December 7, 2008

Hanging out and partying with young girls: a recession-proof investment

Everyone over 25, and especially over 30, is having a nuclear meltdown over the nuclear meltdown of the economy, understandably. On the other hand, my undergrad friends, and the high school people at one of the dance clubs I go to, couldn't be more oblivious of what's going on. It feels better more than ever to be around them.

It seems counterintuitive, but when there's basically no one in adult-world to reassure you that things are OK -- other than those who are completely delusional -- you have to rely on the blissfully ignorant to ease your nerves. Soldiers in wartime must feel the same way watching their little daughters dancing around the house, unable to appreciate what daddy is going off to face pretty soon.

When Wall Street went into free-fall, I figured that within a few months at the latest, I'd be in some sort of Last Days of Disco situation. Sure, the young 'uns aren't too integrated into the national or global economy, but their parents are -- wouldn't they stop giving their kids $10 to go out dancing every week? And any jobs they may have themselves are likely to be in sectors that "fell off a cliff," as they say, such as retail.

So far, though -- nothing. They're still going out in about the same numbers as before, except for the sketchy illegal Mexicans, who I believe I've seen fewer of recently, thank God. They're still as upbeat, as willing to sandwich me, toss their hair, and all those other wonderful things that make a guy feel great.

Best of all: no annoying small talk about the things they're doing to save -- "I've completely given up my weekly spa appointments" -- or their half-baked theories about what caused the crisis and how we can get out of it right away, usually parroted from some numbnuts in the mass media -- these must be the "intelligent conversations" that I've been told older women are superior at. A girl who's happy to have no opinions is better than a woman who's happy to have stupid opinions.


  1. Everyone over 25, and especially over 30, is having a nuclear meltdown over the nuclear meltdown of the economy, understandably.

    Much of that is media hype. People are concerned, yes, but in real life (as opposed to the blogosphere) there isn't any general sense of panic, in most places at least. Of course that might change, but so far, so good.

    If anything, a lot of people are feeling a nice boost right now from rapidly falling gasoline prices. Few other prices have such an immediate impact.

  2. Man, how do you keep from indulging? Im afraid if I went to the places you were going and partied.............I'd end up in a kiss, and one thing would lead to another, and X_____________.

    Being sandwiched by two 16 year olds on a dance floor.........a rush.

    Good luck. Be careful. Yes, I know you are smart, but still.....

  3. I agree that that's another great thing about youth, their ingrained enthusiasm, optimism, and lack of interest in unnecessarily whiffing the garbage (well, there are of course some people who are born morose, but they are rare at places like dance clubs). It takes hellacious cicumstances (*way* worse than what youngsters are now perceiving) to rain on their parade.

    Ah, the girl sandwich, how heavenly.

    Nothing in the public universe more life-giving than the admiration of young lasses.

  4. You are spot on with this. I'm a student who is the same age as you and my class mates are incredibly optimistic about the near-term and long-term future.

    A few weeks back when the market crashed I was freaking out about how I was going to live and study in the coming months. Yet, life goes on with students around me.

    It is absolutely great to have them around. They are ignorant as all hell, but I wouldn't trade it for the snarkiness and bitterness of older people.

    I'd rather be around the ignorant and happy, than the (supposedly) knowledgeable and dismal.


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