May 11, 2016

Bernie already doing Hillary's bidding, concedes more ground to identity politics distractions

After his win in West Virginia, Bernie devoted a good chunk of his victory speech to slamming Trump, trotting out all the tired and failing arguments based on identity politics (racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc.), preaching about how diversity is strength, bla bla bla.

While it may make Bernie feel like part of the Democrat in-crowd to whine about culture war topics like it's still the '90s, the irony is not lost on his voters. Bernie beats Hillary where the electorate is white, he performs much worse among women than men, and the homos are all-in for their ideal Fag Hag in Chief.

And who delivered his victory tonight in West Virginia? -- a bunch of black tranny illegal immigrants, or the white working class? I'm sure they appreciate a victory speech calling them a bunch of racist, sexist dinosaurs. Way to rally your base, dumbass.

Fundamentally, Bernie is too insecure about being liked by everyone -- he'd rather lose to Hillary by pandering to "inclusivity", than win by turning out the largest numbers of his natural base as possible.

Bernie knows he will never put a real dent in the identity politics / culture war voters, who Hillary has a lock on. So why bother pandering to these distraction issues, when his whole campaign is about economics and politics per se -- not "the politics of _____"?

I think he's just a wimpy personality who is caving in to the Democrat Establishment that is bullying him like hell into not damaging Crooked Hillary's reputation. He's being used as Clinton's weapon against Trump, which only benefits Crooked Hillary herself. He's already doing her bidding, and she hasn't made any concessions to him at a negotiating table. What a wuss.

Having said that about the candidate himself, I don't think the bulk of his normal-person voters are going to fold so easily. They can't stand Crooked Hillary any more than we can, and they get even angrier about her playing the woman card. Every time she wins a "diversity is strength" state, they go off on social media to the effect of, "Fucking blacks fucking it up again..."

Some of his flaky Lexus liberal voters will fall in line, because they're not interested in restoring America's manufacturing industries, a non-interventionist foreign policy, or getting Wall Street donors and K Street lobbyists out of politics. They just want to signal their moral superiority over the Republican voters. They are the Dem equivalent of the cuckservatives (limperal, abbrev. limp; see also, to limp for).

But it's not those people who deliver his victories -- they're not even a drop in the bucket. The normal working and middle-class whites who make up the bulk of his electorate will gradually tire of him, as he sinks deeper into distraction topics about identity politics. If they wanted that, they'd already be on board for Hillary (as the feminists, fatties, faggies, and foreigners already are).

That's good news for the Trump movement, though, since these folks will start to peel themselves off of what is turning out to be just another culture war campaign, and drifting closer to only candidate fighting hard for the topics to only be the economy and the government. Bernie voters will not be magically swayed by their candidate's change of tune, any more than the Trump voters would if their candidate started blathering on about conservative culture war crap as though he'd become possessed by the ghost of Lyin' Ted Cruz.

I'm still hoping for the far-left protesters in Philadelphia to slam Crooked Hillary, but at this rate, it'll probably soften into empty grandstanding about how offensive Drumpf is. Nothing edgier than a parade of noodle-armed schoolmarms.


  1. One cannot be anti-establishment and then repeat the slogans of the establishment. Bernie fans should take note.

  2. This reminds of my past experience with a disciplinary committee. You fall into their frame, you will always lose and beg forgiveness, even if you toughen up later. I kind of ended up in that situation, and my lawyer commented that the committee might think I am a bit of a sociopath when I was saying the "right things." I then needed to go out of my way to prove how genuine I was, and it was a huge hassle.

    Like me with hospital administrators, Bernie gets to be made an example of. My peers ended up kind of disgusted, and I have a feeling Bernie voters will too over all of this, if my experiences with human nature is a judge. For me, I made it out with no damage to my medical career; however, I probably will never get that underpaid spot in academia where I have the chance to hijack the "Medical Establishment" though. Bernie might be shut out of the Dem Establishment if he can't make a final push against Hillary.

