July 16, 2009

New layout

I read too many books to write about (and most of them are pretty good and worth reviewing), so rather than put yet another post on the back-burner for each book, I've opted for what you see at the top of the page. They're all really neat and worth reading; click through as normal to see their Amazon entry. If you do buy an item after entering Amazon via my link, I get a small commission that will help defray the costs of the moon-sized death ray pointed at Earth that I'm working on.

I get questions a lot about which health and nutrition books to get -- well, there they are. All you need is those two, and you're basically set.

I'll probably begin devoting Fridays, which tend to be lower-traffic days, to video game reviews -- mostly of older ones. You can play the games yourself by getting the NES / SNES combination console in the link, and Amazon marketplace now has used video game sellers too for the cartridges. If you want something newer, the Nintendo DS Lite is pretty good. I got one in order to play newer games (on the DS) as well as the good ones from Game Boy Advance (which includes some from the NES and SNES). Plus the DS Lite is a lot cheaper than the new DSi -- and the DSi doesn't play GBA games either.

If you have a GameCube, you can pick up the Game Boy Player from the link, and that'll play GBA, Game Boy, and Game Boy Color games. I just got one so that I can make up for the time I lost in the late '90s -- I didn't know they made a fair amount of good games for the GBC. I assumed they were like Game Boy but just in color. The games are cheap too -- I found Metal Gear Solid, the top-rated game for the system, for $6 at a used record store nearby.

The movies in that list are mostly ones I've reviewed here And the music list is an introduction to really good stuff, in case you haven't already heard it. And now back to the death ray.


  1. The layout is ugly, with the in window scroll bar. And, uh, recommending Jared "HBD is a lie!" Diamond's book? It's also just wrong on both Iceland (may be thinking of Collapse) and the poverty of domesticables outside Eurasia.

  2. Then go somewhere else.

    GGS has lots of good information in it, unlike most books. It's not written as a screed against HBD anyway, although he does cluelessly ignore pop diffs in genes.

    And he is clueless about huge differences in the environments selecting for different genetic profiles.

    But it's still worth reading, again unlike most books.


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