December 8, 2015

Trump: Are John McCain and Lindsey Graham ambiguously gay for each other?

After recently referring to Hillary Clinton and her aide Huma being lesbian partners (here at 13:23), Trump now puzzles over why Lindsey Graham and John McCain are always sitting together, they're like the Bobbsey twins (instinctively picking up on gays as infantilized), just once he'd like to see Graham sitting by himself, etc. (here at 11:45). He even throws in a Seinfeld reference afterward -- "I'm not knockin' it..." ("Not that there's anything wrong with that...").

Graham is a barely closeted fag, but I never thought about McCain before. Honestly, I don't follow TV media, so I don't know any of his mannerisms or typical facial expressions, other than he has weird-looking cheeks. But after being tipped off by the Trumpmeister, I went searching Google Images, and found lots of pictures of him with noticeable, albeit not flaming gayface.

The telltale sign is the inability to smile like a grown-up, pulling the upper lip tightly out toward the sides, and lowering the lower lip so as to show the lower row of teeth. Only babies smile that way, which identifies the male homosexual as one who is still mentally in the "ewww, girls are yucky" stage of social development.

See for yourself:

So, are these two Senators literally gay for each other, or just unusually chummy on account of their shared unusual sexual orientation? Beats me, but I wouldn't rule out them having had something sometime (Graham obviously being the bottom):

In 21st-century America, Democrats welcome the lesbos, Republicans welcome the nancyboys.

BTW, that helps to explain the hysterical caricature of hawkish militarism that both McCain and Graham are known for. Since gayness is defined by infantilization, they're like the 7 year-old boy who wants to declare war on the whole world, unilaterally, for not agreeing with him or for shutting him out of some group.


  1. I'm usually with you on these things, but I don't see it with McCain.

  2. Your observation about the smile is impressive. I had never put it into words - that peculiar gay way of smiling - but it's definitely there, especially the first one.

  3. About two years ago I got onto a posting kick about gayface. Search the blog for "gay" "face" "baby" etc.

    I'd developed accurate gaydar from living in a city with so many of them, and just happened to be reading a book on facial expressions for artists, making it much easier to put into words the holistic impression that everyone already has.

  4. Speaking of gay politicians, did you hear about the Dennis Hastert intrigue? He supposedly spooked the feds with suspicious handling of his money, which led to the "discovery" that he was paying hush money to boys that he'd molested. Yet, relatives of victims had been telling the media and government for years about it.

    The octopus needed to make an example out of someone, might as well be an aging and no longer useful fag who is past his sell by date.

    When you realize how easy it is to compromise a fag, it comes as no surprise that the octopus loves them. Even in an era that mostly accepts fags, many fags do not want to be outed. That alone makes them easy to manipulate. Beyond that, there's also:

    - diseases (Hastert supposedly was treated in the early 2000's for an STD that was making the rounds of the queer scene)
    - preying on others or being preyed on yourself (just ask Kevin Spacey)
    - a basic lack of conscience and natural, loving affect. Gays will go along with anything, while straights are more likely to have scruples and concern for the greater good of everyone.

    Somehow, Wikipedia still has this choice reading of McCain:

    "A couple of years later he was interviewed in prison camp by Fernando Barral, a Spanish psychiatrist living in Cuba. The interview appeared in Granma on January 24, 1970… Here’s how Barral described “the personality of the prisoner who is responsible for many criminal bombings of the people.” Barral goes on, “He (McCain) showed himself to be intellectually alert during the interview. From a morale point of view he is not in traumatic shock. He was able to be sarcastic, and even humorous, indicative of psychic equilibrium. From the moral and ideological point of view he showed us he is an insensitive individual without human depth,who does not show the slightest concern, who does not appear to have thought about the criminal acts he committed against a population from the absolute impunity of his airplane, and that nevertheless those people saved his life, fed him, and looked after his health and he is now healthy and strong. I believe that he has bombed densely populated places for sport. I noted that he was hardened, that he spoke of banal things as if he were at a cocktail party.”

    This fits into one of my favorite presentations of gay psychology, from

    " traditionalist psychiatrists have catalogued a higher incidence of personality characteristics suggesting psychological disturbance and an inability to interact successfully with others. Dr. Edmond Bergler, (1) who treated over a thousand homosexuals, concluded that gays tended to: provoke attacks against themselves and then count these "attacks" as injustices they had suffered

    display defensive malice toward others,
    exhibit a flippant attitude in order to cover underlying depression and guilt,
    display extreme narcissism and superciliousness,
    refuse to acknowledge accepted standards in non-sexual matters, on the assumption that the right to cut moral corners is due homosexuals as compensation for their "suffering," and
    "be generally unreliable, also of a more or less psychopathic nature."

    The utterly degenerate modern West, whose shaky foundations were laid by prissy and over privileged Silents, to eventually be withered with rot by big mouth no results Boomers, deserves to be riddled with queers.

  5. That's what we'd expect from pre-pubescent children, who haven't gone through the major leap in socialization during adolescence.

