October 9, 2016

Trumpenprole army anthem: "Balls To the Wall"

After such a bald-faced coup attempt by the GOP elite, it's time for the Trumpenprole army to get pumped up for a rebellion against the ringleaders of this prison of a political party.

Take no more beatings.

Break your chains.

Shiv the jailhouse guards.

Hang the warden from a lamppost, light the body on fire.

We the party now, BITCH.

* * * * *

Too many slaves in this world
Die by torture and pain
Too many people do not see
They're killing themselves, going insane

Too many people do not know
Bondage is over the human race
They believe slaves always lose
And this fear keeps them down

Watch the damned (God bless ya)
They're gonna break their chains (Hey)
No, you can't stop them (God bless ya)
They're coming to get you
And then you'll get your

Balls to the wall, man
Balls to the wall
You'll get your balls to the wall, man
Balls to the wall, balls to the wall

You may screw their brains
You may sacrifice them, too
You may mortify their flesh
You may rape them all

One day the tortured stand up
And revolt against the evil
They make you drink your blood
And tear yourself to pieces

You better watch the damned (God bless ya)
They're gonna break their chains (Hey)
No, you can't stop them (God bless ya)
They're coming to get you
And then you'll get your

Balls to the wall, man
Balls to the wall
You'll get your balls to the wall, man
Balls to the wall, balls to the wall

Come on man, let's stand up all over the world
Let's plug a bomb in everyone's arse
If they don't keep us alive, we're gonna fight for the right

Build a wall with the bodies of the dead, and you're saved
Make the world scared, come on, show me the sign of victory
Sign of victory, sign of victory

You better watch the damned (God bless ya)
They're gonna break their chains (Hey)
No, you can't stop them (God bless ya)
They're coming to get you
And then you'll get your

Balls to the wall, man
Balls to the wall


  1. First question of the debate is from a supposedly undecided black lady about the Trump not being appropriate for children. Trump tried to talk about policy but the moderator asked about the tape.

  2. Another "undecided" voter this time Muslim who's concerned about "Islamophobia".

  3. Take that, you depressive doubting faggots!

  4. Random Dude on the Internet10/9/16, 10:54 PM

    Trump crushed it tonight. It really was one against three...and he won!

  5. The "mainstream" (of decadent yet absurdly pompous and smug striver culture) talking heads continue to use dated and facile standards of "performance" rather than dealing with the actual substance and sincerity of the candidates. When they say he isn't growing his base, what they really mean is that the high priests of modern culture find his appeal to earthy populists to be an affront to their snobbery.

    Also, the continuing PC psychosis that leads to placing "offensive" comments (the more true an unflattering comment is, the more Nice People are supposed to flip out over it) before matters of national security and safety. Trump is supposed to be a mean bully for saying that certain groups of people who are in (or want to be let in) America are dangerous. But PC mania blinds us to what's dangerous.

    Good luck with all the demands that Trump fake contrition and profusely apologize. He has too much respect for his dignity to be subjected to the degrading modern PC ritual of forced insincere apologies that are used to muzzled and weaken those who go off the reservation. We're never rally told why these apologies are necessary. One is supposed to assume that it indicates someone has sinned and is seeking atonement. The reality is that it's about venal and power mad people enforcing conformity.

    Great ass kicking material too, the threats of future prosecution, hammering her for double standards and hypocrisy, the rhetorical gymnastics of using Lincoln to defend her (closely guarded) Wall Street speeches. And engaging a sense of disgust with the perversion and corruption of the Clinton's.

    Clinton never emanates disgust or righteous anger. Contempt, yes. She doesn't have enough respect or good faith in anyone else to ever feel betrayal or noble frustration. Rather, she uses allies to her benefit while rejecting and ignoring (or using more sinister methods of disapproval and reprisal) those who aren't with her. Thus, the comments about deplorables (she's says we shouldn't even bother with outreach) and why she gravitates towards needy fags who always feel that the world owes them and anyone who criticizes them is an Xtian trailer park dweller.

    Note too that Hillary laughably plays the victim card(vast Right wing conspiracy, me and Bill we're broke in the 90's). Kinda like how fags always improbably claim that the world "doesn't understand me" and "nobody loved me". Both Hillary and her fag cabal all give off psychopath vibes. The shallowness and glibness, the cynical personal and professional relationships, and the need to be validated and enabled instead of trying to appreciate the credible concerns of others.

