June 23, 2009

Social class and opposing sex between teenagers

About a half a year ago, I showed how opposition to teenage sex varies across the lifespan: not surprisingly, a majority of 18 year-olds didn't strongly object to it, while majorities at every other point did, and increasingly so with age.

I said I'd post a follow-up at GNXP.com about how opposition varies with social class, and here it is. I've actually been sitting on the data, the graphs, and even most of the post since then. You probably wouldn't understand, but after all the fun stuff is done, I just can't finish it up. I blew my wad in the problem, and that's it -- I won't be staying the night, and I won't be calling you tomorrow. Then six months pass, I bump into the problem again, squint to think where I've seen it before, and figure, yeah, what the hell, I can spend a little more time to round things out. But this time it's good-bye for real. I've got too many other problems lined up outside my door.

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