February 16, 2020

Topless protests prove Me Too is dead, and that pol junkies are boob men / women, not ass men / women

After seeing topless protesters hijack Bernie's rally in Nevada, I can't help but fit that into the broader pattern detailed in an earlier post about how political junkies are boob men and women. The men fixate more on T than A, and the women are either busty or at least favor displaying their boobs rather than ass to an audience. The explanation is that political junkies are cerebral, which is correlated with being a boob man / woman, while corporeal people tend to be ass men / women.

That post drew on evidence from social media personas, but here we see the same pattern emerge in a different context (IRL protests).

In fact, these women protesting dairy farming are only one example of a larger tendency toward topless protesting, most notably the FEMEN group (they're Slavs, so they don't have either T or A, but always chose to display the top rather than bottom). Then there was the #FreeTheNipple thing. Both of those were part of the Slutwalk era during the last manic phase of the excitement cycle in the early 2010s, before the Me Too phase of the late 2010s.

Incidentally, the re-emergence of topless protests is another sign that the vulnerable phase of the cycle is over, and we're now in the restless warm-up phase. No way this could have happened during the height of Me Too, when women in a refractory phase felt hysterically vulnerable to unwanted sexual attention. Nor is anyone in 2020 going to call Bernie rape-y or molest-y for staying on stage with topless young women, rather than averting his eyes and making a bee-line for the exit like a good male feminist.

Earlier there was bra burning during second wave feminism. Streaking during the '70s was not political, and in any case cannot resolve the matter because the entire body was shown, not only one area or the other.

When only one region is shown, it's always about taking off their tops, not baring their buns. Nothing prevents them from taking off their underwear, or wearing a g-string or something, and twerking around on stage. Or only pulling down their pants enough to moon someone. The fact that mooning is already a widely established form of revealing private parts to diss someone, and yet is never done during these racy protests, shows just how inclined they are away from the back and toward the front.


  1. In hindsight it's amazing that the Women's March showed no skin, unlike Slutwalk era feminazi protests.

    One per year for four years, over a broad range of cities, including millions at first and then dwindling down into the thousands -- all those people involved, and absolutely no topless (let alone bottomless) protesters.

    And that's despite the theme of empowering "nasty women," and the Slutwalk theme of "I'm not asking for it". But Slutwalk was during an exhibitionistic phase, whereas the Women's March was during a refractory phase, and that made all the difference in how they looked and behaved.

    Aside from not showing any skin, they didn't even have sexy / slutty clothing like the Slutwalk sluts did. It was those retarded pussy hats! They looked like something a small child would wear, hitting on the theme of vulnerability (everyone is a defenseless child preyed on by pedophile grown-up authoritarians). Not even teenagers would wear something like that, nor would adults or the elderly.

    There's nothing sexy about baby clothes whatsoever, indeed it's designed to turn off the sex drive of the spectators.

    I understand the inclination to thot-patrol the new round of topless protesters, but it's a lost cause at this point, and they're better than the alternative that we just suffered 5 years of (frumpy baby-dressed pussy hatters).

    Thots can no longer be patrolled, the only question is what form their thottery will take. And the Slutwalk form was way better than the pussy hat form -- they were more open to fun-lovingly engaging with their would-be patrollers, too, like Brother Dean in Arizona (still some of the funniest shit I've ever seen).

    A few Slutwalkers got triggered, but it was mostly a mock battle between sides who were both in good spirits (it was the manic phase, after all).

    The only beef I have with the vegans is that they targeted Bernie and embarrassed him yet again with a mic-thief incident. Shove your tits in Buttgag's face instead -- watching him squirm his way off stage would be priceless!

  2. He literally did avert his eyes and move off to the side, though

  3. You didn't see the full video, he walked back once he saw all that exposed young flesh. He only left stage at first b/c he thought it was just another run-of-the-mill mic theft incident like BLM.

    The girl walked toward him, and he moved toward her to, er, hear her grievance. His wife kept tugging on his suit cuff, and eventually he turned back around to leave the stage.

  4. Re-watched some of the Brother Dean videos from 2012-'14, and it's striking how clear the trajectories have been in hindsight for the various factions involved.

    Obviously Brother Dean himself represented the Alt-Right or radcucks or whatever they're called.

    The Slutwalkers became radlibs and Antifa (who were totally absent back then, not just in their outward anarchist affiliation but even in spirit).

    The metalheads who regularly attended and filmed Dean's performances, while ironically counter-protesting them, joined Weird Twitter and the Chapo Trap House subscriber base.

    Also more of a Chapo guy than a radlib / Antifa guy, was Bananaman, who just counter-trolled Dean instead (wearing a banana suit and playing gay dance anthems over a boombox, while moving-and-grooving next to Dean, with a total poker face). An expert level troll, and Dean himself frequently broke character and laughed while being trolled by Bananaman.

    (Dean himself gave off gay vibes, as did the other guys in his street preaching group, so maybe his breaking character near Bananaman was more of letting it slip that he wasn't afraid of or disgusted by fags, which you'd think he should be if he's this fire-and-brimstone virgin pride / slut-shaming bro. That would not make him unfamiliar to the Alt-Right, which has been filled with fairies from the outset.)

    There were only a few free speech absolutists who physically intervened to protect Dean when the occasional musclehead tried to assault Dean (again, no Antifa back then, only jocks and marines tried to assault him b/c he said frat boys were rapists). The main guy there was a swarthy white ethnic -- I couldn't help thinking of the ethnic composition of the anti-woke Left.

    Then one of the metalheads (the one with the hat) does a zalghouta to Dean and says it's not racist b/c he's "Arabic" (looks entirely white / fair-skinned, probably Lebanese). Again, I had to think he's sympathetic to the anti-woke Left. He was more into goofing around and yukking it up with Dean, not taking Dean's performance as some serious threat to others.

  5. There was also horseshoe theory, as Dean repeatedly said frat boys were rapists and sorority girls were sluts and whores, who were partly responsible for getting molested or raped by frat guys at parties because they were wearing slutty clothing and getting shitfaced drunk.

    Dissing frat guys who are getting laid, and crying sour grapes over the sorority girls who would never even notice you, are hallmarks of the campus leftist mindset. There was a major common ground between the right-wing preacher and the left-wing supporters-but-not-practitioners of hedonism. No way he could have gained any popularity outside the God Squad without some kind of crossover appeal.

    They only disagreed on the reasoning for why frat guys raped so much, and why sorority girls were evil (acting like sluts per se, vs. only acting slutty around frat guys rather than including irony-poisoned metalheads in their hedonism).

    That gave Dean's performances a populist tone as well -- preaching fire against the decadence of the social elites on campus, to an audience mostly composed of the middle-to-lower strata. And Dean cast himself as coming from the lower social stratum -- a virgin and loner, despite having chad tendencies to his personality -- not one of their social superiors condescending to them.

    So many girls wanted to reform him too (they didn't suspect he was possibly gay, obviously). Just like the left-right hatefucking that has gone on during the Trump era. Why can't he just channel that anti-elite preaching in a left-friendly direction, or a universal direction, instead of alienating everyone except for puritanical conservatives?

    It was still part of the culture war era, some of it before Obama's re-election, so there was nothing about economics, class, capitalism, etc. That came later -- mostly from the radlibs, who (in proto form) were the largest contingent in the Slutwalk / Brother Dean days. And clearly just a costume grafted onto their pre-existing obsession of culture warring against moral conservatives.

  6. Next year the protest will be the Fat Broads and Horse-faced Lesbians March.


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