    Obama easily beat Hillary because he at least seemed halfway interested in the feelings of other people. Obama took to being coached and marketed by his handlers very well. He knew he had rough edges that needed sanding.

  6. The madman did it! He fucking schlonged her all night! There was like 5 minutes of aimless patter to start, but when they insisted on going there with the tapes (fag Cooper: "Mr Trump, we're not going to let this subject drop until you confess to sexual assault and grovel for our forgiveness") he rolled up his sleeves and showed them YOU FUCK WITH THE LION, YOU GET BIT.

    "Because you'd be in jail" is now THE soundbite of the race.

    And yes, as horrifically as the Gorgon got BTFO'd, the biggest losers here are the GOPe cucks who spent the last 2 days trying to do CPR on the corpse of NeverTrump, and the depressive naysayers who've been sure Trump is doomed ever since he said the word "rapists" in his kickoff speech.

  7. Get on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever. It's total desperation from the Hill Shills. Everybody is going ape over Trump's epic schlonging, so they aren't trying hard.

    I'm raping the shit out of two of my brother's friends right now, who are trying to bring up the locker room talk, and ignore Bill and Hill's sexual assaults and intimidation of victims. Very low-energy, cautious -- almost like cucks, only on the Dem side.

    Call them everything -- shameful, disgusting, pathetic.

  8. Frank Luntz is admitting that Trump ruled. One thing that stands out:

    " 1. Trump had a sense of humor – he was funny and ironic, not mean and nasty"

    Trump isn't dour or stingy with his feelings (which is why prissy Nords turned on him, some of whom still won't even begrudgingly praise him). He really wants the best from everyone, if you let him down it hurts him. Not just because it's bad for him but also because it's damaging to everyone. He hates mediocrity, introverts/indecisive people, complainers, and quitters. A lot of people out West also don't get him because of his focus on tangible results and productivity. Like, can't this Trump dude just chill?

    The mismatch of styles says a lot. Unlike Trump, outer-space Hillary doesn't understand how to motivate and charm normal and wholesome people. It's all calculated and self-serving ploys. The snark and bitterness come off as attempts to appeal to pseud-intellectual dorks with the side-effect of alienating those barred from the country club.

  9. "the biggest losers here are the GOPe cucks who spent the last 2 days trying to do CPR on the corpse of NeverTrump"

    Can people imagine *any* Republican taking off the gloves and double hammer-fisting Hillary's crooked face for 90 minutes straight? God damn that was satisfying.

    And now that regular Americans have a taste of what a true defender of our interests is, someone who will actually take the fight to the enemy, they will only want more.

    That's the reason why the cucks have been so worried about Trump and his unrelenting style -- they know that once his stock starts soaring, theirs will go plummeting.

    And more importantly than style, the substance on which he was attacking her. No Wall Street-owned wimp would even dare bring up 80% of what Trump said, other than lowering taxes. Corruption, intimidation of husband's sexual assault victims, war-mongering, liquidating America's economy on behalf of Wall Street...

    Now the message to Republican candidates is loud and clear: make Trump's points (80% or more), or we'll never vote for you.

  10. "Trump had a sense of humor – he was funny and ironic, not mean and nasty"

    Another veil was lifted from Republican partisan voters' eyes this season, where all of the NeverTrump cucks have never said or done anything funny, and all of their attacks came off as mean-spirited, petty, and about irrelevant topics anyway.

    Trump focuses a beam of righteous anger directly on the enemy and vaporizes them.

  11. The other satisfying thing was to see Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, and Kathleen Willey all get their vengeance -- up close and personal.

    Can you imagine going through life for so long, with no retribution, no possibility of it because of who you'd be taking on, and getting your reputation dragged through the mud on top of it?

    So many open wounds that are getting closed up by the Trump movement.

  12. USC poll just in for Sunday -- Trump regained a point to his lead, now up 3.

    And that's before the debate.

    Everyone pissing their pants over the brou-ha-ha du jour lives only on the internet or TV -- in the virtual world -- where media propagandists program your brain about how devastated he's been by whatever the latest bla-bla-bla is.

    Or your only real-world contacts are with upper middle class cucks and SWPLs.

    My aunt said the new devastation is supposed to be some tape where Trump says "the n-word". Her reaction? "Well I don't see what's so bad about it -- that's what they call each other all the time." She doesn't use it herself, but it's no big scandal, let alone the campaign-ending event that the black-pills must think it would be.

