October 30, 2016

One cheer for Obama (it could have been Hillary or McCain)

All the sordid stuff that has come to light since last year about Crooked Hillary really makes you appreciate how lucky we were that she did not win the 2008 primary and presidency (GOP was destined to lose that one). Obama has been a worse president than Bush, but he's turned out to have been a less ruinous placeholder between Neo-liberal-conservatism and the populist-nationalist revolution.

Obama's cabinet was crafted by Wall Street, but it would have been the same with Hillary "Goldman Sachs" Clinton. Obama has been the most pro-Wall Street president, but so would have Hillary.

Obama pushed less intensely for destabilizing the Middle Eastern strongmen, and bears less of the blame for Libya, Syria, etc., which were Hillary's pet causes. Obama has also been pretty lukewarm toward Israel, whereas Hillary would have been buddy-buddy with Bibi.

Obamacare was Hillarycare and Romneycare, no difference there.

The culture war stuff -- racial tension, crippling the cops, gay marriage, etc. -- came from the ground up on the liberal-to-moderate side, and would have pulled the president that way regardless of who it was.

Hillary is an inveterate panderer and would have gone along with whatever was trending in liberal identity politics circles. She wasn't a community organizer and prefers to keep out of sight, so she might not have tried to get out in front of these changes and stoked them like Obama did, but that's a second-order difference at best.

Obama is on the down-low, but so is Hillary. Obama at least hides whoever he gets sodomized by, while Hillary and Huma go everywhere together (maybe not so much anymore).

Both look down their noses on ordinary Americans, whom they consider culturally alien to their rootless cosmopolitan social circle.

Obama is a narcissist, but Hillary is a sociopath.

By far the most important difference, though, was that Obama the freshman senator was a total non-entity who brought nothing into the White House. He signed off on whatever Wall Street wanted for appointments, policy, and so on. But he didn't have an extensive network of wealthy, powerful, entrenched associates.

Hillary would have brought in everyone who was groomed into Clintonworld during Bill's presidency, as well as those who joined when she was in New York politics as senator. That includes aides, politicians, media figures, donors, the Clinton Foundation -- the whole sprawling enterprise of Clinton Inc.

Corruption and devastation (internal and external) would have been far more damaging and irreversible if Clinton Inc. had taken over the White House again, only this time with even greater wealth, power, and influence at their disposal. Look how bad it got when she was merely Secretary of State.

The 2008 Democrat primary was an incredibly close race -- never thought we'd have ghetto blacks and airheaded college students to thank for America's stay of execution (but you probably also never thought America's savior would be a guy from Queens). Now the white working class over the age of 40 can step in for a real candidate and put this broken country back in working order.


  1. New Man of the Year candidate: https://ethicsalarms.com/2016/10/24/the-unethical-self-delusion-of-open-borders-supporters/#more-35290

    This cucked-beyond-belief guy says that immigration policy is irrelevant to his wife's murder. Even though:
    - An immigrant did it
    - An illegal immigrant did it
    - An illegal immigrant did it out fear that his illegal status would be exposed

    Every last inane, shallow, and sentimental muh lovable immigrant defense is dredged up. "All types commit crime", "we're a nation of immigrants", etc.

    This kind of asinine and spineless excuse making for human garbage is what led to much of the urban areas of California, the Northeast, and the Midwest becoming war zones seemingly overnight in the late 60's. Areas infested with darkies and lacking rooted and tough white people became unlivable. A dominant liberal government, white guilt, and Jew media/law/corporate policy meant that working whites had no choice but to retreat to the hinterlands while politely using thinly veiled excuses for avoiding "bad" areas ("bad" schools). Reagan was scorned by cultural elitists for appealing to conservative lower class whites, even as he and his followers succeeded at cleaning a lot of problems up (crime peaked circa 1980 and then gradually diminished, civic unrest including racial tensions also was less common in the 80's than it was in the 60's, 70's, and 90's). Die hard partisans and elitists still focus on the shortcomings of Reagan's economic policies, and make fun of conservative whites, rather than admitting that Reagan's foreign policy and his approach to social issues were resounding successes. Also conveniently forgotten is that blacks and whites got along much better in the 80's than in the liberal wet-dream era of the late 60's/70's or the liberal elite approved black rage era that began with the Rodney King video provocation and has never really ended.

    Much like how the Silent Majority got the last laugh as the Left's favorite victims became an overwhelming embarrassment by the late 70's, it looks like one day we'll be saying "we told you so" to the "intellectuals" as vast swaths of urban America become completely unfit for functioning human beings.

  2. Albionic American10/30/16, 4:32 PM

    It looks like Hillary picked up Huma and added her to the girl posse to check the diversity box.

    ; )


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