July 28, 2009

Hypocrisy about sugar consumption among upper and lower status people

I don't care about uncovering the boring kind of hypocrisy, where someone has goals that they occasionally fail to meet. That's for Gen X-ers who are still stuck in their middle school goth phase. But the real, two-faced kind does irritate me -- i.e., when someone advises everyone else to do one thing, and deliberately does something else when they're not looking.

Over at my low carb blog, I just put up a post on this regarding how we treat sugar-gulpers of low vs. high social status.

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  1. Off topic:

    I just posted about tween Disney stars. Well it was about how tween girls relate to their audience, but nonetheless, you write about girls in this range, so here's the link:

    How to Create Tween Sensations


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