    My 70 year-old aunt from central Ohio has a more earnestly optimistic view of the race than many in the so-called Trump army. She doesn't spend all day in the virtual world, and can tell whether something is or is not a big deal to real people.

    Remember: voters are old, and for older generations who heard "nigger" growing up all the time, it's not a scandal. Maybe they would or would not ever use it themselves, but to their minds it's a matter of personal taste, rather than an unbreakable moral taboo.

    If that tape even exists, I'm sure it's him joking around, "Dis mah nigga rye hurr" or something that you'd expect from our future President P.I.M.P.

  13. Random Dude on the Internet10/10/16, 7:54 AM

    Yeah I was about to go on here and mention that he has started to recover even before the debate. Which shouldn't be surprising. The media likes to run these controversies into the ground so much that it starts to backfire on them. I could see the average voter saying by mid-morning on Sunday, "He apologized, it was 11 years ago, move on" and when the media kept hammering it, I could see them changing the channel. Also this "controversy" has been talked about so much that voters have had more time to think about it and really, was it that bad? Is anyone other than uptight Mormons really that upset? Did the average voter not roll their eyes after a while when Democrats and cuckservatives laid it on thick about how offensive this was to their wives, daughters, etc? The media will keep talking about it because that means not having to talk about the second debate but they will stop when even they see that it has no effect on the numbers.

    While Chris Wallace is not exactly friendly to Trump, it is likely that he will not be as anti-Trump as the first two debate moderators so it will be the friendliest forum to Trump (as compared to the others). So Trump just has to replicate last night's performance at the last debate and he should be home free. There are also rumors of another tape floating around but people should just cross that bridge when they get there. Also I hope Nigel Farage sticks around. I really think he did coach Trump and Trump's performance was reminiscent of Farage's speeches at the EU. I also think Clinton going full MUH PUTIN was a mistake. Maybe for the third debate, Trump can explain who exactly has been contributing to the Clinton Foundation?

  14. "That's the reason why the cucks have been so worried about Trump and his unrelenting style -- they know that once his stock starts soaring, theirs will go plummeting."

    I'm starting to believe that their failed coup was less a coup and more just a primal scream of rage by these people supporting Hillary who did not want to be known as supporting Hillary. Couldn't hold it back any more at this late date when the Hillary campaign threw this red meat out there; they ripped their own masks off.
    I had been off the internet and just happened to catch that presser with the women at the beginning and I 'bout lost it. Ran back to my husband who himself proceeded to call his best friend; I immediately texted a bunch of family. It was glorious. And like everyone else here, over and over had the thought: Jeb Bush and none of the other GOPe would ever have even dreamed of doing this...

    I've put off going to a Trump rally, but after the embarrassing hell they put him through and the sabotage by the GOPe and then what he did for those women, I'd crawl on broken glass to attend and shout my support.

  15. The open civil war between the Sanders supporters and the Dem partisans gets worse every time Trump reminds the world how viciously Crooked Hillary sabotaged Bernie.

    You may not have heard much from them before, but on all these occasions, they open up again about "Don't blame me, I voted for Bernie," liking Facebook posts by conservative groups who are lambasting Hillary, and so on.

    It's only somewhat related to Trump being closer to Bernie on major issues (trade, war, corruption), and them being disappointed in that. It puts them in cognitive dissonance mode when they see that the protectionist, peace, and crony-purging candidate has an R after his name and has talked about grabbing pussy.

    The stuff about Hillary and that whole Establishment wing fucking over the progressives, populists, and Bernie, does not put them in cognitive dissonance mode. They get to vent all over again about how they were robbed, and how awful pathetic and evil the winner is.

  16. I've spent the morning reading about the aftermath and lapping up the delicious establishment panic and tears. NYT Opinion comments has pasted a big shit eating grin on my face. It's been done, their goddess has been dragged through the mud, humiliated, and beaten down in front of tens of millions and there's still one more debate. I am astonished of their failure to understand how their release of that video made them open to nuclear attack! At this point, even the election pales in importance to the fact that their world that they took for granted as a 1000 year rule of "progress" has collapsed and will never be the same from now on. We've seen how they lost the mandate of heaven years ago but the sweet thing is that they now see it. As for the establishment republicans, I cannot believe their towering stupidity. They are now doomed. If Hillary were president, they will have outlived their usefulness and be discarded. If the Trump order prevails they will be cast down for their foolish ill-timed betrayal. They unwittingly just gave a Trump a mandate for a complete house cleaning within the party. If they had a bone of sense they would have known to keep a low profile and change with the times.

