May 20, 2016

Trump would win even if third-party cuck sent election to House of Representatives

The Never Trump crowd is finding out just how small it will be by November. But that isn't stopping some of the more autistic and delusional ones from playing with their electoral tinker-toy sets to show how their Rube Goldberg device just might become reality and send a hardcore right-wing nutjob into the Presidency.

Typical is this recent post by a resident genius from The Federalist:

Heh, you Trumpkins underestimate this 19 year-old
closeted Young Republican at your peril...

We can ignore the quantitative part of his argument, since he can't count (e.g., assumes that all non-Trump voters in early primaries won't vote for Trump in general, despite a complete consolidation by the Convention -- witness the capitulation of Nebraska voters, who are in the heart of the Cuck Belt yet voted Trump at over 60% once he was the only candidate left running).

Instead, let's just grant that by a miracle, no single candidate gets 270 electoral votes in a three-way race between Clinton, Trump, and Cuckenheimer. The election goes to the House of Representatives, where the Representatives vote as a single state bloc, and where 26 states are needed to win. Highly blue states make up a little under 20, in the House.

So, Cuckenheimer might receive as many as 10 states during the first ballot, Trump 20, and Clinton 20. No majority, go to second ballot -- where the 10 cuck states gradually, or all at once, capitulate and vote Trump. No cuck state is going to be instrumental in sending Crooked Hillary to the presidency.

The reason that the House of Representatives would never choose a hardcore right-wing nutjob third party candidate, just because they technically could with a solid Republican majority of states, is that there would be bloody revolution all throughout the land -- beginning with the Representatives themselves. Cuckenheimer would have hardly any electoral votes, few states, and a pitiful share of the popular vote. Everyone would be agin' 'im, and no one fer 'im. To parachute him in through technicalities would trigger our sense of injustice, and we would put an end to it.

Only an insulated nerd like the Federalist cuck can believe in these outlandish scenarios. They live in a "revenge of the nerds" fantasy land, where they never get punched in the face for taunting a crowd while hiding behind legal technicalities.

The only viable solution left for them is to prove how not-racist and principle-driven they are, and relocate en masse to Mexico, where they can assimilate into their "natural conservative" neighbors. Vaya con dios, faggots!


  1. Yes, but the "True Conservative" will save us. The Reagan deification is getting a bit ridiculous. Everyone is just naturally a "conservative" if they read the Constitution even harder.

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  3. Seems to be a common theme now, they can transition to Hispanics like Jeb!

  4. Fred Reed is a depressive loner and proposition nation blowhard ("signing onto" a country), who decided it was better to cuck himself than to get cucked eventually -- moving to the land of Aztecs and Mayans before they took over America.

    Pathetic, and disgraceful.

  5. Way to continue your genetic and cultural lineage by dissolving yourself into a mass of aliens...

  6. Exactly, it makes no sense to exile yourself to a country that has been moving here (many "conservatives" approve of the family values angle of immigration apparently). I doubt I would do it, but the only places I would even consider expatriating to are Costa Rica and the cone of South America.

  7. You're alien to everyone, everything, and every place down there.

    Trust me, I lived in Barcelona for a year, and that was enough. It's a wonderful place, wonderful people, and wonderful culture -- but it's not for someone who is not from there.

    Going even further away from your people's roots would be an even greater disruption.

    If people want family values, they can move to the Cuck Belt if they want nuclear family natalism, or to Appalachia if they want extended family networks. There's no reason to leave for another country, except to extinguish your own lineage.

  8. What underlies the desire to leave one's own country is an unwillingness to contribute to the group.

    Being part of a rich community at home puts all kinds of duties and responsibilities on you. Being a superficially integrated alien in a foreign country lets you do whatever you want without being bound by duties toward the group. You're more of a tourist on an extended visit -- they will always treat you that way, and you'll always feel that way.

    Ex-pats are more like anthropological tourists, going to visit exotic communities, live among them, and adopt their lifestyles. It's OK for a short period, like doing anthro fieldwork. But no person can survive that way long-term.

  9. It seems like the natalist ones are those looking to leave the country and start anew. Extended family-seekers couldn't conceive of cutting themselves out of their wide kin network.

    But the sad sack who just wants to be left alone by the world fantasizes about visiting a strange land, falling under the spell of a fertile exotic babe, and making as many children with her as possible.

    He has no desire to bring his own extended family there, or to relate to hers. Just the two of them on a deserted island together forever.

  10. Seems to appeal to boomers, they probably heard stuff about military men meeting little brown/yellow women in exotic places. Brando was older, but he had several children with a Tahitian woman.

    I'm already atomized myself, but I think I would only consider expatriating if things get really out of hand with a European style police state.

  11. Sally Kohn triggered AF sitting next to Steven Miller (Trump advisor / hype man) on the Don Lemon Show... worth checking out if they upload it to YouTube.

  12. I remember seeing on Bill Kristol saying on Twitter that NeverTrumpers should run 3rd party. I'm sorry, but why does anyone listen to this old neocon guy? He's clueless, and yet somehow has the job he has.

  13. Now that the primary is over and we can focus on reuniting the country, can we call the Cuck Belt something slightly less derpgotory, or atleast emphasize the fact that it's mostly the Mormons who are incorrigable? Nebraska and eastern Oregon etc. Have proven they're willing to rally behind Trump and even voted 400 to 8 against Ben Sasse. We can call them the Naive or Kraut or North Germanic belt or "High Trust" belt or something idk to emphasize what being the most ridiculously altruistic/self defeating people/heritage.

  14. Random Dude on the Internet5/21/16, 12:46 PM

    I'm living in the cuck belt and "cuck belt" is a perfectly apt term. Even now, I see a bunch of handwringing about Donald Trump amongst Republicans I know. The reasons don't get much more complex than "MUH PRINCIPLES" where they want a deep red conservative; Ted Cruz was their guy. The other group is "MUH JESUS" where they think that we need to be a Christian theocracy. Again, Ted Cruz was their guy.

    Many of them will still pull the lever for Trump in November because the thought of voting for Hillary is an even worse idea to them. Some of them will stay home but these people I am talking about are in deep red states and Trump will still win them by 20-30 percent. Fuck them, leave them behind if they want to get self righteous about it. I'd rather efforts get focused on flipping Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan rather than winning by 30 percent in Nebraska instead of 20.

  15. Sally Kohn Stephen Miller CNN clip.

  16. "leave them behind if they want to get self righteous about it. I'd rather efforts get focused on flipping Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan rather than winning by 30 percent in Nebraska instead of 20."


    We have to unify in stages, from easiest and most natural to difficult and forced.

    The identity politics voters of the cuck belt (where identity is Judeo-LARP-ing dominionism) are not a natural fit for nationalism (Israel, adopting foreign babies to prove Dems are the real racists, etc.), nor for populism (muh theocracy).

    I'm not saying there isn't a way to work them in, but there may not be. They'd be difficult to fit into a Dem coalition, but perhaps it'll be any aggrieved cultural minority, now including the apocalyptic cults from the Prairie and Mountains.

    Or maybe they won't fit into either major party's coalition, and they'll do a third party. Or they'll become the new swing voters. Or the new "stays at home" group.

    Frankly, it's fine if middle-class striver theocrats aren't included in the political process, when the white working class has been sidelined for over 50 years now.


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