    Lesson is, maintain frame on the important issues early and often, and that's part of growing up, which clearly a 70 year old socialist really never learned how to do.

    Trump however, good lord, his frame maintenance is fantastic so far, not perfect at times, but hugely amazing.

  3. Was this so surprising? Bernies personality is soft, and eager to please, as we saw before with those BLM protestors who grabbed his mic.

  4. On another note, it seems like Trump is now attacking Bernie, calling him "Crazy Bernie". This seems like a backhanded comment, where he wins states the media doesn't think he'll win.

  5. "I don't want to hit Crazy Bernie Sanders too hard yet because I love watching what he is doing to Crooked Hillary. His time will come!"

  6. With Hillary's built in advantages (90's culture war/nostaliga candidate, close association with the Dems for decades etc.) it was gonna be tough for Bernie. In addition to a substantial part of the Dem base being Hillary friendly to begin with (e.g female, black, middle aged), the Dem primary system essentially has a PC multiplier. Urban areas are disproportionately over represented in delegate awarding, perhaps evidence of pandering and/or a means to favoring the establishment candidate (the Dem machine boasts about it's control of the voters). So blacks exert an even greater influence.

    The Bernie crowd was just never going to be that powerful. To begin with, younger voters are more ignorant about voting (quite a few closed primary states turned away swarms of Bernie voters who hadn't even registered). The Dems mutated into the Black Party decades ago and there just aren't enough white Dems left (and in some Southern states, white people period) to counter the candidate favored by blacks. And clueless Bernie is now trying with greater desperation to out pander Hillary, to no avail as Hillary and the Dem in crowd have been stoking the PC fires for decades.

    The 90' were the dawn of PC and encouraging aggrieved and entitled separatist cultures in America. Though Bill and Hillary actually supported some tough on crime/welfare cheat policies to appease Boomer whites, that doesn't change the fact that the Clintons were at the helm in a decade in which blacks were suddenly EVERYTHING. Rap got big, some white kids started acting black, white rock music got wimpy, the NBA was huge, black actors were everywhere (the black president cliche was played out by the late 90's). Entire movies devoted to PC white guilt and black-as-the-victim ideology (like Higher Learning and American History X) were made and many of them did pretty well.

    Gen X and Boomer blacks got a taste of that and found it to be quite sweet. They figure the Clintons are a continuation of what they've grown entitled to. Asians and Hispanics don't' bitch about the race of Oscar winners; guess who does? Is HIllary still celebrating with nigh hysterical graying blacks after victory speeches?

  7. No, this wasn't so surprising, but it's still worth emphasizing and exploring. Ultimately we also want the Dems to get uncucked -- or unlimped -- so that, no matter which party wins a race, Americans make out OK.

    Empty grandstanding about identity politics is swerving way off course toward becoming the party of the next FDR.

  8. I don't see any enthusiasm for Hildebeest among my shitlib friends. Sure, most "minorities" will vote for the name brand by default, but that's nothing to rely on. If Bernie had any kind of backbone, he would be running away with this.

  9. If Bernie had the correct grasp of the Dems devotion to PC (and the stupid super delegate system), he'd have not even bothered running for the nomination given Hillary's advantages. I honestly wonder if a 3rd party run could've given him a realistic shot at the white house (logistical problems associated with 3rd parties not withstanding), considering how he would've mobilized Millennials, men, and even some disaffected Dems. Trump would probably be portrayed as the heartland redneck choice, Hillary the bitter black and aging feminist choice, and Bernie as the idealist economic justice candidate.

    Lose the unneccessary PC whining, stick to your previous immigration stance and trade record, and Sanders could do pretty well. Since blacks and spinsters aren't a terribly large demographic, Hillary would probably come in third in a 3 candidate race.