  17. The attempted coup is even better for revealing that the NeverTrump crowd was solely composed of the Wall Street wing of the old GOP.

    The social conservatives and evangelicals were already with Trump back East, and have come around to him out West. None of them has been part of the failed coup.

    You'd think the Wall Streeters would at least lasso one or two pastors in, to give it the veneer of moral denunciation. But when it's only coming from neoconservative business and warmongering interests, no one buys the moral outrage.

    NeverTrump was not an objection to Trump's socially moderate views or sidelining of the culture war -- it was the Chamber of Commerce shitting their pants at the thought of a populist wiping out trillions of paper-only wealth for the stock market parasites.

  18. The Left and the GOPe have no understanding of the significance of what is going on here.

    The orchestrated attempt to destroy Trump's campaign via the Access Hollywood tape / GOP betrayal has elevated Trump's anti-establishment brand to a whole new level. He is now running in opposition to both parties and the media. By standing alone - one man - opposed to the entire apparatus of corruption - and having called out the Clinton mafia at the debate - he has become a symbol of populist opposition that will last far after the election.

    By betraying him, the GOPe has assured its own destruction. Even if he loses, there will be no return. There is no election outcome that could possibly wash away the burning betrayal of the GOP elites, or the brazen dishonesty of the mainstream media. The GOP will not be able to continue without answering to the Trumpian masses. Their reckoning will come by 2018 or 2020.

    Trump is still leading in the LA Times/USC poll, and I agree that the historical models a la Norpoth and Lichtmann are superior to the RCP polling averages. But regardless of the outcome, the events of the last few days have changed the fundamental long-term dynamics considerably.

  19. If Trump wins, he should make an official policy of not working with Paul Ryan, some public statement that 'I'm not confident of his leadership style,' or somesuch, and always work with the Party Leader, or the whip. Just utterly ignore Ryan. Ryan deserves it.


  20. Yes, the coup is looking like a blessing in disguise. If you read the TrueCon coup pundits and journolist, they're on the same page that it is an incontrovertible fact that Trump will lose, or at least that's the front they put on (I check in only once a day to check the saltiness). Of the two, the TrueCons seem even more in a self-imposed bubble than the latter, and these seem to me to be what informed them that this attempted coup was a good idea.

    Journolist will read, well, people like us (hi!), and then get all passive-aggressively bitchy, but we just do not exist for the TrueCon crowd. It is the most disturbing and bizarre thing. One Ace of Spades guy on twitter is the only guy with a foot in both our world and theirs who is forever ripping the bark off of them.

  21. @Cicatrizacritic
    The opposition to Trump has squandered enormous amounts of (often irreplaceable) political and social capital in an enormous bonfire that may ultimately be their funeral pyre.
    I incorrectly predicted that Hillary's campaign was on its last legs after very little campaigning in August and September with signs of ill health followed by the "basket of deplorables" and her collapse at ground zero.
    I could not have imagined that the president, first lady, Bernie Sanders of all people!, the cast of the West Wing, the Avengers, Al Gore, Bill and Chelsea Clinton, all the Bushes, every living ex-president, countless others would intervene to buoy her up and do 90% of the campaigning. Their efforts combined with the media scrapping any final facade of respectability or objectivity to defend its goddess have created an amazing last battle scenario at the very gates of social status heaven.
    The problem they will discover is that dire circumstances forced them to start the final sprint too early. The avengers can only surprise us with their support once. The GOPe can only surprise us with a coup attempt once. People will eventually get tired of "locker room talk" and maybe after that taboo race words caught on tape. If they cannot keep up sufficient fireworks until election day, they will gas with two weeks to go and end up on their backs with Trump on top softening them up with the relentless head and body blows of 2-3 massive rallies a day until he can lock in the blood choke.

  22. @Agnostic
    "Can people imagine *any* Republican taking off the gloves and double hammer-fisting Hillary's crooked face for 90 minutes straight? God damn that was satisfying."

    Now I've got an image in my head of Shatner/Trump in his pudge hugging uniform raising hands over his head in signature Kirk Fu stance, face turning red, making that goofy rictus expression only he seems capable of as he charges. Then pounding again and again until there's blood on the floor.


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