July 19, 2009

Women still living beyond their means to try to look better

Here are two brief press releases from the marketing research group NPD, which show that the recession hasn't made most women re-prioritize their spending on beauty products, and that the more expensive brands' sales are actually increasing: one and two.

Unfortunately, women are junking higher-end skincare products in favor of higher-end make-up, eye make-up, and fragrances. At least skincare adds moisture to the skin, and the higher-end products tend to have vitamin A (retinol) or other things that ameliorate the effects of aging.

I cannot believe that there's an eye make-up that costs $38 and is named after Hello Kitty.

1 comment:

  1. Sales of expensive perfumes may not be a reliable indicator of women's preferences because men often buy the perfumes as gifts.



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