June 17, 2009

Because it's a cloudy Wednesday

Nothing's worse than persistent cloudiness during the summer, so here's a little shot in the arm of good energy. It's impossible not to smile when you hear this song.


  1. It is sunny here, so this is off topic.

    I found this comment at Audacious Epigone.

    "The market for data-based commentary is basically non-existent -- ever notice how few books contain numbers or graphs?"

    Is it really the market, or the marketing? I don't know, but I hate vague crap with no data. It is too hard to understand without the real numbers to illustrate the points.

  2. Marketing adapts to markets.

    Reading Narconews (linked by Sullivan) I came across a post with a music video of an Iranian girl. Seemed like it might be up agnostic's alley, except it isn't lighthearted enough and at the age of 30 he might consider her too old:


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