February 22, 2020

Dancers show that corporeal women are ass women, not boob women

We return to an ongoing investigation that has shown that corporeal people are ass men / women, while cerebral people are boob men / women. Where else can we look for evidence? Dancing -- there are few activities more corporeal than that (there's basically no cerebral component to it).

After playing "Red Light Special" for the previous post, and knowing that I'm a fan of dancing, YouTube's algorithm suggested I watch this choreography video set to the song. "Choreography" may be stretching it -- stripperography is closer to what it is (no stripping or nudity, but NSFW).

Videos like these provide a large sample size of people that clarifies statistical impressions that might otherwise elude someone. There are dozens of women in the room, whether actually dancing or watching nearby. And there are dozens of other videos on that channel and others like it, which all show a pretty similar profile of dancers.

Notice that hardly any of them are large-breasted, and that if anything they tend to have more shapely ass-hips-and-thighs.

Aside from their static shape, which parts of their body do they emphasize while actively dancing? Far more from the waist down -- and when the upper body is involved, it's the arms and hands, not the chest region. They play up their facial expressions, whip their hair around, touch their hair or head or face with their hands -- literally the only part of their body that they avoid emphasizing is their tits.

Now, this is exotic dancing, and there are plenty of moves that are highly sexual. So it's not that they avoid drawing attention to their chests because it's too refined to indulge in such vulgar displays. If they all had big boobs, they would absolutely be heaving them around, bouncing them up and down, and touching or slapping them -- since that's what they're doing with their ass, hips, and thighs.

This tendency is true even for the women who are about equal above and below the waist. It's not just a matter of emphasizing whichever is larger.

It is already well understood that ballet dancers tend to have small-to-modest breasts, but the case of exotic dancers helps to rule out all of the existing theories about ballet dancers. It's already known that small-chested women tend to be the ones who join ballet to begin with -- not that ballet transforms large chests into small ones.

But the answers offered all suppose that it's about ballet's high degree of athleticism (at least in modern times), which would weed out women whose breasts were large enough to get in the way of the gymnastic-like movements. Or something -- it's not clear what the arguments are for large boobs being an impediment per se to athletics -- there are plenty of guys with flabby bellies and man-boobs who are on football, baseball, and hockey teams, not to mention bowling and golf.

My hunch is rather that large-breasted women are not as athletically gifted as a matter of their inner kinesthetic sense. I predict that they could remove their large breasts, and small-breasted women could get large implants, and their success in athletic training and performance would mirror other women who were similar to their original chest size. Big boobs and lower athleticism is correlation, not causation (they're both correlated to kinesthetic sense). That applies to all athletics -- dancing, gymnastics, cheerleading, soccer, softball, volleyball, whatever.

In any case, the exotic dancers show that athleticism is irrelevant. The kinds of dances you see in that video do not require minimal body fat, intense activity, explosive movements, or gymnastic-level skills. If it were the high degree of athleticism that kept large-breasted women out of ballet, then why are they also kept out of exotic dancing?

It clearly is not the physical requirements of the activity. The weeding-out process is at the level of "are you corporeal or cerebral?" or "do you have a high or low kinesthetic sense?" If big boobs don't make the cut at this basic level, it means that "ass woman or boob woman?" is related to the fundamental trait of "corporeal or cerebral," not just certain athletic activities that a corporeal person might pursue.

You could also ask them how clumsy they are. I'll bet boob women are clumsier on average than ass women, even at tasks that do not involve either region -- catching a ball, for instance. Related: rhythmic skill (one aspect of kinesthetic sense). I'll bet ass women have better rhythm, even at tasks that don't involve dancing -- tapping back or humming back a rhythm that you've just heard.

Finally, there's the matter of the target male audience for dancing -- are they ass men or boob men? I'm guessing ass men, judging again from the moves of the dancers that overwhelmingly emphasize the fertility region rather than the mammary region. (This dance fan is definitely an ass man.)

If boob men wanted to see the chest emphasized, they wouldn't watch a dance routine, but something simple like women jumping on trampolines (a la The Man Show), jogging, jumping rope, or whatever. Or an upper-body striptease. But nothing that would fall under "dancing".


  1. How about the HBD implications? Big breasts are a white thing, big asses are a black thing, and Asians have neither.

  2. There's no race-level implications. Slavic women have neither T nor A, just like "Asians" (you mean like Han Chinese). Amerindians too, for that matter. Looks like an effect of their subsistence mode being so reliant on agriculture. Why? Different question.

    And many "white" populations have both T and A, like Northwestern Europeans.

    Large breasts are common throughout the MENA, and into South Asia. If anything, related to pastoralism (milkers for the milkers).

    Having modest breasts and a nice round ass is pretty common among "whites," if you're talking Western Europe. I don't know where people live, socialize, or work, where they see only flat-assed white women. Must be a highly cerebral / nerdy group.


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