May 10, 2016

Trump can threaten to "out" the closeted Republicans, turning Establishment's own disciplining tool against itself

Reading over recent electoral history, I stumbled upon this tidbit from 1988:

One reason for Bush's choice of running mate, Senator Dan Quayle, was to appeal to a younger generation of Americans identified with the "Reagan Revolution". Quayle's good looks were praised by Senator John McCain: "I can't believe a guy that handsome wouldn't have some impact."

Most men, maybe all, are poor judges of other men's attractiveness. It's not what we usually compete with each other over. We can easily tell who can kick whose ass, but not who the girls will stand extra close to in conversation.

The fact that he doesn't just notice, but verbally ejaculates about Quayle's looks, should have been a tell. Perhaps it just wasn't widely reported. I bet someone at the Republican Convention had a WTF moment, though. After being tipped off by a Trump speech last winter, I looked up old pictures of McCain and determined he indeed has gayface.

Trump has been around these people for so long, often while they were drunk and he was sober, and he has a great memory.

It seems like the '80s saw the infiltration of the Republican Party by the poz squad (Kasich, Hastert, among others). The idea must have been that the Establishment bosses and Wall Street donors could control them by having the ultimate blackmail card. So far, it has worked well for both master and servant.

Now that Trump has no common interest with either side, however, he can turn the closet card against its originators. Either Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, et al support Trump's America first movement, or he'll spill the beans. That puts these closeted homos in a bind -- no matter which side they choose to serve, their old master or their new one, the other master will pull the trigger to make good on their threat.

Trump has already mooted the topic of why Graham and McCain are joined at the hip and go everywhere together "like the Bobbsey twins," and has also brought up Huma and Hillary being more than just "friends".

So the Establishment-controlled gays know that at least their new master is willing to pull the trigger, whereas their old master hasn't done so up to this point. My guess is they'll wind up siding with Trump, or at least not obstructing his plans, lest their dirty secrets see the light of day and disgrace them irredeemably with their conservative base.

As in so many other ways, Trump is not building up too much from scratch -- he's simply taking over control of what already exists. He doesn't need his own website, he dominates Twitter. He doesn't found his own TV channel, he dominates the existing networks. He doesn't need millions of dollars of oppo research -- having known the insiders for decades, he's already aware of what skeletons are out there.

Why re-invent the wheel? That would be a far too costly way to win, for the most frugal candidate in our nation's history.


  1. You forgot Marco Rubio. That's why he's trying to be an NFL exec. He's outright trying to hide from all this

  2. Queer cabals are depressingly common in Anglo history, think the Victorian upper classes, seems to be rare elsewhere. Also, is Mark Foley the archetypical political gayface? I always thought he was much more effeminate than flamboyant Barney Frank, another case against a purely "effeminized" theory of faggotry,_official_109th_Congress_photo.jpg

  3. Remember the video of Trump at the Orlando? rally with the two guys standing just over his left shoulder? They stared menacingly into the camera as one fed the other something all the while never losing eye contact with the camera...

    Was hard to take Rubio seriously as Veep after that and have taken Rubio's not just hard, but *sad* feelings after the fact as being due to that unspoken message sent at the Trump rally.

    He's a New York guy so he wouldn't be that in the loop, but just enough to perhaps catch up to speed quickly. Yeah, he's already started using it against them.

  4. macho men serve in the navy mister5/10/16, 12:01 PM

    WOW just WOW, I can't believe someone would slander Topgun and Bottom like that. McCain was in the navy a prisoner and has married for money twice. would a homo do these things? I think not. and look at how he acts that's a temper not histrionics. and Lindsey as anyone who has heard the song a boy named sue knows you give your son a name like to make him tough and what did the grahams get? a tough as nails military man. this is slander nothing but slander.

  5. I hope he does these things for the opposite reason you do.

  6. Dan Quayle was a Kristol puppet.

  7. McCain's behavior as a POW (collaborating to keep his privileged place) and afterwards (lying about being tortured and spiteful treatment of POW/MIA families) seems to match the childish, prima donna behavioral profiles of queers. Or he could be a Manchurian candidate.

  8. "I hope he does these things for the opposite reason you do."

    Reason schmeason. And who said Trump wasn't going to be a uniter?

  9. "Reason schmeason. And who said Trump wasn't going to be a uniter?"

    I certainly didn't. A look back in history at figures characterized as "dividers" and "uniters" makes it pretty clear which side ultimately wins out. You wanna be a winner or what?

  10. Marcus lookup up Kaiser Wilhelm II or eulenber g affair also "poodle. North Germany/Prussia definitely had a heavy gay influence at high levels. Obviously in ancient times many high class Greeks and later Romans had this too, but Greeks were worse really.

  11. "I can't believe a guy that handsome wouldn't have some impact."

    Yeah, no heterosexual guy talks like that.

  12. McCain was in the navy a prisoner and has married for money twice. would a homo do these things?

    Could those politicians be generally hetero but with pedo proclivities, rather than conventionally homo?


  13. Homos cabals are turning movies to shit, too. Disney's cleaning up right now at the B.O. I don't particularly care to watch cartoons, superhero movies, or Star Wars nostalgia trips but at least Disney's product has a level of competence greater than the BS put out by the other studios. Which tells me that Disney's personnel are a bit less likely to be worn down by gay meth orgies when they come into work.

    Noticed how many MAJOR flops have been released over the last several years? The upfront decadence and PC epidemic we've got now means that many Hollywood power brokers (even the straight ones, to say nothing of the gay mafia ones) can't demote or fire untalented gays due to the "special" nature of personal and professional relationships that exists when people are constantly sleeping around. And gays, duh, are the biggest whores of all.

    In the seventies and eighties, there was such hostility towards gays that hetero and even gay people were reluctant to be seen as "pushing" gays too much. There was a lot of homo decadence back then, believe me, but it was more cloistered. And there was an anxiety associated with it; if someone found out that you blew strangers for fun you could lose friends, jobs, and opportunities.

    Oh, and by the way, the moral majority was a legit power in the 80's. Every sector of society knew that there could be hell to pay if one was seen as being complicit with fudge packers. The ladder of opportunity had fewer rungs for fags back then, and it was easier to be yanked off it. It may be difficult for younger people to appreciate the stigma surrounding fags in the 80's. Notice how many movies back then weren't afraid to drop Q and F(ag) bombs? Emilio Estevez (the hero!) says "fuck you, queer" in Repo Man (1984).

  14. I can't say I am an expert on this, but one way is to notice how people with good instincts react. The way the folks at the NRA meeting in Louisville in 2008 reacted to McCain was remarkable.

  15. You included John Kasich in that article. I've never heard such rumors about him. I did check some pics of him when he was younger, but I don't know how to find the signs you speak of.

    Here are a few from the 70's:

  16. He lived for 15 years with his male chief of staff.

  17. You're correct, I didn't realize that. The Chief of Staff in question is Don Thibaut, who's now a lobbyist.


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