    It's all academic now, since Bernie (unlike Ralph Nader in his admirable 2000 run which came in the thick of the culture war) is now debasing himself with tired outdated PC tactics that distract from and undermine his track record of not bothering with cultural blather. For that matter, attempting to represent a party dominated by cultural Marxism is in itself embarrasing.Middle aged blacks are sow few in number that their dominance of one of the two major parties is inexcusable. But it's gonna continue until white Boomers and Gen X-ers get over their fascination with M.J. (Jackson or Jordan) and Beyonce. Trying to assuage white guilt by cheering on preening and thuggish black jocks, like Muhammad Ali's blows had jack shit to do with the day to day issues we have to deal with.

  10. You're right. Nader himself is of older Leb Christian immigrant stock, one of the most eagerly assimilating groups we've had (usually conservatives), with little patience for ID politics. He would have been a solid Dem candidate in a more sane time. Sanders is trying to squander his momentum since he's probably under the mistaken belief that he needs to appeal to "minorities" to outflank Hildebeest.

  11. "Higher Learning"

    I remember seeing that movie in 8th grade -- when me and my two friends were the only white boys in a packed theater at Wheaton Plaza, one of the blackest malls in the DC area outside of ghetto mecca PG Plaza or some place in Southeast.

    When I say packed -- I mean, not an empty seat. And it was such a claustrophobic space, one of those mini-theaters they built inside the mall before the wide-open multiplex type. One aisle down the center, no more than ten seats on either side, and a low ceiling. Felt like a prison cell where the walls could close in at any moment.

    SO there we were, sandwiched into a crowd of angry blacks for two hours, while the damn movie kept stoking their anger with one "Aw hail naw!" scene after another.

    It's the only time I felt like I might get killed by a mob.

    Of course the three of us had to make our reactions about "Aw man, that's fucked up" a little more audible than the rest of the audience, just to placate them.

    We had no idea how anti-white the movie was going to be. I think one of us heard it was by the director of Boyz in the Hood, so why not give it a chance? And why not see it at the blackest mall that our dumb asses could have gone to?

    You'd think we would've bolted up the aisle after it was over, but I remember us filing out at a calm pace. Hey, if the mob had wanted to kill us, we'd already be dead.

    Not exactly the rite of passage that you'd want your own kids to go through to toughen their character, but it's all we had back in the '90s.

  12. I guess you were fortunate: ID politics seem to go in cycles: unimportant between 1924 and 1965, then the fabled late 1960s boom, then petering out in the mid 70s (except for some outliers like California), reemerging after the LA Riots.

  13. "...and the homos are all-in for their ideal Fag Hag in Chief."

    Serious point, sincerely believed: I believe Hillary was surrounded by gay men vis a vis media relations in 2008, that she still is, and they are a profoundly underappreciated reason for many disastrous decisions.

    Those Mexican kids making profane gestures and cursing? Gayness at work behind the scenes. The horrible ads that sound like they're mostly written to benefit Trump? Them, too. Their handiwork is mostly seen in the immature and profane, though.

    Hillary Clinton surrounds herself with terribly incompetent people and it has taken the apparatus of the entire DNC and the liberal billionaires to lift up such a mediocrity.

  14. Some Gen X dude had this music review website years ago that had some funny stories. He said his older brother was really into rap and insisted on seeing Boys in the Hood in a black L.A. neighborhood for the "authentic experience". Lo and behold, their car breaks down on the way out. They actually got help from the locals though. Maybe cuz this was pre-Rodney King. 1991 was the last year to not be completely infected by PC hysteria.

    I can't imagine ever going out of my way to be among blacks. There's a fair amount of MN whites who have a less than sanguine view of blacks, probably cuz MN has some of the worst blacks of all. Still doesn't mean that very many of 'em would actually DO something about the blacks. My older brother and some of our friends were not shy about making fun of Tyrone.

  15. "I guess you were fortunate: ID politics seem to go in cycles: unimportant between 1924 and 1965, then the fabled late 1960s boom, then petering out in the mid 70s (except for some outliers like California), reemerging after the LA Riots."

