February 21, 2016

Go back to Univision, Jeb



  1. advancedatheist2/21/16, 10:14 AM

    It serves Jeb right for showing that he likes Mexicans more than white Americans.

  2. Random Dude on the Internet2/21/16, 10:35 AM

    The next debate is on the 25th. Rubio is expected to be going all out and all in here, which means attacking Trump. Trump also needs to stump Rubio in order to limit Rubio's potential growth opportunities with establishment Republicans and moderates. Cruz will also be going full snake handler as well.

    This week is going to be very interesting. Trump will still come out on top, which will cause some amazing meltdowns.

    It needs to be fully appreciated that Donald Trump singlehandedly took down one of the most powerful political dynasties in America. The name isn't just toxic with Democrats, it's everyone now. In the next eight months, he's going to take down another political dynasty.

  3. Rubio is the easiest to take down. No real experience, and doesn't show up for his job. Only major accomplishment was to push amnesty. Scripted, robotic. Controlled by donors, lobbyists, and special interests. Hispanic anchor baby. Middling IQ. No debate skills. Foam party veteran. Says nothing about bringing jobs back, renegotiating trade deals, tariffs, etc. Typical neocon bullcrap about endless war in the Middle East.

    He's the most putrid hybrid of Dubya, McCain, Obama, and Kerry.

    One flick, and he shatters.

  4. With barely any effort Christie broke Rubio down. Imagine what happens when Trump puts some effort into it.

  5. Hey Jeb, voting for your rival was an act of love....love of this country and it's people.

  6. Jeb was like the Fredo Corleone of the Bush family, only much more impotent. Marrying an Aztec oompa loompa maid instead of a criollo noblewoman suggests even Mex didn't want him.


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