    People know how bratty, self-focused, and anti-social toddlers are, right? Why wouldn't we see the same behavior in someone whose mind is still stuck in the "ewww, girls are yucky" stage?

  6. I did hear about Hastert. Blind Gossip has run various items about rabidly anti-gay-marriage Republicans who are secretly gay.

    Taking a page out of Trump's book, maybe we should suspect all Republicans as homos until proven straight.

    Just among the Presidential candidates --

    Kasich has quite a few pics with gayface, plus his attempted gay whoosh hair-do in several others, and his open bragging about attending a gay wedding.

    Christie talks with a pretty gay voice, and there's a pic of him swinging a bat at a baseball where he looks really prissy and faggy. Not a flamer, but has pinged my gaydar.

    Ted Cruz is harder to read -- he does the "I'm a little stinker" face all the time, but it's not clear that he isn't mugging for the camera, playing the role of the instigator, etc.

    Rand Paul has some questionable pics too. Could be more of a socially stunted dweeb, not stunted back into toddlerhood like the queers.

    Carson sets off my gaydar every time he raises his eyebrows straight up, like he's revealing some profound new way of thinking -- he did that several times when talking about the pyramids. The tortured navel-gazing in book after book smells gay, akin to Obama's books.

    Rubio is a greasy sociopath, so he can't smile naturally for that reason. But he doesn't give off gay vibes.

    Jeb is awkward but not apparently gay. His son George P. looks like a hardcore flamer, though.

    Huckabee has a very intense stare, often with his mouth agape, little stinker faces... and being an evangelical leader makes him suspect.

    I don't know any of the undercard people, aside from Graham who is more or less openly gay.

    By my estimation, only Trump, Rubio, and Bush are confirmed heterosexuals. Not saying all the others are gay, just that they're unusual enough to set off someone's gaydar.

    As for who's the most likely -- I'd say Kasich. Hysterical meltdowns in public debates, attempted gay whoosh hair, pattern of gayface in pictures (although not always), and the way he brought up going to the gay wedding -- it wasn't smug, like a hetero preener would have done. He was laughing, smiling, and almost giggling, like he was relieved to get the news off his chest (come out), and relieved that the audience didn't boo him. "You love me, you really love me!"

    No wonder he's the most anti-Trump. And Trump hasn't even brought up the gay marriage debacle of just this past summer. In the gay mind, though, all meanies are going to turn out to be homophobic too.

  7. Let me walk back giving Jeb a passing grade. I'd say he's the third least likely, after Trump and then Rubio.

    But he is terribly thin-skinned, acts like a baby, and has a hardcore flamer for a son. Might also explain why he didn't show much judgment in getting married -- almost like he wasn't interested in her, and was only doing it with her for political purposes.

    Hard to tell, but I'll take him out of the confirmed hetero group, with only Trump and Rubio left.

  8. Enrique Marquez is a flaming 'mo. It turns out he's married to a woman with a Slavic name (Ukrainian, I think). That woman's sister, also a Slav, married Farook's older brother, who's a Paki.

    Conclusion, Marquez and the Slav's marriage is a sham. Without knowing any details, I'm sure that the Slav woman is an immigrant who wanted an easy path to citizenship. She was probably looking for a sugar daddy, but then hit upon the idea that it would be cheaper to pay a queer to get sham-married -- he wouldn't expect any sex, just a cash payment.

    This whole incident is revealing layer upon layer of perversion and corruption with our immigration system, especially the exploiting of the fiancee visa program.

  9. What is the whoosh hairdo?

  10. Jeb Bush has a more sanguine personality, I do not think he is gay or awkward for that matter. Apparently he is doing well with the young people:

  11. What is the whoosh hairdo?

  12. Jeb Bush is anything but sanguine. He's a panicky, thin-skinned crybaby, even according to those in his campaign:

    "Apparently he is doing well with the young people"

    No numbers in that article (paid for by Jeb's PAC to make him look like anything other than a dusty old lesbian). The only survey I saw earlier in the fall that broke down age patterns was that Jeb's support fell sharply with younger ages, while Trump's was even across all ages.

  13. Just for the record:

    "Last year, Mr. Marquez married the Russian sister of Raheel Farook’s wife. He later told a friend and people at the bar that it was a sham marriage for immigration purposes. He told bar patrons he had been paid $5,000 or $10,000 to marry Ms. Gigliotti’s sister, Mariya Chernykh."

    Who would get paid to sham-marry a Russian woman? The same kind of guy who shows flaming gayface in his pictures -- a gay.

    I wish I could say it took a genius intellect to call this one in every detail, but sadly all it takes is some familiarity with how the world works these days.

    "He announced the arrangement one day when he came into the bar — which the F.B.I. visited this week — and offered to buy everyone drinks, Mr. Rodriguez, the bar patron, said. It was unusual behavior for Mr. Marquez, who was perpetually short of money."

    And perpetually short of interest in babes.


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