    The degree to which whites debase themselves has changed, though. And so has the social acceptability of whites sticking up for themselves. In the 60's and 70's, many people earnestly believed and sometimes fought for the idea that we could all be on the same team, with the same goals and rights. The hippies didn't act black, either. They had a sometimes shallow and childish affect based on certain religions and subcultures, but they didn't strive to elevate black culture above others. Wiggers don't have long hair. Much of the hippie era's music was quite melodic too, sometimes to a fault (the better music of the late 70's and 80's was often just melodic enough and also danceable). Not exactly a black thing.

    The current PC nadir has the traits of a high inequality striving heavy era. Lots of inane rules and customs, byzantine by design so that cynical or useful idiot strivers can boast about "winning" the PC contest. And a contest it most certainly is. In the sincere/low inequality 60's/early 70's, the participants really were trying to better the world and themselves. It wasn't just about careerism and bragging rights.

    What makes the last 25-30 years so deplorable is how naked, selfish, and irresponsible the striving is. Everyone is fragmented, too. The PC gravy train is part of that chaotic individualism.

  16. Bill's 1992 campaign was a good example of that. I'm sure Hildebeast wishes she could have a Republican incumbent to blame a riot on. Of course Bubba was not actually a bleeding heart, he fought hard against Cuban refugees being sent to Arkansas while he was governor and lost his reelection mainly because Carter overruled him.

  17. We didn't really go out of our way to be around blacks when we saw Higher Learning. White kids didn't shy away from mostly-black malls back then, as long as it wasn't a legit ghetto mall. They had plenty of decent stores there, and just across the road was the local guitar shop (Chuck Levins), Barry's Magic Shop, a used bookstore, an old drive-in burger joint (Little Tavern), and assorted other white-people haunts.

    There were white malls in the area, we just happened to be at the black mall the day we decided to see Higher Learning (famous last words, according to that LA Times article).

    The real ghetto mall was PG Plaza in Prince George's County. My friend and I once accidentally wound up there, too, in 6th grade. Same one I saw Higher Learning with, in fact.

    We were still learning to navigate the bus system (this was back when middle schoolers rode the buses to wherever, without parental supervision or sometimes even permission).

    The bus that would take us back home differed by just one number from the one that we mistakenly got on. We're taking all these different turns, looking at each other like, "Did they change the route or something?" "I don't recognize any of these streets or stores." "Are you sure we got on the right bus?"

    Eventually we ask someone where it's headed, and they say "PG Plaza". We're like, "Oh shit, we're gonna die, and then our parents are gonna kill us."

    The wisest decision we made that day was NOT to get off the bus and try catching the bus in the other direction. We would've been wide-open targets.

    So we waited until we got to PG Plaza, immediately find the pay phone inside of one of the little department store anchors, and collect call my mother. She says, "Whatever you do, DON'T go into the main part of the mall. JUST STAY PUT RIGHT THERE."

    Remember, this was 1993, when the crime rate was through the roof.

    Only trouble is, this ghetto mall is quite a ways from home, and we're sitting ducks. My friend and I are dead silent, not wanting to make any false move or say any false words, parked right next to that pay phone and side door.

    Only occasionally do we look out through the entry into the main part of the mall -- no signs of trouble, yet. So far, so good.

    After the longest 45 minutes of our lives, finally my mother pops through that side door stricken with anxiety, shuttles us out the door, right into the car, and then tear ass out of the parking lot.

    We got a little talking to, but mostly our parents were glad we came back alive.

    We still rode the buses whenever we needed to get somewhere, but we never mistook any of the route numbers ever again.

  18. I didn't realize how big of a year in cinema 1995 was. I have faint memories of seeing Apollo 13 (I was too young to appreciate it) and Toy Story

  19. You've probably already seen this, but for any readers who have not, a plurality of Sanders' voters in WV will vote for Trump in November (assuming no Act of God gives Sanders the nomination).

  20. Yeah, Hildabeast has zero chance in Appalachia:


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