October 13, 2016

Moralizing reporters SHOCKED: Women wear shirts making light of #GrabThePussy hysteria

Another episode in the series of New York media bubbleheads encountering real-life Americans while covering Trump rallies:

Be sure to check out the comments from the self-appointed guardians of propriety.

B-B-But, how can these people possibly treat such a disgusting problematic thing like it's no big deal?!?! Hold on, my 7-inch butt dildo just accidentally got swallowed up into my colon, brb...

During the whole brou-ha-ha, it was men who bailed on Trump, while his support among women actually went up (USC poll). The average guy got fiercely envious of some rich alpha dude bragging about how easy it is for him to score with hot chicks. The average woman felt relieved and a little thrilled that she'd found a guy who doesn't pussyfoot around with approaching women, like the sheepish men around her in 21st-century life.

Not necessarily because they were hot for him -- although some were, too, judging from the shirts above -- but because he's the kind of old-school man who acts like a man, and they want someone who isn't going to make the Oval Office any more flaccid than it already is.

As the parties re-align toward the Republicans drawing in the working class, the elitist reporters are getting scandalized by the mores of people below the yuppies on the class pyramid. Even the women have a bawdy sense of humor!

That seems to provoke greater anxiety among the male reporters and commenters, since they're now realizing how effeminate they are, when women have an easier time of just letting it all hang out than a bunch of prissy pseudo-men.

Notably absent from the chorus of shock and denunciation -- gay men, whose Peter Pan minds never heard a bawdy joke they didn't like.


  1. "Notably absent from the chorus of shock and denunciation -- gay men, whose Peter Pan minds never heard a bawdy joke they didn't like."

    You're right about that one. My wife and I grabbed dinner with our gay neighbors the other night. They almost immediately made the joke about "grabbing that pussy" and we all started laughing (except for my wife). They don't get how this is such a big deal in the media since it was a private conversation and everyone talks like this.

  2. Worth noting that hysteria derives from the Greek hysterikos (womb)

  3. My baby sister, 30, told me, back during the primaries, how she would just watch videos of him for long spells at a time because he had such a sexy way about him. "I love Trump," she said with such seriousness and fun when we first talked about him. Me? "Me, too!" lol!

    That second debate is the hottest thing that's ever happened to politics. It's just true. The mass popularity of that viral video of it done to the Dirty Dancing theme song attests (and made Clinton fans feel that their girl shared in this with her own sexiness. But she didn't, lol).

  4. Misanthropist10/15/16, 9:28 AM

    I agree that this is likely to hurt Trump more among male voters if anything, as there are plenty of jealous beta males envious of a cocky alpha male like Trump bragging about how easy it is for him to get beautiful women. Those women offended by this were never likely to vote for Trump anyway, so he can't really lose any more ground among female voters than where he started.

    Yet this will likely hurt Trump. Trump's entire appeal is that much of the electorate respect someone willing to push the boundaries of political correctness and speak up about things hiterto considered off limits. Yet at the same time people don't like too much harsh reality rammed down their throats. Even those that fancy themselves as un-PC still generally have certain comforting lies and delusions they wish to cling to. Trump's comments were based on a harsh truth: women will let men get away with anything if they perceive them to be higher status than themselves. While they will ruthlessly punish minor transgressions by men they perceive to be lower status. This is really too much of a bitter Red Pill to swallow for much of the electorate that nevertheless wants a bit more realtalk.

    Trump's whole appeal is the promise of returning to basics and a world where people feel they can build a dignified and secure life. Close the borders, bring back industry and secure jobs, preserve some racial basis of the nation. The kind of world where a reliable beta male can find a nice girl to settle down with. Oops, better scratch that last one. On that score, Trump looks more like another greedy elitist willing to sell out lesser men (or at least cuckold them, try to steal their wives, and help himself to the lion's share of quality pussy).

  5. Not so sure even alpha male Trump can really get away with what he described to Billy Bush. Yes the woman might not report it as a rape, but maybe she will if he then rejects her. (Like the woman who claimed he grabbed her on the airplane, actually she wanted to get close to him and he rejected her.) He lives a public life. And giving anyone ammunition against him could hinder him in his public perception or his behind the scenes deal making.

    At this point, if any single pussy had actually been grabbed inappropriately, we would likely have heard of it. Surely Hillary's press is looking desperately for that woman and may still invent her. But it hasn't been found.

    It really was locker room talk. When you're an alpha male like Trump, you have better things to do than cross boundaries even if women want you to.


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