hip hop. But as smokin' as they are, as as much of a fan of nice asses in short shorts as I am, I find their puckered-asses position repellant.

  2. Cuban. Definitely Cuban. Tan skin. Warm climate. 1950's vehicle. Hot Cuban girls. Very curious as the girls you go out with and when and what you settle down with.

    El Hombre Guapo

  3. Lighten up, PA -- you would've seen stuff like that on pin-up girls decades ago.

    Anyway, the purpose of the pic is to get girls with a mischievous "gotcha!" look.

  4. I like the one on the left. And the one on the right.

    Didn't bother reading the post.

  5. Now, if they were teasing the camera with a little downblouse peekaboo. Or anything in a sundress :)

  6. Females are eternal optimists and have selective memory. You are probably right in your conclusion.

  7. Funny that no one commented on the actual post. I think for the most part 'mature' women do have more control over their emotions. It's not usually until after they see a guy that they act all crazy and horny and they will usually include their friends in it. There are always exceptions though like you have pointed out. Many others probably think the same thing they just keep it in their head.


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