February 18, 2013

Gayest states vs. gayest cities

Via Steve Sailer, here is a Gallup poll on homosexuality rates across the 50 states and DC. Below is a slightly edited comment of mine.

Homosexuals congregate in cities, so we should really be asking which cities are the gayest, per capita. In 2012, the queer magazine The Advocate put together a list of 15, with honorable mentions. It's not number of homosexuals per capita, but fixtures of queer "culture" per capita -- how in-your-face the queer lifestyle would be.

The index consists of: queer elected officials, WNBA teams (lol), International Mr. Leather competition semifinalists, Imperial Court chapters (they fundraise by holding gay balls), teams that competed in the Gay Softball World Series, gay bookstores, nude yoga classes, laws protecting trannies, and concerts by Gossip or the Cliks or the Veronicas.

This way of measuring a city's gayness seems better than asking a random sample if they are or are not. For one thing, even in a fag-friendly age like ours, responses won't be totally honest. That might not matter, as we could just add however many percent we think are lying to the reported percent. However, the underestimation may not be uniform across the country -- in more conservative regions, the underestimation is probably greater than in more liberal regions.

By measuring honest signals of queer activity like gay bookstores and nude yoga classes, we can sidestep the issue of response bias. It doesn't matter if some city reports a far lower-than-average rate of homosexual identification to pollsters -- if they participate in the Gay Softball World Series or compete in the International Mr. Leather competition, we know they're gay.

Also, measuring unmistakable, public signs of queer culture gets more at what normal people truly dislike so much about fags, namely their in-your-face lifestyle. No one advocates having the police trail queers 24/7, because we know they're going to do what they're going to do. We just want them to keep it out of our awareness and out of our communal spaces. If you want to make a lifestyle out of sucking off 10 different dicks in a single night, then go drop dead from AIDS where we don't have to look at your rotting half-corpse of a body. Otherwise, try to at least appear and act normal when you're out and about.

Now, which city would you guess is the #1 most gayest in the country? Salt Lake City, UT. No surprise to anyone who's ever visited there. Even on a one-day visit, you'll hear more lisping buzzing voices than you'd hear during a week in San Francisco. Nearby Denver also makes the list.

Looking at the state-level data, it makes sense -- the Mountain states, except Arizona, are so low in homosexuals per capita, that those who are there would find it impossible to meet another one. So every faggot from the whole Mountain Time Zone picks up and heads off for Denver or Salt Lake City.

There seems to be a similar thing going on in the South. Most of those states are very low on the state list, and yet Little Rock, Knoxville, and Atlanta all make the cities list. Judging from HIV rates, Atlanta seems to be  the most over-run by gay corruption.

On the flip-side, states with higher rates of gayness generally don't have cities on the city list -- Vermont, Maine, Hawaii, etc., don't have cities on the list. Because it's much easier for them to find each other in the suburbs or perhaps even rural areas, they don't feel the need to all flock to the same nearby city.

So in high-gay states, their influence is more diluted, no one area seems that in-your-face. But in low-gay states, although most of the areas are emptied of gays, the largest nearby city will feel like a latter-day Sodom.


  1. It's really weird how Atlanta is a gay mecca now. I've been gone from there a while (though may be returning to the general area soon). It's so different now than when I was a kid.

    Salt Lake City being on this list seems weird to me too, but I've never been there.

  2. I wonder how bad Atlanta is. Most of their queers must be regional blacks. They go to polar extremes, either being the hyper-flaming type or the dude on the down-low trying to pass. If it's most guys on the DL, it might not be as irritating as other gay meccas.

  3. Yeah there are a lot of black homosexuals there. Although blacks move to Atlanta from all over, so it may be more than just a southern regional thing. My sister's best friend is a lesbian in Atlanta, and I have a good male friend who is gay from there, but he ended up moving to Chicago.

    It's just weird to me, as traditionally it's not a place you would think of as being a big spot for gays. The growth of the airport and the Olympics did a lot to raise awareness of Atlanta on a national and even international level, I think.

    I tend to see a lot of flamingly homosexual blacks there, but then again I do a lot of SWPL stuff, so I'm not entirely sure of how representative that is.

  4. You argue like a queer, or a Millennial (same thing) -- "Why are you so obsessed with ___?"

    You may not be concerned with the homo agenda, but the homo agenda is concerned with you, your family, community, and nation.


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