May 13, 2016

What could go wrong with men gaining access to the little girls room?

From Facebook's news feed:

Expect to see more juxtapositions like this.


  1. It's as if they're trolling us, daring us to make a move.

  2. History will forever record that during the darkest days of America's pre-Trumpenreich decline, the decadent Emperor neglected the countless pressing issues of the day to issue instead grand proclamations demanding that insane men be granted access to women's restrooms. Schoolboys will snicker over this in wholesome 90%-white 2050 America.

    1. BioCultBeamDelta5/14/16, 10:41 PM

      Meme Magic is real. Let's make it so.

  3. advancedatheist5/14/16, 5:48 PM

    George Orwell never imagined that the Party in his fictional Oceania would adopt a slogan as absurd as "Men Are Women." But our version of the Party in the real world has done exactly that.

  4. I can't understand WHY crossdressing men are intent on going to women's bathrooms. It apparently validates their "gender identity?" What a crazy world.

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  6. Well, for the vast majority of men, no problems at all, since most normal men instinctively want to protect children. SJWs love incidents like this because they KTBWOS. They get to degrade the culture by normalizing transgenderism, and they get to (by extension) brand all men as potential rapists.


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