March 10, 2014

In Malaysia, "there are about 25,000 Iraqi expatriates alone"

Mysterious airline disappearance, stolen passports, Muslim country... all points to Arabs, but you can't say that these days. And the investigators in Malaysia have emphatically declared that they aren't interested in telling us who the two men are who boarded with stolen passports. Only that they did not look like Asians. Since all Asians look the same, that means they were from way outside of the area.

So did a group of Arabs, probably from the Gulf or Middle East (not the Levant, they're too busy fighting themselves or the Jews), travel all the way over to Malaysia to hijack and blow up a plane? Perhaps not -- perhaps they were living in Malaysia already.

From a Southeast Asian news article last year on the surge of Arab expatriates in Malaysia:

Grocery shops, a bakery and a homemade cheese shop opened by Arab tradesmen help give expatriates from countries like Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen and Sudan the taste of home...

Arabs began migrating to Malaysia in large numbers in the mid-nineties, he suggests, as the country's burgeoning airline industry created a need for more pilots. He estimates there are about 25,000 Iraqi expatriates alone...

For Hadi Zain, a Syrian refugee under a UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) programme, the best thing about Malaysia is the prevailing peace and harmony, which contrast sharply to the situation in his own country.

Looks like they spoke too soon. When too many Arabs settle, the economy and politics will turn more Arab.


  1. I'd heard they were looking into some Iranians.

  2. What is driving these increasing number of expatriates from the Middle East? Is that not the question we should be asking? Something has been going on there for a couple decades, and it seems in the biggest bursts of migration tend to be in times of regional conflict.
    What or who is causing this regional conflict?

  3. lol

  4. Asked by a reporter what the two men looked like who, Mr Rahman replied that they looked like the controversial Italian superstar footballer Mario Balotelli.

    Asked if they are black, he replied: "Yes," but then said he does "not want to dwell" on the question.

    In related news: Fake passport holders on missing Malaysia Airlines flight 'were Iranian immigrants heading for Europe'

    It's not about racism. It's all about being Malay.

  5. It's hard not to wonder the obvious, given the track record of so many of them. Is there an Al Quaeda presence in Malaysa?

  6. "I'd heard they were looking into some Iranians."

    I read that a little while after posting this, but it wouldn't make sense. They have Persian names, and Persians aren't the terrorist / hijacking type. That belongs to the Semites.

    Today they're saying that the Persians were trying to immigrate to the EU, which makes more sense.

  7. If I'm not mistaken, most Persians who want to leave their homeland are opposed to the Islamists who rule their country.


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